BAM | Ben Ezra Order to Show Cause Why Ben Ezra & Katz Should Not be Held in Contempt of Court on Feb 11, 2011

How is this for some timing.

Last night Fannie Mae announced they are dumping this firm and today we get this…





From the order to show cause…

Counsel  for  the Plaintiff, Ben-Ezra &  Katz were properly noticed  to  appear for  hearing  on  January 21,  2011  and  failed  to  do  so.  The Court attempted to  contact Ben-Ezra &  Katz  to  address  this matter  during hearing,  but was unable  to get anyone on  the  telephone.

In  the  instant Case,  Plaintiff filed  an  action  of foreclosure  on Defendant’s property located at 1301  SW 2601 h  Terrace, Homestead, FL 33032.

In  support  of its  Summary  Judgment  filed  on  August  9,  2010,  Plaintiff presented to  the Court various documents,  including but not limited to,

a.  Notice  of Filing Original  Note  and Original Mortgage  dated  July  1, 2009.
b.  Notice of Filing Assignment of Mortgage dated April  2, 2009.

Specifically,  the  “Original Note  and  Original Mortgage”  was  filed months after Plaintiff represented  to  Court  in  its  Complaint  that  the  original Note and Mortgage had  been  lost.  This  in  it of itself is a Fraud upon  the Court. However,  this  pales  in  comparison  to  the  subsequent  outright  fraud presented  to  the  Court in  order  to  pursue  a  foreclosure  action  against  the Defendant and mislead the Court to obtain the entry of said Judgment.

Although  this “original” Note and Mortgage  is  an  “original,”  it has  nothing to  do  with  the  subject  property  of this  action.  This  note  and  mortgage belongs  to  borrower  named  Elena  Gonzalez,  with  a  property  address  of 4217  24th  Street  SW,  Lehigh  Acres,  Florida  33971.  However,  this document  was  not  only  filed  but  the  Notice  of Filing  was  signed  by  a representative  of Ben-Ezra  and  Katz,  Plaintiff’s  Counsel,  wherein  it  was certified that it was  the Original Note and Mortgage of  this  subject action.

Additionally,  the Assignment of Mortgage is a complete sham.  Upon closer inspection  by  this  Court,  pursuant  to  Defendant’s Motion,  the  Court  notes that  this  Assignment  attempts  to  transfer  an  interest  in  a  Mortgage  from Argent  Mortgage  Company,  LLC  to  the  Plaintiff  that  “was  effective  on September 1.  2009.”

However,  said  assignment  is  “signed”  by  an  alleged  representative  of Argent  Mortgage  Company  on  January  6.  2008.  The  notary  on  the Assignment  is  crossed out,  and  states  “see  attached.”  The attached page  is a  “CALIFORNIA  ALL-PURPOSE  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT”  allegedly notarized  on  January  20,  2009more  than  a  year  after  the  alleged assignment took place.

It  is  obvious that  said  assignment  and  acknowledgement were  not  signed, nor executed and “acknowledged”  in  the other’s presence and  are therefore, fraudulent on  its  face.

Therefore,  the  Court  does  not  find  this  to  be  a  valid  assignment.  Court finds  that  this  document  is  fraudulent,  not  having  been  properly executed, or notarized.

Thus,  the  filing  of this document  is  also  a  Fraud upon  the Court,  by which the Court  relied upon  this misrepresentation  in pursuing a judgment against the Defendants  in  this matter.

Thus,  pursuant  to  Florida  Rule  of Civil  Procedure  1.540(b),  this  Court vacates final judgment entered against Defendant on July 7,  20   for Fraud.

Moreover,  the  Court  instructs  that  no  sale  is  to  be  scheduled,  noticed,  or attempted  by  the  Plaintiff in  this matter  and  the Court Strike’s  Plaintiff’s Motion to Reschedule Foreclosure Sale.

Furthermore,  this  Court  issues  this  Order  to  Show  Cause  to  the  Head/ Owners  of Ben-Ezra  and  Katz,  P.A.  and  their  associate  David G.  Cornell,  Florida Bar No.:  0487554  to  explain  to  this  Court why  they  should not  be held  in contempt of Court for:

a.  Failing to  appear for hearing scheduled on January 21, 2011; and
b.  Presenting  false  pleadings,  misleading  the  Court,  and  wasting  the Court’s time.

Well, the hearing on this order was this morning and from what I am told, the Judge tore Ben Ezra a new ass and sent him off like a dog with its tail between its legs.

Not only that, we were told the Judge dismissed the entire case WITH Prejudice.

There just happened to be an observer in the court room when this all went down and have ordered the transcript.

We will post that up as soon as we get it.

Talk about having a bad day…

Full order below…



Ben Ezra Order to Show Cause Why Ben Ezra & Katz Should Not be Held in Contempt

8 Responses to “BAM | Ben Ezra Order to Show Cause Why Ben Ezra & Katz Should Not be Held in Contempt of Court on Feb 11, 2011”
  1. Interested says:

    I’m assuming this is the firm of Marc Ben-Ezra who testified before the Florida Supreme Court in 2009 on their foreclosure procedures Task Force. I wonder if that fact will influence this court when it considers sanctions against the firm.

  2. lucinda says:

    i hope more judges will understand there are a lot mortgage assignments and iilgal forclosures in every state and hard working peaple are losing there homes to fraud,you need to get a good att that understands mortgage servicing fraud.

  3. erkme73 says:

    I just read the order, and I saw nothing that said the case was dismissed with prejudice… Maybe I missed it, or is the author taking extra liberties???

  4. TraderGreg says:

    Yeah – but nop one is goil to jail for falsifying the documents. And you call it a justice?

  5. eyesoars says:

    A “bad day” for Ezra would be having this happen, and then getting home to discover his belongings on the street, new locks on the doors, and his neighbor telling him the house was sold at auction that morning.

  6. Officer of the Law says:

    Judge Lando truly deserves to be called honorable! Thankfully, there are a few honest judges out there like her!

  7. l vent says:

    Thomas Jefferson 1816 “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. Some things we can do: 1] boycott the mass media; 2]”out” politicians, teachers and media figures who are pushing the freemason agenda; 3] refuse to hate other peple or fight other countries; 4] celebrate the things Masons hate–nationhood (internationalism causes war), nuclear families, Christianity and God. They are haters of everybody and everything that is good. They only have love for themselves and their STOLEN money. God will prevail.

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