Deputies Serving Eviction Notice Find Dead Body Inside Home

Deputies Serving Eviction Notice Find Dead Body Inside Home


Orange County deputies said they were serving an eviction notice when they found a dead body inside the home.

Deputies said they arrived at the home, on Shalace Court, around 9:11 a.m. Thursday to serve an eviction notice to the homeowner.

When no one answered the door, deputies said they chose to force entry to check on the homeowner’s well-being.

Inside, they found the body of 53-year-old Carlos Gonzalvez.

Deputies also found what they called a “suspicious item” (fake grenade) in the living room area of the home, but the bomb squad determined the item was not dangerous.

Property records show the home was in foreclosure.


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  1. Anne says:

    Yes, this is a huge scandal that so many people are being harmed and so many crooks (even judges and attorneys) are lying and either part of or allowing this to happen.

    And NO ONE does care other than those directly affected.

    But be careful with your apathy. You may not be on the FRONT LINE today, but it will get to you someday and I bet you will be one of those crying the loudest? How can this be happening.

    Most of the media can take partial credit for this. One of the most important functions of the media is to serve as watchdog and there they have failed us miserably. Why? Have they been bought out too?

    • Of course the media has been ‘bought out ‘…have been for years….this just didn’t start. Anything connected to the government is controled. We grew up listening to lies on TV news and in the newspapers. We the people are the watchdogs….we the people found the fraud with the financial banksters…the racketeers that own our government and tell the government what will be done …by lobbyists giving bribes.. that are a felony… to members in Washington. Why has there been no indictments? Cause they all would be in handcuffs. The banks don’t want the foreclosed homes..the object was and is to strip the citizens of any ownership…to own nothing. To be controlled…think about all what has gone wrong and think of no jobs, think of millions of houses and commercial buildings sitting empty and millions of people who now have lost all their credit to buy…who is left with credit to buy these houses…only the rich from all around the world and it has already started. Our land will not be our land…this, my friend, the TV news and the Newspapers will not tell you…they can’t……


    • losing my home in florida says:

      rally in tally march 9th. . i noticed last year when things had gotten really bad when wells fargo. my loan negotiator aka home preservation specialist told me some hacked into her computer and moved my info. how does some one get her passcode if she didnt give it to them. all fraud.. stress this is stress

    • Poppy says:

      Letter to NYT: Gretchen,

      I just wanted to make people aware of what the foreclosure “business” is really about and what lengths they will go to move property.

      We just purchased a property in Mount Pleasant, SC, from HSBCII on December 31, 2013, whom was either the servicer or holder of the note, for an 88 year old relative who is in our care.

      After driving to the property to inspect the older home on January 09, 2014, which was in disrepair and allegedly inspected and secured by a property management company, we found a decomposing, deceased male, lying on a mattress in one of the bedrooms, with the door closed. Preliminary estimates of death were between 3-4 weeks (late November, early December 2013) The locks were changed from the original and the back door was padlocked, by the property management company, allegedly working for HSBCII. There were NO signs of forced entry, nor did the deceased have a key or any relation to the original owner. The Charleston County PD is still investigating the possibility of a dubious death.

      At this time, we cannot blindly accuse the property management or bank of any wrong-doing; however, it appears the ONE interior door “may” have been closed to hinder the smell of decomposition, to enable the property to be sold. This is a strong accusation and comes after narrowing the time line of death (which must be confirmed from the Coroner) and the entry of parties responsible for inspecting and securing the property. At this point substantial evidence exists for a party locking either a medically challenged or already deceased male into or on the premises, while not doing a walk-through inspection. And, the possibility does exist, given the time frame, someone “may” have intentionally covered up the existence of the body/party and the undeniable smell of death.

      In the process of this purchase they NEVER disclosed the existence of the a permanently attached home, but a mobile home. They stated “they did not possess title” to the mobile and upon further investigation, the mobile was sold to a private party at a tax sale; however, they did go ahead and evict the party living in the mobile home (the son of the original owner, whom was in a nursing home), even though they did not own the “personal property” (Mobile home is considered personal property)….and again, did not hold title (affidavits available)…

      The realtor, Janis St. Onge of Keller Williams, SC, did in fact, mention to the selling broker Mackenzie Crabtree, multiple times the existence of a/the home on the property and to this day and upon closing, the house was NEVER mentioned in the final closing documents. And, a minimal, cursory search by the banks attorney of the plat map would have yielded the information. Then to further lend to the questionable actions of HSBCII, we have the same lock boxes on both the mobile home and the house, with property management stickers, with an 800 number on them. The $64,000 question is: how could the bank not acknowledge the existence of the house, when the property management, working on behalf of HSBCII, did secure both the mobile home and the house? Then too, how could an ailing or deceased person close the “one” door on himself and padlock himself on the property? Where is this acceptable, persons delegated and compensated to secure and inspect the premises not properly perform their duties and/or relay the situation to their superiors…or in fact did they?

