“Listen, it’s either settlement or trial today. That’s it” | Florida Cop-Turned-Judge Challenges Banks to Clear Foreclosure Backlog

Buried in a lengthy Bloomberg article, David McLaughlin reports;

Cop-Turned-Judge Challenges Banks to Clear Foreclosure Backlog

Cop-Turned-Judge Challenges Banks to Clear Foreclosure Backlog

Judge Israel Reyes is giving the biggest U.S. banks a choice: Wrap up the home foreclosure cases clogging his Miami court, or dismiss them and walk away. Most are walking away…

“Listen, it’s either settlement or trial today. That’s it,” Reyes, 51, a former homicide detective, said two weeks ago to one lawyer who sought an extension after the homeowner received a temporary loan modification. “This case is over a year old.”

Reyes, a judge for Florida’s 11th Judicial Circuit, is forcing banks to take their cases to trial to clear his backlog of almost 3,000 foreclosures. Instead of moving ahead, the companies are backing down. They’re dismissing their own cases or not showing up to trial because they’re not prepared or, according to lawyers for homeowners, they can’t come up with the evidence required to seize the properties.

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8 Responses to ““Listen, it’s either settlement or trial today. That’s it” | Florida Cop-Turned-Judge Challenges Banks to Clear Foreclosure Backlog”
  1. Rebecca says:

    Well I’m more screwed up confused and lost today
    I hate how I can’t comprehend focus plus so much stress feel
    As I’m going to break or heart attack
    Elizabeth warren wrote me back. Saying to refer to senior senator of state..?
    Dam no one sees that I had it. Plus fraud on ATM chase Visa card monthly. More head work and its hard to remember all let alone hacked into iPhone and apps. I’m pissed they keep changing my passwords guess what I can’t remember them I hate electronics it is as someone Judy’s wants to fuck with me. They don’t understand I don’t understand what they ask let start to set up I start stressing overwhelming frustrating shaking and now contact the senior senator s
    Dam it. Honestly they don’t give a rats ass
    I’m tired just as so many others I have met out in streets. They gave up much sooner then I
    What can I say? No one knows my
    Life story that was filled with many heartbreaking placing guilt into myself being put down over and
    I don’t see a light honestly
    I’m tired with no place to go at 55
    Tears keep falling harder daily
    They won I lost great job who ever said justice will be served. Liers thanks for being there for me

  2. losing my home in florida says:


    attention all floridians let our voices be heard see this link. catch the bus rally in tally
    march 9 catch the bus!!!!

  3. John Anderson says:

    Kudos for this judge, but most judges bend over backwards for banks and refuse to see the fraud that is apparent to everyone else.

  4. Bobby McBiggaboy says:

    We need MORE judges like this one in Florida!! PLEASE people, we need to unite as one, and rally behind this judge!!

  5. Jorge says:

    I’m starting to feel like Im going to keep my house free and clear! Happy Hour starts early this week baby! Imagine how quickly the economy will recover and how packed the malls would be if banks can’t prove their case and homeowners get to keep their homes with no mortgage!! Talk about a stimulas plan.

  6. Equity Free says:

    What a great concept , ” follow the law ” !

  7. Felita says:

    Thank goodness a Judge that follows the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray for 4closurefraud for giving us all voices if we choose to be heard.

    We all need to send this judge a thank you card.

  8. l vent says:

    The fraudclosures need to stop. The fallout from fraudclosures is bankrupting America.

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