Fraudclosure | Congress Blames Bank for Troop Suicides

Congress Blames Bank for Troop Suicides

Lawmakers argued Feb. 9 that some of the suicides among American troops in recent years were related to financial woes, including failure to meet mortgage payments.

And as far as Rep. Bob Filner, D-Calif., is concerned, those deaths are the fault of banks that put profits ahead of troop welfare.

“I would call it homicide,” said Filner, the House Veterans Affairs Committee’s ranking member, during a hearing into why JP Morgan-Chase overcharged servicemembers’ on their mortgages and foreclosed on some troops’ homes. The bank now admits that it mistakenly charged too much interest on thousands of mortgages of activated troops who had qualified for a 6 percent rate under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.

Filner said if he knew of a suicide directly linked to a servicemember going through a foreclosure he “would like to file a charge of wrongful death.”

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4 Responses to “Fraudclosure | Congress Blames Bank for Troop Suicides”
  1. anon says:

    Duh! Of course the banks are responsible. It’s a shocking disregard for human life and shelter. Their only concern are for bonuses and making 23 million dollars a year. Surrender the loan and pay damages. SHAME on the BANKS!

    Don’t settle for less than a $1,000,000.

  2. Equity Free says:

    The execs on Wall Street and Big Oil have blood stained hands, from military personnel fighting for their profits, thinking their fighting for freedom, democracy and the American Dream, “you kidding me honey,Chase has been over charging us and now they are F&#% foreclosing on us, this is my third deployment and…” TBC

  3. Jason Werner says:

    Chase happens to be one of the largest donors to contract killer Planned Parenthood.

    Also, I’ve personally been threatened to be killed by Fifth Third Bank.

    Many banks are absolutely, definitely murderers. That is a fact. But they contract it all to other people rather than their own employees. Funny though, if their own employees killed people, they could probably argue, “This is not a state issue; our bed-buddy (the regulators) will handle this and let us off the hook, so no charges should be filed.”

    • l vent says:

      WOW. you have got to be kidding me? Fifth Third Bank verbally threatened to kill you? I hope you were able to record that. Now the banks are verbally threatening to murder their once beloved customers who they couldn’t wait to use to commit their fraud? What ingrates. It is about time the U.S. Government sent the Foreign Multinational Banksters packing. They truly are financial terrorists and are indeed out to obliterate America any way they can. Congress must stop aiding and abetting these terrorists or the politicians will face their day of reckoning from the American people very soon and I would not want to be in their shoes. I saw a report on MSNBC last nite some scumbag senator from Ohio called some of the Government protesters SLOBS and came on the show and actually said he meant it and would not apoligize for saying it. Fraudclosuregate is clearly spiraling out of control when “elected” politicians “elected” to do the people’s work clearly are not working in the best interest of the AMERICAN people. Now they have the gall to nationally insult the very people who put them there..Sounds more like a dictatorship of tyrannts than a democracy. Guns and bullets.

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