New York to Assure Legal Aid to ALL Homeowners in Foreclosure Cases

Guess the $1,200 flat fee Foreclosure Mill Business model just flew out the window in NY…

New York to Assure Legal Aid in Foreclosure Cases

New York court officials outlined procedures Tuesday aimed at assuring that all homeowners facing foreclosure were represented by a lawyer, a significant shift that could give thousands of families a chance to strike a better deal with lenders.

Criminal defendants are guaranteed a lawyer, but New York will be the first state to try to extend that pledge to foreclosures, which are civil matters. There are about 80,000 active foreclosure cases in New York courts.

Under the procedures, which will be put in place in Queens and Orange Counties in the next few weeks and then across the entire state, any homeowner in foreclosure who does not have a lawyer will be supplied one by legal aid groups or other volunteer groups.

New York has been successful in getting foreclosure defendants to show up at settlement meetings overseen by a judge and attended by the lender, but most are unassisted and have little idea how to proceed. The cases are overwhelming the courts.

The state’s chief judge, Jonathan Lippman, said the current system was “such an uneven playing field.”

“Banks wind up with the property and the homeowner winds up over the cliff, on the street,” Judge Lippman said. “It doesn’t serve anyone’s interest, including the bank’s.”

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  1. marilyn lane says:

    That was a very well thought out speech that Chief Judge Lippman made on the State of the 2011 Judiciary. .
    His ideas will help some but not all.

    Whats he going to do with a corrupt Judge like Alice Schlesinger that took a bribe that stole posssession of properties from me the true owner of two NYC condos so that title companies Fidelity National Title and Coronet Title do not have to indemnify their clients .

    It has taken a long time for alot of fraud to come to the surface. Justice Lippman cannot start justice from today forward. It must include all of us that were yelling fraud for many years but the Judges wouldn’t listen.

  2. LVLawman says:


    I’m really getting tired of seeing your political rants as comments to nearly every posting on this website.

    This blog is supposed to exchange information on legal stategies for helping professionals and pro se litigants save their homes and fight the banks, We all know the crimes that have been comitted and the fact that little will be done to address them.

    If you don’t have anything to help your fellow readers,,,,,,,,,keep it to yourself.

    • l vent says:

      THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE POLITICS. It is not just about how to fight the banks and save our homes, WE are fighting ALOT more than the banks here. The banks are the pawns. I intend to continue to scream and yell until the FRAUDCLOSURES STOP. Why should the American people have to continue to be put through HELL while the criminals continue to get away with murder on a daily basis? Sorry, but the TRUTH NEEDS TO BE TOLD. This is all the result of a giant conspiracy to DESTROY America. If you want to get mad at someone get mad at the elitists who caused this catastrophe in the first place. By exposing the TRUTH I believe I am HELPING MY FELLOW READERS. What BANKSTER or WALL STREET firm do your work for? The ATTORNEYS and the POLITICIANS are in bed with the criminals and any FREE LEGAL ASSISTANCE from this Government IS A SHAM. YOU DO NOT realize the whole country is CORRUPT and by EXPOSING THE TRUTH we have the BEST CHANCE of WINNING. You need to start THINKING OUTSIDE OF THAT BOX THEY PUT YOU IN. THEY ARE OUT TO DESTROY AMERICA. THIS NATION WAS BORN OUT OF POLITICAL DISTRUST AND UNFAIR TREATMENT OF THE PEOPLE BY THE GOVERNMENT. I WILL RANT AS MUCH AS I NEED TO. I INTEND TO EXERCISE MY CONSTITUIONAL RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. I INTEND ON CONTINUING TO SPREAD THE TRUTH. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT, DO NOT READ MY POSTS. GOD BLESS AMERICA. LET FREEDOM RING.

    • l vent says:

      @LVLawman: You are attempting to shoot the messenger. It is the oldest trick in the book. SNEAKY,SNEAKY.

  3. Marla says:

    It is one year ago today that an arrogant REO agent (also an attorney from Fannie Mae contributed their two cents in calling me and my family criminals) kicked me and my family out of our home. I can tell you even though we had a BK attorney, he did nothing to help. He just told us that since we could not make the payments just to let it all go. Big mistake because I know that the trustee who did the foreclosure is just as criminal as Wells Fargo, our so-called servicer. I had so many questions that went unanswered. The anger and pain are still there. Everytime I hear of a homeowner winning against the banks, no matter how big or how small, I consider it a win for the those of us who lost our homes already, those still fighting and those who will have to start the fight. I pray that what NY is doing in providing homeowners with lawyers gives other states the insight to follow. It’s about freaken time. God Bless the homeowners.

  4. l vent says:

    What is a considered a FAIR settlement? The American people got robbed, raped and pillaged in the intentional financial collapse after the elitist top 1% in the world STOLE OUR WEALTH with the assistance of the BANKSTER ROBBER BARONS. The mortgage industry business model is a fraud and a scam. Selling people homes they would clearly never own,( BECA– USE OF PERMANENT PROPERTY TAX ENSLAVEMENT) imposing a fraudulently induced mortgage when we are clearly already paying a mortgage via those hyper-inflated property taxes. We homeowner’s got double dipped with interest.Everything is an unsecuritized sham. They do not want the American people to own anything but DEBT. My county recorder’s office told me my house is paid for and I can prove it . I now feel I am the one owed the money.The American people got ripped off, BIG TIME.

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  6. Elaine S says:


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