Angry Demonstrators Storm Wisconsin’s State Capitol in Massive Protest, Plus Florida Rally in Tally March 9th 2011

Although the story below about Wisconsin has nothing to do with foreclosures, it is a great segue to introduce our next  Rally in Tally II on March 9th 2011. Details below.

But first…

Angry Demonstrations in Wisconsin as Cuts Loom


Narayan Mahon for The New York Times

Angry public workers, facing cuts, crowded into the Capitol on Wednesday in Madison, Wis.
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MADISON, Wis. — As four game wardens awkwardly stood guard, protesters, scores deep, crushed into a corridor leading to the governor’s office here on Wednesday, their screams echoing through the Capitol: “Come out, come out, wherever you are!”

Behind closed doors, Scott Walker, the Republican who has been governor for about six weeks, calmly described his intent to forge ahead with the plans that had set off the uprising: He wants to require public workers to pay more for their health insurance and pensions, effectively cutting the take-home pay of many by around 7 percent.

He also wants to weaken most public-sector unions by sharply curtailing their collective bargaining rights, limiting talks to the subject of basic wages.

Mr. Walker said he had no other options, since he is facing a deficit of $137 million in the current state budget and the prospect of a $3.6 billion hole in the coming two-year budget.

“For us, it’s simple,” said Mr. Walker, whose family home was surrounded by angry workers this week, prompting the police to close the street. “We’re broke.”

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Now for our Rally in Tally II

March 9, 2011 Second Freedom Ride & Rally in Tally for Combatants of Wrongful Foreclosures

Can Floridians protest like the folks in Wisconsin?

March 9, 2011 second Freedom Ride & Rally in Tally.

Last year, the Florida bankers wrote their own non-judicial foreclosure legislation, (bou)g(h)ot Florida Senator Bennett and Florida Rep. Grady to sponsor it.  It was introduced in the Florida House and flew though two committees with only a few dissenting votes.  A few foreclosure fighters planned an all out attack on this legislation, which would have become effective July 1, 2010.  We found generous sponsors, hired buses to travel up the east & west coasts of Florida picking up citizens along the way.  We enjoyed the parallel imagery of the 1960’s civil rights freedom rides.  We converged on Tallahassee on April 21, 2010, held a press conference, & swarmed our legislators & elected officials demanding they oppose the non-judicial bills.  Interested Floridians who were unable to attend wrote, called, emailed, and faxed their demands and staunch opposition.  Campaigns gearing up for the coming election season gave the legislators pause.  The bills were taken out to legislative pasture and put out of their misery.  But victory was short lived when we realized that the alternative was an allocation of funding for unconstitutional axillary foreclosure court rocket-docket.

Are your legislators misguided as they hint of legislation to allow working feverishly to “clear the backlog of (wrongful) foreclosures” so the economy can recover? Has our new governor & state congress made a stand against the financial crimes behind our state’s top runner foreclosure rate? Has the crisis shown signs of abatement?  Are our courts adjudicating cases based on law?  Is rocket docket working for you?  Are constitutional rights of due process & property rights a quaint, arcane concept in our state?  Has the $700 billion bailout worked well for your community?  Are your communities stabilizing?  Are property values increasing?  Is the real economy, as experienced by you, your friends, and your family recovering?  Has the bailout replenished the pension funds of public service employees, public teachers, etc?  Was the wealth your municipality invested in AAA mortgage-securities, and subsequently lost, placed at a high, yet fully undisclosed, risk?  Are the foreclosed homes and pools posing safety hazards to our children?  Has their been criminal investigations and arrests?  Have financial crimes, perjury, fraud, and illegal practices been highly rewarded?

Well then, we need to get back to Tallahassee!  Florida Bankers are planning a legislative Capitol Day to “discuss important banking and economic issues with legislators” on March 9th.  We might have some important banking and economic issues of our own to discuss with our elected officials.

More details to come, so save the date, and we look forward to seeing you there…

Rally in Tally II March 9th, 2011



10 Responses to “Angry Demonstrators Storm Wisconsin’s State Capitol in Massive Protest, Plus Florida Rally in Tally March 9th 2011”
  1. Catherine Mc Manus says:

    Yes yes yes ! all Floridians should swarm the Taj Mahal in Tallahassee.
    If you are unable to attend “swarm” them with phone calls, faxes & emails to Governor Scott & AG Pam Bondi.
    Sign petitions or start a petition of your own, from your disgusting neighborhoods, from your HOA’s, contact your representatives. There is strength in numbers and it will take thousands of people to get any attention
    at all. has all the links and contact info you need. Sorry I must point out a typo in the first paragraph
    that mentions “We converged on Tallahassee April 21, 2011” – (past tense)shouldn’t it be April 21, 2010 ??
    The most important date to remember is RALLY IN TALLY II MARCH 9th 2011-
    Thank you 4closurefraud for all your hard work ! EVERYONE PLEASE CONTACT GOV. SCOTT !!!!!
    I welcome corrections -I’m a typo queen !

