Sen Jeff Merkley Letter to President Obama Re Fraudclosure Crisis

Jeff Merkley Letter to President Obama Re Fraudclosure Crisis


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  1. One Politician that gets it……………..a little bit

  2. losing my home in florida says:

    well said all. how do we get our voices heard by our government. i feel like iam in a dark hole and can not see th e light.

  3. l vent says:

    And one more thing SHOVE IT MERKLEY. STOP LYING AND TRYING TO COVER UP THE FRAUD, RAPE AND PILLLAGE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. WE THE PEOPLE are sick and tired of being TERRORIZED, RAPED AND PILLAGED and all of you politicians are just acting like henchman carrying our your master’s orders. No one should “VOTE” for ANY of you next “ELECTION”. You are all just a bunch of PUPPETS ruled by DICTATORS of an Oligarchy Totalitarian facsist Kleptocracy.There should have been TERM LIMITS put on all of you years ago and maybe alot of this crap would have never happened.Lobbyists andPoliticians RUINED FREE MARKET CAPITALISM. THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS RIGGED AND CORUPPTED. You people are all a bunch of terrorists. Millions of Americans do not trust ANY of you. You have nearly destroyed our Country and our Democracy and nearly have completely SOLD US OUT to the foreignors. You are all despicable and disgraceful.

  4. l vent says:

    Really? Force the homeowner’s into more debt slavery for perhaps another 40 years to save the ARROGANT ASSES of the Bankster and Wall Street criminal enterprise who got FILTHY RICH (some say upwards of 600 TRILLION dollars of missing money) from the biggest PONZI SCHEME of all time? My house was paid for by me through the BANKSTERS CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE for a nominal fee so as they could commit an act of FINANCIAL RAPE , PILLAGE and THEFT IN MY NAME and the names OF MILLIONS OF UNSUSPECTING HOMEOWNERS through an INTENTIONAL FINANCIAL COLLAPSE and THEFT of the PEOPLE’s MONEY. They were so hasty to perpertrate the crime they NEVER EVEN RECORDED MY DEED or RECORDED A NOTE in 18+ years. The statute of limitations has RUN OUT on the banksters to collect any more money from me yet they are STILL THREATENING TO FRAUDCLOSE ON ME. This does not even include the forgeries or robo-signing of the note and mortgage that they sent me when I asked them to send me the note. You should see what they are trying to pass off as a deed, it is a portion (a paragraph) of a title insurance policy paid at the origination of the loan with FORGED INITIALS or ROBO-SIGNED INITIALS of mine and my husband. This does not even include the fact that they gave me a NEW PIN NUMBER in 2000 and did not tell me they gave me a new pin to hide the ORIGINATION FRAUD. If the banks would have given me a BOGUS LOAN MOD in the first place I would have never been the wiser, but now they can take that LOAN MOD or DEED IN LIEU or whatever other kind of crap they want to try and TRAP me with now and do you know what with it. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR about any more LOAN MOD SCAMS from the Government either. RESCIND OUR LOANS. We are being taxed to death here anyway through our HYPER-INFLATED PROPERTY TAXES and we are being expected to pay these taxes with a DEFLATED CURRENCY THANKS to the FED AND MR. BEN BERNANKE. All because of THE GREED by the BANKSTERS and WALL STREET’s CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE OLIGARCHY/KLEPTOCRACY. The only GUILTY PARTY here who committed FINANCIAL TERRORISM on the people of this country are THE BANKSTERS and THE WALL STREET CABAL. YES, SOMEBODY IS OWED THE MONEY and it is ALL OF US. They are all a bunch of DEBT SLAVERY inducing KLEPTOMANIACS and that INCLUDES CONGRESS.

  5. Flex says:

    I agreed with the plan and many ideas are excellent, however, Mr. Merkley overlooked one very important thing. Many homeowners do not understand the programs’ guidelines, the process, the paper work involve on the preparation, pre-qualification, and submission of the loan modification packet for the lender or servicer. This is where the professional license Realtors and Brokers can help under the regulation and already existing laws in place from the DRE. Also, it is time to put these people back to work and help the economy.
    I mention this to assure compliance, to expedite the process and help those people for one reason or another, could be time, language barrier, knowledge, program guidelines, financial statements, lenders’ requirements, follow up, negotiations, etc, etc, etc.
    I know this because I help a lot of people who come to me asking for help. Then they realized that they had told the lender or servicer on the phone the wrong information, the pre-qualifier simply tells them at the end of the conversation, they simply don’t qualify, period. We need to put aside all the brain wash propaganda that the loan modification should be free, and that the lender or servicer is going to help you.
    We already experienced the bunch of boloney that is. Look at HUD and NACA what had done for the people. The so called non-profit organizations that pay millions of dollars to its employees to help the people. Many people come back telling me they did nothing but submit the papers to the lender or servicers. Millions of submissions get denied for whatever reasons the banks want, if any.
    They never explain the program guidelines, requirements, and qualifications. Everything is done in faith and trust. If you can trust the banksters, might as well put your head in the mouth of the lion, and see what happens next. This plan is better than anything we have now, or we will ever have with Obama.
    There is one more thing Mr. Merkley forgot to mention and that is, in Judicial or Non-Judicial foreclosure, the lender or servicer foreclosing on any homeowner, must demonstrate transparency and due process. We need to go back to the basic rule of law and property law in this country. We need to stop once and for all the Fraudsters and the Fraud gate that we have in place right now, from the banks to the Attorneys representing the banks and servicers, to the Judges in the courts. The law is written over 500 years ago and supposed to be equal for everyone, not exception. Take a look at the example from our Honorable Judge Schack from New York. If every Judge in America follows the law and do his/her job without being bias or corrupted by the system, by the corporations, and the government, we would be in a better position to date. Since when Judges have immunity and can break the law? Since when any Judge think they can do whatever they want in the courts? There should be an undercover officer of law in every court witnessing and recording every case handled by a Judge, not that we don’t trust them, only to make sure they know what they are doing and follow the law. A judge is also human and can make mistakes, but when is over done by ego, arrogance, or power trip, those Judges should be held in contempt, sanction with a fine, and put in jail like any body who brakes the law in the court.
    Mr. Merkley if you are reading the comments in this blog, please add these ideas to your plan. Then, your next job should be to present all these ideas to all the Senators in this country and for once and for all make the changes that we all need and deserve just by being in a country that should be called America with Pride and Glory the land of the Free and the home of the Brave. What a wonderful World would be if America is the one that we always have and hope to know. God Bless You! Mr. Merkley and If you are ever in the Bay Area California, please stop by for a cup of coffee and a conversation that will change you to a very caring human being. Thanks for reading my comments.

    • J A says:

      Or how about this huge, glaring part he left out:

      –Provide compensation for all the people who have already lost their homes to foreclosure since at least 2007, as long as they can prove fraud in the documents and the process (which will be most).

      EVEN IF something is done for people currently in foreclosure, there will be a big, dark stain on this country for not retroactively taking care of all the people whose lives have been upended and veered off track because of the CRIMINAL ACTIVITY of the banks and mortgage lenders that was allowed to go on for far too long.

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