Homeowners’ Response to Banks’ Dual Track Mod/Foreclosure System

Homeowners’ response to banks’ dual track mod/foreclosure system

Homeowners are rightfully disgusted with the banksters’ loan mod / foreclosure dual track system, whereby a bank will pretend to negotiate a modification, put the homeowner on a “trial period” of 3 months, then extend the trial period to about a year, and then suddenly announce that the homeowner does not qualify for a permanent modification.  The bank will then re-start the process of negotiating for a mod, but at the same time will put the homeowner on the foreclosure track, and then foreclose behind the homeowner’s back under this loan-mod/foreclosure “dual track” system.

It’s time for the homeowners to fight back.  Clearly, the banks have much more incentive to squeeze the borrowers out of another year of payments and then take the house by foreclosure on top of that. The government’s $1000.00 “incentive” per permanent mod is laughable compared to all the incentives to foreclose.

So the way for the homeowners to fight back is to put the banks on a dual track system. It goes like this.  Homeowner will pretend to negotiate a mod just like the bank is pretending to do so.  At the same time…

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5 Responses to “Homeowners’ Response to Banks’ Dual Track Mod/Foreclosure System”
  1. losing my home in florida says:

    any suggestions i have an account, nedd to get out not sure where to start. direct deposits, sunpass its not easy to change but i will. they know about the appraisal fraud that started this whole declone. its big ignore it it will go away.

  2. pelucheven says:

    many voted for Obama looking for change, we did not find it, and what did we do as a nation? we voted for the same people who allowed the theft to occur, the republicans.

    I do not want to sound pesimistic, buwe need to be smarter

  3. pelucheven says:

    we keep lying to ourselves believing that this is an individual issue. The japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and we went to war, our president called that event “infamous”, our government has done everything to keep tge crooks afloat at our expense, they have allowed these banksters to financially bomb every neighborhood, family, state in our nation and they are given special sweet heart deals, we become homeless and they get bonuses.

  4. pelucheven says:

    Dear I Vent,

    I agree with you, however, when they have the money, they own the judges, they own the courts, they own the legislatures, they own the govwrnorships, they own the congress , they own the white house, they own you.

    Do you still have a bank account of any kind with any of these banksters?

    is you pension, IRA , Or any other retirement vehicle you have managed, or held by any of these croooks?

  5. l vent says:

    Screw them. We do not want any STINKING FRAUDULENT LOAN MODS. Our homes have been paid for BY US for an NOMINAL FEE since the ORIGINATION of the LOANS. The Banksters BROKE THE LAW by never doing what the LAW of the LAND and the CONTRACT REQUIRES them to do in securing our paid off collateral (our homes) to them at the ORIGINATION of the loans VIA publicly recording the transaction that occurred in OUR NAMES.

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