Foreclosure Fraud | Tuner v Lerner Sampson Rothfuss Class Action Ohio

Tuner v Lerner Sampson Rothfuss Class Action Ohio


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  1. M says:

    This doesn’t make too much sense…

    If you pay your bills, why would you believe you have to leave your home? More importantly, why would you actually do it? For some reason, I’m led to believe the people who are dumb enough to fall for the “scam” you think exists here are probably more likely to be dumb enough to not pay their bills.

  2. Teresa says:

    Agree on the living hell for a few years with this group. Will be more than glad to help put a nail in their coffin.

  3. Nancy and Eddie Thomas says:

    I’m glad someone finally got those bastards. We’ve been fighting them for about 5 years. They have made
    our lives a living hell. Count me in on this class action and I know you will need more information from me
    just send me an email and I will get in touch with you. There is a God and bless all the people who were
    able to get them.


    • David says:

      Someone needs to check out case #093278 in Montgomery county, Ohio courts. In it this robo signer for Lerner Sampson & Rothfuss by the name of Teresa Clopp signed an assignment of mortgage for First Magnus Financial over a year after they went out of business. WOW!! They was using this Teresa Clopp woman in Montgomery Countyy like they was using the Hill woman in Cuyahoga county. I am currently fighting this thieves as we speak. Oh hear is the link to Montgomery county online records.

    • Kirsten Howard says:

      I would love to join this suit as well. I just started dealing with them. How do we join?

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