Daily Finance | Architect of Florida’s Infamous ‘Rocket Docket’ Foreclosures

Architect of Florida’s Infamous ‘Rocket Docket’ Foreclosures


Lee County, Florida has become infamous for speeding foreclosure cases through its courts. The super-charged system — or “rocket docket” — can dispense with a foreclosure case in minutes, sometimes mere seconds. In the interests of speed, the courts have even refused requests for delay from foreclosing banks to get their papers in order and exempted banks from rules that apply to others.

Indeed, earlier this month Lee County Judge James Thompson denied a bank’s request to delay a foreclosure so it could try to complete a short sale under the government’s Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives program. A HAFA short sale was presumably in the bank’s interest, which is why it requested the delay, and it certainly was in the homeowner’s interest, as the program would protect the homeowner from having to pay the roughly $200,000 difference between the mortgage and the short sale price. Whose interests does Judge Thompson’s order serve?

Florida’s “rocket docket” has been suggested as a reason why so many banks are now voluntarily dismissing Florida foreclosure cases; the banks just aren’t ready to go forward. Those voluntary dismissals have two negative consequences for the banks, so surely they wouldn’t undertake them lightly. The first is that the banks will have to pay new filing fees, some $2,000 per case. (The banks can recoup the costs from the proceeds of an eventual foreclosure sale.) The second is that banks can only do a voluntary dismissal once; if they file again and have to dismiss the case for some reason, it will be with prejudice.

DailyFinance spoke with Charlie Green, the clerk of the Lee County Courts, who says the rocket docket was his idea. Here’s what he has to say about the docket and its ramifications:

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  1. Larry says:

    Ok Charlie if what you say is true, how do you explain this law suit?


  2. Patricia says:

    I can’t understand why Lee County continues to use Mr. green as its spokesperson. If you ever speak to him, as I have, he disavows any understanding about why the docket works as it does. Mr. Green is a participant in fraud. Hopefully his constitutents will wise-up and boot him at the next election.

  3. Flex says:

    Hey! Fellow Americans,
    Have you ever seen Injustice in America like this before? Specially when is coming from a Judge. If this takes place and becomes a statue, imagine what is coming for the rest of the nation. When a Judge steps in and helps the plaintiff to force the foreclosure, what would you think the banks will do, and better yet, what do you think the rest of the judges will do? Do you think there will be a tsunami of foreclosures this year?
    What is more amazing and shocking, the famous judge from Florida has done so much damage to people in this crisis that he thinks he is on a roll like a super villain, perhaps we can relate him with the green goblin, the villain who wants power to control everything on his pass. Perhaps this analogy is too nice to compare this judge with a super villain like the green goblin. I know there must be a worse villain out there to compare him with. This judge needs to be disbarring, put in comptent of court, and sanctioned for all his wrong doing. There must be a way in the law that someone can do something about this situation. We must practice the law to be able to obey the law. The law is not made for only the few and the powerless and innocent people without knowledge and any defense. How can an officer of the law take the oath on the constitution and not follow the letter of the law? Why do we have laws in place, in the books, and in the land of nations, if we are not going to abide by the law? What kind of example are we setting in society to new generations if we allow this to happen? Many generations of Attorneys and Judges must be appalled of what is happening in America for the last five years. However, we are setting a new standard of Attorneys and Judges that they are getting used to see and hear the actions of this past generation of law enforcement. Due to necessity and change of values, many new attorneys and judges are taking cases representing the fraudster’s banksters for the money and not for the real material facts of the case. I can not imagine how these people sleep at night knowing what they are doing is wrong and is not what they stand for and believe in, and swear on the constitution. I would like to see the face of an attorney who runs into their parents’ case in court. What would they do in this situation? Would they proceed with the case or withdraw from the case? I guess we will have to wait and see.
    In the meantime, let’s all pray that this super villain judge does not get away with this denial. God Bless The American People.

  4. housemanrob says:


  5. pete pollard says:


    I think this is judge Thompson’s son, maybe he will comment?

  6. indio007 says:

    OMFG! He let out the game plan. The banks could give a shit about the title problems They are going to try for a reset. Right now it’s like musical chairs. The idea is to usurp as much property before the music stops.

    The clerk admits it here..

    You say the judge has the right to take the papers at face value and, initially, that’s surely true. But what after issues have been raised with the papers? And you say it’s a “technical glitch,” but standing issues create title problems, and that’s not just a technical glitch.
    That’s right, it’s a huge problem. Look, in the 1920s Florida had a land rush that ended up messing up many titles, so much that the legislature passed a law saying from here on out you can rely on the titles. We may have to do something like that again. Government should be able to come in and fix this problem.

    There’s the plan to fix the fraud.

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