      Many questions exist and the overall banking behavior has been diminished and frankly, covered up.

      We have inherited the problem of lies and deception and now hold title to a property that is tainted, stained. The cost of this is the inability to resell, rent and or demolish the house at our cost, where we intended to reside and feel “eerily” uncomfortable at this point. There are thousands of victims of this flawed foreclosure process, not just from the borrower’s side. We will now carry the burden of ineffective policies of the bank and damages of un-markeability, and costs associated with a final resolution and the lingering memories of the party who was someones son then was left, unacknowledged by trusted, responsible representatives of this bank.

      Many can say, “they understand”, frankly, NO they cannot, until you are faced with the frightening and distressing situation unfolding before your eyes.


  2. losing my home in florida says:

    i hope whom ever commented on this site and is from florida we are having a rally in tally march 9th please see forecloursehamlet for more detail apparently we need to pass this around. we need alot of people to make this work. we need to tske back was is ours, no more fraud!!!

  3. And no one gives a damn. To those not experiencing this firsthand, the apathy is startling. How many deaths have been directly related to this crisis? Suicides? Murders? Accidental deaths? Stress-related deaths? The ugly truth is that this is the biggest story in the U.S. right now and it is the most under-reported one. Thanks to the Internet there still exists, for those seeking answers, a place where information is not only available but ever-evolving and free.

    • RAMONA says:

      thank god for the internet , how many mnore deaths are we going to endure over what the banks are doing to the people? how many more before we rise up and take to the streets? take back what is ours, take back our leadership of this country, take back our homes stolen from thecrooks who now run our country!

    • losing my home in florida says:

      hi robin i hope your are getting replies to this post1 I AM SO STRESSED IT IS BEYOND WORDS. i have never!!! with a capital N been a obssessive compulsive person. but i find myself every day on my email, on this site, on foreclsoure hamlet just to keep up to date on the latest info. i feel so terrible that this i happening. i went to nursing school 23 yrs ago. i work very hard but with out unions in florida nurses are fired like any job in the community not like aprofessional it is suppose to be. i lived in s. florida i worked in jobs 5-6 years a peice i moved 300 NEVER lost a job didnt even know what aright to work state was.moved 300 miles north because after buying a new house floridas wonderful tax system shielded th builders from the large tax assessment the 1st year so people were approved for homes they could not afford because the tax bill came 1 yr later. in 9/20005 i got a 7k tax bill cried ( old house 1500) that was a year you can still sell and fix what you did. so we moved to a well and septic, lime stone roads low taxes but never counted on job losses. being over 40, and nurses have to work 12 hr shifts being in a semi-rural area they give nurses to many patients. its horrible i lost my job more times in this past 5 years then my entire career (think the judge will understand) so when i was approved for a home more than 5 x my salary i never thought i was a paycheck away from losing my house but i was. job loss after job loss, credit card maxed out, and savings use up my husband got sick in sept. we still have not collected disability from his work. its insane so we t are losing our house. he was never put on the note so they new we were a risk. why approve people for 5x there salary we did not realize it till now home prices are lower. people are buying our houses now 1/4 the price we paid. a reverse ponzi. my marriage is getting affected because of this obsession. i hope i remain sane through this trauma. this did not have to happen we all need to get Tallahassee if you live in florida march 9th. in numbers we can do this alone i cant. thank you

  4. Ann says:

    How about publishing an evergrowing list of suicides (and murders) by foreclosure!!!

    We remember those who are victims of “other wars”— why not open a few eyes to the results of “this” one?

    • Catherine Mc Manus says:

      YES ! is there any agency or realty tracker out there that has a list ? I doubt it.
      I just read an article on MSN-it was about a couple that purchased a foreclosure “as is” -it smelled of fresh paint & appeared to be well maintained-duh them-only to discover there was a mold problem-then an electrical fire-the main focus of this article was foreclosure houses being turned into Marijuana Grow Houses. The newly duped homeowners are suing-their realtor, broker & Mortgage Company.
      I posted a link to this site and asked MSN why don;t they report on Foreclosures that are purchased with
      DEAD BODIES and ANIMALS LEFT THERE TO STARVE with no oversight by Banks, Servicers or even Realtors that list them for sale ? I asked MSN why don’t they report the neighborhoods that have been
      destroyed by unkempt & unsafe homes. MSN is no longer my homepage and I will get my “news” feeds

      • RAMONA says:

        what neighbor hoods? they are now ghost towns, you go to any area here in florida and half areforeclosed on or being foreclosed on.

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