Chris Whalen on Radio Free Dylan | A 30 minute podcast of Chris Whalen and Dylan Ratigan on Bank of America

Episode #19 – Chris Whalen, co-founder and Managing Director of Institutional Risk Analytics, contributor to Reuters and Zero Hedge.  Author of Inflated: How Money and Debt Built the American Dream.

Chris Whalen

How would you like to be the most sued company in all of America?  That’s an honor most of us would hope not to achieve, but Bank of America has come in first place in that category.  Chris Whalen, co-founder of Institutional Risk Analytics, once again joins Dylan to highlight the latest problems with Bank of America.  ” There may be no better representation of sick and desperate than the state of affairs right now at Bank of America, who absorbed not only Merrill Lynch in the financial crisis, but Countrywide,” says Dylan.

So, what’s going on with Bank of America, and why does it matter?

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  1. l vent says:

    Bernanke just announced (CNBC reported) that he does not “think” the FED can “bail out “individual states that are broke but, the State’s must not go BK and not pay their bills. Who in the hell is he to tell the State’s what to do? The whole Country needs to file BK and everything needs to be restructured. The people CAN NOT sustain and keep paying all of this debt that has been created through the INTENTIONAL FINANCIAL CRISIS that THE CABAL created. Esp. with the FIAT CURRENCY that the FED has created through MONEY PRINTING (QE1&2). They have devalued the money so badly that it can not even keep up with the rise in inflationary costs as it is let along MONUMENTAL TAX INCREASES by THE STATES. My State is now proposing a “TEMPORARY” 75% tax increase to pay for all of THEIR CORRUPTION. They must be all smoking crack. The people of my State were polled and 75% of the people polled said they would move out of the State if they do this. This is getting really serious and all of the game playing by the Gov. needs to stop. They need to realize THEY BANKRUPTED THIS COUNTRY, NOT US.

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