Foreclosure Fraud | Michael Wasylik Talks to Bay 9 News about Fraudclosures

Mike Wasylik talks Foreclosure Fraud on Bay News 9

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6 Responses to “Foreclosure Fraud | Michael Wasylik Talks to Bay 9 News about Fraudclosures”
  1. lies is all they tell says:

    my sisters brian blys assignment from marshall watson has been removed

  2. Find Lawyer says:

    Lawyers must remain ethical and people of integrity. Once those who help administer law engage in corrupt activity, the public will lose faith in the entire system. Lawyers who engage in such activity should risk life time bans from the profession.

  3. Officer of the Law says:

    Not only does the Bar fail to take action about the widespread submission of fraudulent affidavits to steal homes, they tell homeowners’ defense counsel not to raise the submission of fraudulent documents in public hearings!?!?!?!? Who does the Bar work for? The people or the banksters?

    Oh, that’s right the Bar has done nothing but ignore the banksters’ crimes, try to cover them up and threaten defense counsel for trying to get justice for their clients!

    • Jay G says:

      In fairness…the Bar Association isn’t telling DEFENSE lawyers not to raise this…on the contrary, it’s their job to have at the plaintiff in any way they can. They’re telling the PLAINTIFF’s OWN COUNSEL not to trumpet their own client’s misdeeds at a public hearing without the (impossible to get?) consent of their clients, while affirming that the attorney can’t allow the perjury or improper documentation to go before the court without notice.

      That’s in keeping with the attorney’s obligation to keep his client’s secrets to the extent he can, similar to the problem faced by a criminal defense attorney who is required to signal to the court (usually by having his client testify in narrative form rather than participate by asking questions) when he knows his client is about to take the stand and commit perjury. There’s a line between the attorney’s duty to his client, however heinous, and his duty to the Court and the system of justice…

      • Officer of the Law says:

        Interesting sidestep of the point that the Bar has not done anything to stop the fraud by the foreclosure mill attorneys. Please tell us more about the wonders of the Bar.

  4. Peggy Johnson says:

    My loan was sold to Fannie Mae in 2005. I am a victim of Foreclosure Fraud. Based upon my research, there now stands an illegal Lis Penden in connection with this case in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Court.. Chase Bank and their NC hired help have presented forged documents in addition to presenting to the court misrepresentations concerning the loan and amount due, if any. From origination, there exists a $130,000+ (my down payment) misstatement of funds “on the face of the loan documents”, which is a major TILA violation in addition to the forged documents currently on file with the Mecklenburg County Court filed under 06SP1627. I wrote briefs ‘Suis Juris’ defending the foreclosure action asserting fraud, lost note, assignee liability, no real party in interest bringing suit, ect. My case was improperly handled and thrown out by a judge who recently resigned from the court – reportedly under pressure. Long before the foreclosure fraud became exposed I rose those fraud defenses, but that particular judge ruled in favor of the bank’s attorney wrongfully. My question is: How can I get this matter back in front of a judge? And by the way, the judge who resigned has since been cited in the Charlotte Observer for allowing a man who is charged with murdering a local law enforcer’s daughter because the alleged killer was allowed out of jail on probation by this same judge.

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