  2. Officer of the Law says:

    Hey, it is pig hunting season all over the world. Perhaps things would be a lot better if the people stood up and demanded justice here in what once was the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  3. pamela says:

    the union fight is not @ 25$ its about collective bargaining rights it’s about them union busting pay the workers or we do all want to get wallmart pay and benefits. where is the $ going? How much is Gov Walker and his pals retiring with? how much are their perks? if the unions lose, PPARKER, grab your mat and rice and be happy with that. cuz if the unions go, we are done GOD BLESS AMERICA

  4. pparke500 says:

    The union protesters in Wisconsin are demonstrating because they have been asked to pay less than $25 each towards their own pensions and health care. Instead, they want the taxpayers of Wisconsin to pay more. That’s called extortion and plunder. If you think this is a sympathetic cause maybe I have misjudged this site. Those people up there are thugs. In the meantime, the Dem legislators fled to another state to keep the legislature from voting on a measure regarding the unions. This is what this site endorses? Shame on you for talking out of both sides of your mouth.

    • marc michon says:

      No the unions were willing to go along with pay cuts. The legislation says Unions are Illegal. Americans should earn less money. What happened is Wisconsin gave international and large corporations a tax break or a raise if you like, Then said we are broke.
      Now working Americans have to pay for an increase in profit for bankers and large corporations. These are the corporations that sent American jobs overseas and pulled the financial fraud, caused the financial crises.
      The legislation says working Americans have to pay for the depression instead of the Bankers that caused it.
      Lets see give corporations a tax break state is broke. it’s the workers fault.
      Banksters cause depression by fraud fraudently forclose on our homes its your fault
      How is that not extortion and plunder? How is it not the same thing?

      The dem legislators looked out their window on Monday and saw thousands of citizens claiming their right of not getting robbed of their income decided to join them. Listen to Feb 18
      If you don’t like the mortgage fraud and getting your house stolen why would you support another working American gets robbed of his Income?
      Remember in the 90’s Morgan and Goldman were advising American companies to send their jobs overseas
      When they started their fraudulent loans they Knew Americans couldn’t pay because they were sending our jobs away as fast as they could. Which in a transaction when I know something you don’t know it is fraudulent inducement. This from Catherine Austin Fitts in 2007 Flashpoints radio
      There is much more fraud than just fraudclosuer on my home and yours.
      The banksters are saying not only should they rob us of our home but we should pay for their crimes and we should make less money so we can’t afford a home.
      Heres a good listen ties it together little humor included
      economist Richard Wolff on the economic crisis and the US government’s response

      Wouldn’t you like the legislators in Florida join you rather than fight against you in service of the bankers?
      Well so do Americans who are being told by the Banksters that we have to pay, not them.

    • noel says:

      the outrage is over the attempts to outlaw collective bargaining. americans fought for decades to have the right to force their bosses to give appropriate compensations. if only there was an organization as dedicated to safeguarding property rights then we wouldn’t be here today.

      this is a sympathetic cause because the labor divide is a facade created by the same corporate elite that have swindled millions of homeowners.

  5. Ms. A says:

    I am ready, willing & able to go to Tallahasse and face-down all of our pig’s ass legislators who are selling out to the banksters. We need an “America’s Most Wanted rogues’ gallery of banksters and legislators who are screwing the American homeowners — let’s get their photos posted online with a litany of their respective crimes. Let’s expose them for what they are: rotten criminals. With the “election” of Rick Scott as Florida’s governor we all now know how corrupt Florida’s electoral system and government is. How does a guy like Rick Scott even get on the ballot when he is being investigated for Medicare fraud? And how did he get his deposition, which is pubilc record for everyone else, SEALED?

  6. l vent says:

    The fraudclosures and the hyper-inflation, hyper-taxation and deflation of our currency along with the pension cuts and job cuts by our Government is the COVER-UP for the ROBBERY OF OUR WEALTH. WE WERE ROBBED. I heard on MSNBC today that the cops were OUT looking for the MIA democowards that DID NOT SHOW UP TO WORK TODAY. Looks like the cops are even starting to realize what the hell they are trying to do to all of us.

  7. marc michon says:

    Wisconsin has a lot to do with fraudclosures just as fraudclosures has lots to do with the bail out for wall street criminals
    the banksters are saying they won’t pay but working people have to pay for their crimes
    Join them in Wisconsin they join us in Florida

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