SIGTARP Report | Extraordinary Financial Assistance Provided to Citigroup, Inc.

Extraordinary Financial Assistance Provided to Citigroup, Inc.

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  1. losing my home in florida says:

    I think what is happening is “most” of us are law abiding citizens, whom work hard everyday and bring up well adjusted children. most of us did not buy these homes to be rich. we bought our homes to have a roof over our heads while we work and our children grow up/. why are we the victims here. where is our help. we have been robbed of our life savings. our home equiyt is gone, why? so a few cheats can have our money. i am just so upset. i do not like living in limbo. i think most of us like to pay for our homes, but if you have to make a choice of paying your mortgage or eating?? what would you do. job losses have plagued me and my husband these past 5yrs, and an illnessin sept. sent us over the edge. if i payed another mortgage i would have no more savings. i told wells fargo i needed a mod. this mortgage is to high for me. i wrote a hard ship letter, sent my financials ect, 6 months later nothing. silence. i know what everyone is saying about our loans being paid off ect. but when i go to foreclosure court it is me, my lawyer, and the judge. the judge is not going to care my loan was paid off, and the wells fargo is only the sevicer trying to triple dipp. all i hope is this is all dicovered soon before i lose my home. i am scared aas heck and wish we can get soome help here.
    what really irks me, dont they think if we could sell our homes we would?????? oyu cant sell if all your equity is stolen!!!!! i hope all the best for all of us left holding this bag and feel bad for those whom have been foreclosed on and whom have walked away.

  2. l vent says:

    If the WHERES THE NOTE? campaign couldn’t get the Government off of their high horse than I think it is time the PEOPLE started SUING THE BANKS for RECISSION of ALL OF the FAULTY LOANS along with a very large MONETARY COMPENSATION for all of the PAIN AND SUFFERING that they have caused us all in this country. If nothing else is working they are leaving us no other choice. We obviously can not keep sitting around and waiting for the Government to DO THE RIGHT THING. All we are doing is giving them more time to pass more laws and create new and more insidious ways of screwing us out of our homes..

  3. losing my home in florida says:

    pamela couldnt of said it any nicer

  4. Pamela Edwards says:

    Rape,Pilage,and Plunder to be more exact.

  5. losing my home in florida says:

    what does not make sense to me with florida having the foreclure rate is how the newspapers can report about the “amount” of foreclsures or loans that are “delinquint” but do not report on why and how it can be fixed. we ned more people on our side if we are going to win. right now to mnay judges have stock in these banks. oh thats another falsification inthe news paper they right about the “lenders ” foreclosures. no one got the messages that it is the “servercers” that are foreclosing to dpuble dip or if you include buuying tax certificated from each other its triple dipping on our dime. since they are the ones that caused this by approving all those loans with appraisal fraud. there was nice straw buyer on one of my comps back in 2006. never would have been addressed if this didnt come out it would have been burried for ever. the brokers in question split a nice 20k onmy dime, and then the appraiser increase dth comp another 19k to match the specs of my house. i am saddened to say wells fargo approved this loan. we continue to get raped. we need some one with a good rape kit that can extract the DNA and fix this mess, before we are all homeless. no i ma not a deadbeat i am an RN for decades. we liveon 2 incomes and when one of those incomes are lost there is going to be a problem.

    • l vent says:

      Here is why” it “can’t be fixed. The secret is out.why there are no loan mods. nor can their be any loan mods. Because our deeds have been paid off , by us, recorded and stamped paid for a nominal fee at origination and the mortgages were never “securitized” to the deed, (no notes were ever recorded by the way) were paid off by us for a nominal fee and recorded and stamped paid in full by a “second” bankster in order that the banks could create wealth and later steal it by means of our collateral on Wall Street in order to perpertrate the mother of all schemes and the biggestPonzi scheme in history. The debt does not exist, and they would be committing more fraud by re-creating a debt out of thin air. Our houses are all paid for thank you very much. The secret is no longer a secret and the jig has been up for a while now so the burning question right now is why is there not a Nationwide Moratorium on all Foreclosures? So why would the banks be pushing for another round of loan mod. attempts? So they can steal some more tax-payer money and cook the books some more to cover up the fraud. If no assignments were ever made I say that it is time for the banksters to rescind all of the unsecured loans because they broke what the LAW REQUIRES them to do andalso what the PSA CONTRACT REQUIRES them to do to “seal” the deal. Fraudclosures are just the cover-up for the origination fraud. It is time the banks called it even with the homeowners or we all should start filing lawsuits against them to take back some of the wealth they stole from all of us. They are sitting on trillions of dollars right now and most of it is ours and now we may want it back because the banksters are not telling the truth about what FRAUDCLOSUREGATE is all about and they are GREEDY LIARS.

  6. debi J says:

    Would this post be amazing if it said “american citizens get extraordinary assistance!!!” In a fantasy world right! What a shame. The rape of the american people continues
    at record speed. Debi

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