Must View Video | Bank Bailouts Explained and the Foreclosures Continue

Bank Bailouts Explained


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  1. Henri Jordan says:

    Trust not in oppression, and become not vain in robbery: if riches increase, set not your heart upon them. Psalm 62:10 Ocwen has my name on my Credit Report and the house has been sold and this a second mortgage. Jesus has mercy when man don’t.

  2. Let’s face was obvious back at the time when foreclosures “were to ripen.’ ..Our Past and present -President went slient..Congress was tinkering with the health care…the Treasury was busy getting air money..and the Justice Dept. turned their back’s as if it wasn’t their job…and the media wrote of the deadbeats. It is known that fraud was found back in the 90’s and continued… So banks and others had many years to pull and plan every ‘ trick they could think of ‘…to take America to ruins.
    Banks cry the borrowers did not pay their debt. That is not against any law. Banks now know the world knows they broke the law in many ways…now they can pay their debt in the lawsuites they face from around the world and in America. Pay their debts as other Ponzi criminals had to do..forfeiting all they gained …property owners did not do a crime yet the banks took the homes with more crime in and through our courts.
    Bailouts no longer need to be given to the very ones who did a massive crime on our country. People are angry and have good reason to be. The Federal Reserve needs to be booted out…and banks need to pay their debt to every single person they did fraud to. and indictments need to be given to a whole lot of people. ..Not bailouts. Where was Home-land Security while this terrorism was and still is devastating Americaa ? Are we the same as the victims of Katrina ? Or is HLS only for those who come into the country..but we in the country have no watch dogs for terrisom within…….

  3. l vent says:

    Psychiatric studies have shown greed is a powerful addiction like any other addiction. These people need an intervention and some serious rehab. They are all power tripping on greed and the scary thing is they want to rule the world. Democracy has been hijacked via free market capitalism used by the rich to create wealth for themselves and OWN EVERYTHING including OUR GOVERNMENT AND CREATE POVERTY FOR ALL OF US. They SCREWED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. They used the banks as their robber barron puppets and now they are trying to SHAME THE BANKS AND SHAME HELPLESS HOMEOWNERS. Too bad FOR THEM the banks made a “secret deal” with homeowner’s and the people bought their homes for a nominal fee at origination from the banks so the banks could GAMBLE ON OUR COLLATERAL (OUR HOMES) UP ON WALL STREET IN THE BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME IN HISTORY. This has all been well documented by many credible people and Michael Moore made a movie about this called CAPITALISM A LOVE STORY there is also a very good book written by Robert Shear entitled The Great Stick-up of America. This top 1% made hundreds of trillions of dollars off of our COLLATERAL via a HOUSING BUBBLE and STOLE IT VIA THE INTENTIONAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, now SOMEONE IS BEING VERY GREEDY and trying to FORCE FRAUDCLOSURES OR LOAN MODS FOR MORTGAGE LOANS THAT NEVER EXISTED DUE TO THE”SECRET DEAL” OR HO– USE STEAL VIA A DEED-IN- LIEU and it is not the banks. The banks are calling them out, they want to be stopped. The banks are abandoning properties and committing BLATANT FRAUD ON THE COURTS. Yet, OUR GOVERNMENT IS STRANGELY SILENT. Shame on the banks? No, SHAME on OUR GOVERNMENT for FORCING THE BANKS TO STEAL OUR PROPERTY ILLEGALY THAT THEY KNOW THEY DO NOT OWN. That is the real reason no LOAN MODS were given. The banks would have had to CREATE a MORTGAGE OUT OF THIN AIR which would have been MORE FRAUD. Do not believe the lies people, your homes are paid for free and clear. The Banks took the BAILOUT MONEY TO HIDE THEIR LOSSES DUE TO THE PONZI SCHEME. The Banks/Servicers DO NOT WANT YOUR HO– USE. They are being FORCED to STEAL IT and our Government must stop KICKING THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD BY LYING AND COVERING-UP AND FORCING THE BANKS TO FRAUDCLOSE OR HO– USE STEAL VIA A DEED-IN LIEU OR BY IMPOSING A FALSE DEBT BURDEN VIA A LOAN MOD. This is a MASSIVE CONSPIRACY.

  4. l vent says:

    Notice they say “the Governments”, not the U.S. Government. Please, Wake up America. They have hijacked our democracy and our Government via the World Bank. When they control the currency they control the destiny of nations and this is the result. Tyranny and opression of the people. Next on their list, a Weimar Republic with RFID chips in all of us in order to buy, sell or trade. There is a website I saw where the State of Illinois is offering a RFID chip to put in our children “in case that get lost or abducted”. This is insanity, They are using very subtle Communist brainwashing tactics to achieve their planned evil goals.

  5. Krista Hart says:

    OMG… Of the HUNDREDS of articles, papers, posts, journals, lawsuits, depositions and other expert explanations I’ve read by lawyers, journalists, economic wizzes, etc., on the cause of the economic meltdown & foreclosure crisis, THIS CARTOON sums it up in a simple, logical, easy to understand and HILARIOUS manner. I LOVE IT!

  6. l vent says:

    They all need to be strung up by the people and executed.

    • l vent says:

      Those living a lie can easily be controlled through a lie. All those who bestow it upon people have to do is play upon it to control their destiny. 1 Peter 5:8; Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour. Most people do not even recognize they are being opresssed by tyranny due in part to selective amnesia and a general dumbing down of the masses via the public schools, media and television, movies. The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it-John Hay. Please Wake Up America. Stop drinking the kool-aid.

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