Sewer Service | Local Florida Couple Wins Foreclosure Reprieve

Couple wins foreclosure reprieve

by Kim Miller

Lisa and Mitchell Glogower, who were featured in a Palm Beach Post story Monday, were fighting a March 14 deadline to save their home.

That was the auction date set by the court after a final foreclosure judgment was entered in July.

But today, the couple, with the help of an attorney from LaBovick & LaBovick, won a reprieve because a judge agreed preliminarily that they were never properly served with a foreclosure summons.

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4 Responses to “Sewer Service | Local Florida Couple Wins Foreclosure Reprieve”
  1. This is key, make it not so easy and make it expensive for banks to foreclose, All we are asking is due process

    • RAMONA says:

      what aren’t the insurance companies screaming since these banks foreclose and makethe claimand collect 3 times what the house is worth. then the banks still go after the homeowner to try to collect even after they colleccted insurance on the home, sold teh home and collected and then sold the note again to a debt collector . so why help the little guy stay in the home they collect and keep on collecting while they ruin families and neighborhoods are sitting empty and falling apart. where is our government??? where are the laws? who is protecting the people in america from these crooks , NOT OUR GOVERMENT!!. THE BANKS ARE RUNNING OUR COUNTRY ! WHAT ARE WE THE PEOPLE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT??? ITS TIME TOTAKE OUR COUNTRY Back~!!!

      • michelle says:

        right on,I totally agree with everything you said.I know ,I’m going thru this process right now.
        I bought my house in 2000 for 89,000.I was paying 7.5 and around 2005 the mrtg rates were going down to around 3-5% ,we refinanced.But it was the worst mistake I ever made.Everything that we were promised was not what we got.We had to go through with it at the time,cause we
        were strapped for cash and had made promises to collectors and needed to pay them.So we signed the papers.Eventually our mortgage was sold to 2 different lenders.1 for 11.5% 28,500 and the other 8.3/4 for 114,500.Also originally the escrow was supposed to be included in our payment but it was not.So now we had house ins. and taxes and 2 mortgages to pay.We tried paying for awhile but then my husband got laid off,I couldn’t work(nervous breakdown).We tried to contact the original people that sold us on this refinance9They went out of business)So that’s how it all started and now we are on our second foreclosure .Haven’t received court papers,still doing everything we can to save our house.Any program we see,we try,several loan modifications and it’s been 6 years of hell.I still don’t know where we’ll be in 1 year or 1 month.It really is so hard living,not knowong what’s going to happen.Should I paint my,put in that new screen door we need,redo the driveway,etc.etc.Sorry for going on so long.I know there’s a million other people going through the same thing and thay probably have it worse.I just want to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
        The only one who even knows what we are going thru is my mom.We don’t tell people,they’d be surprised at what we’ve endured for so long and my son also.I want him to have a house that he can always come back too.Short of winning lotto I can’t see us here for the long run.
        Thanks for listening and good luck to all the other people going thru this and god bless.
        Michelle Smith

  2. l vent says:

    Death to the Imperialist fascist dictatorship Oligarchy!!!!!!!!!!

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