The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report Official Government Edition



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  1. I really didn’t read this in full. I scanned thru it as it appeared to be the same story told all along. Who cares that they found crap that needs correcting so this doesn’t happen in the future. OMG…this fries the nerves..who gives a damn about the future…what future ??….And this commission was at the cost of up in the millions? In the first place…a panel of ‘insider’s’ investigating and reporting what they found and saw in their own back yard? Like none of them ever heard of bribery? And to use the word ‘ negligence ‘ failing to do the required thing, careless… Excuse me..but isn’t the word ‘ deliberate premeditated fraud ‘ more appropriate with this whole issue, such as to take for one’s own use..such as money and property?? There are plenty of experts on this side of the fence who know what to look for, experts much smarter than those from the government….that need to be on a panel paid by the government ..(since they blew millions on this report) that will look at everything thru different eyes. A one sided report is not what we need…we need an ‘outside’ investigation since the government does not heed our requests for the real fraud of the issues of foreclosures. They pussy-foot around with crap that the average Joe even can see, smell and feel….this is not a game of hide and seek. This is a very serious deliberate scam done to this country and there is no way it will go away until something is done to those who abused and used fraud against the people of America to gain for their own deep pockets. WAKE UP AMERICA

  2. PJ says:

    Thanks for posting the “book” !

  3. Fred Montano says:

    This has to stop. This is more evidence of payoff. this representative has no allegiance to the people and laws of the Country only to the banks and financial communities. It is not against the law to default on a loan it is against the law to commit fraud, to create fraudulent assignments to violate reg Z and TILA. This is an example of what is wrong currently with our elected officials.

  4. Wouldn’t it have been easier to read 7 or 8 Gretchen Morgenson articles???

  5. Homeowners’ Motto for 2011: MODIFY, BUT ALSO NULLIFY!

    Following the old adage of “Trust, But Verify” I propose a new slogan for homeowners in 2011 in response to the foreclosure crisis: Modify, But Also Nullify.”

    Nullify your mortgages (deeds of trust) during or before the “loan modification” scam process.

  6. jal says:

    When is mainstream going to wake up.
    Since when is it acceptable to blame the “cops” for what the bad people are doing?

    You know …
    its not the fault of the rapist. Its her fault.
    Its the fault of the cops that you are a dope addict
    Its the fault of the cops that you are a thief.
    Its the fault of the cops for not stopping you from stealing.

    NOW you are accepting …

    Its the fault of the REGULATORS that there was fraud and stealing of the savings by the banksters. Those savings were just begging to be taken.

  7. l vent says:

    The disclaimer at the right of the page should be posted above the report. So are they saying in no uncertain terms that Bernanke and the Fed and Greenspan and Geithner were ALL IN on the Ponzi Scheme and just tried to cover it up for the Oligarchs by allowing them to collapse the rigged markets, STEAL OUR WEALTH and OUR HOMES and are still continuing to steal our wealth and OUR HOMES? What about CONgress and their BAILOUT B.S. that THE PEOPLE DID NOT WANT another cover-up for all of the MORGAGE FRAUD. The FBI BLEW THE WHISTLE ON THIS IN 2004 AND IT FELL ON DEAF EARS. THE SOLUTION? The GOVERNMENT MUST Break up the Oligarchy. They are destroying the world. Give the people back their homes that THEY STOLE and STOP HO– USE STEALING and trying to IMPOSE FALSE DEBT BURDENS ON THE PEOPLE. OUR HOMES ARE PAID FOR FREE AND CLEAR because they — USED ALL OF US IN THE PONZI SCHEME to CREATE WEALTH for THEMSELVES and STEAL ANYTHING ELSE NOT NAILED DOWN. I have a piece of shit puppet of Fannie Mae law firm threatening me to either ACCEPT A LIFELONG FAKE DEBT MORTGAGE LOAN MOD OR THEY WILL FRAUDCLOSE. There has not been an assignment of mortgage in 19 years. The 12 year statute of limitations has run out on them not withstanding the fact they never recorded a note. Why were NO NOTES EVER RECORDED? Because the MORTGAGE DEBT NEVER EXISTED. My home was paid off at ORIGINATION so that they could use MY PAID OFF COLLATERAL IN THEIR PONZI SCHEME FRAUD. THE KLEPTOCRACY BY THE OILGARCHS MUST STOP. NO MORE FRAUDCLOSURES AND NO MORE FAKE MORTGAGE LOAN MOD FRAUD. If they do not, No one should VOTE for ANYof them next time and we need to impose A NATIONWIDE TAX REVOLT on them. Everything is RIGGED IN THEIR FAVOR and they ROBBED US ALL and STILL ARE via THE RIGGED STOCK MARKET being controlled by the PUPPETMASTER: BEN BERNANKE. DEATH TO THE OLIGARCHY!!!!!

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