100,000 Cases | “I Quit” Letter from David J. Stern to Chief Judge “We no longer have the financial or personal resources to continue to file the motions to withdraw”

Letter from David J. Stern to Chief Judge



18 Responses to “100,000 Cases | “I Quit” Letter from David J. Stern to Chief Judge “We no longer have the financial or personal resources to continue to file the motions to withdraw””
  1. Pamela says:

    Wonton90 I am so sorry that this has happened to you .As a small business owner I well understand your dilemma. L&I is Labor and Industries I don’t know in your state if they could help you or not but its worth a shot.Go to your nearest college or university where there is a law school talk to the Prof’s. sometimes you can find help there.All you have to do is get someone to take this seriously if a law school can not help you ask them to recommend someone who can.Still put your liens in place as protection so that in the event there is something left over you atleast have a shot at it.sounds to me like whoever gave you the info. about the bank was just to lazy to take your claim.That should never have happened,but keep filing those liens and claims as you never know when this man could resurface and at some point this could all change.check out budding new lawyers in your area you never know when you can pick up one of these young people and they might just take this and make a run with it.Finally never give up HOPE in yourself,you are your own best advocate. Any help that I can give you is yours for the asking.Please do not hesitate to ask.United we stand ;divide we fall. Pam

    • wonton90 says:

      thank you I don’t wish harm to anyone I just believe in Karma and
      he will get his this has been very trying for me and I thank you for your support

  2. pparke500 says:

    Stern filed against me and my file was one of those taken by Freddie Mac. It took months for the new bank attory to enter an appearance, and then he entered as co-counsel with Stern. This boggles my mind, but heh, if he wants to defend what Stern has done so far, so be it. See ya in court pal.

    • wonton90 says:

      I would check that relationship out if I were you and make sure he is allowed to co-counsel with
      him it may be another mistake you need to double check that it is worth your time
      double check EVERYTHING

  3. Heather says:

    HEY, STERN….. WHY DON’T YOU ROBO SIGN YOUR SUBSTITUTIONS / WITHDRAWALS…. just a thought that you should probably go with those attorney practices that have gotten you where you are today… why change now when they’ve worked so well for you! Are you afraid you may lose your license to practice law if you do something under-handed! Obviously, you felt that it was okay to do it to thousands of others, why not ….. you idiot!


    In my case. Allegedly, My file was one of the ones seized by the Feds when Stern had them taken from his offices. A local attorney, also a bully, was appointed, by his self-admission, as “interim-attorney for plaintiff.” At this point when Stern was allowed to withdraw from my case, there was over 13 different attorneys representing Plaintiff and Plaintiff’s interests, this happened November 30, 2010 at our LOP (lack of prosecution) hearing. As this all happened, I fired my attorney for ineffective counsel because all Plaintiffs numerous attorneys were trying to do was get us to Mediation, with the help of our former attorney, to do a loan modification. YOU PEOPLE OUT THERE SHOULD KNOW THAT IF THEY GET YOU TO MEDIATION, MORE THAN LIKELY THE NEXT STEP IS MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT….kaboom…. foreclosure. Plaintiff’s attorneys and our former attorney tried to bully us into going to mediation and into doing a modification, after our case has dragged on for over 4 years with all of the merits you hear about happening out there, and then some.

    Now, these other attorneys, the new ones, are finding themselves in a position to DEFEND Stern and Stern’s actions. I am now hearing,,,, well, I don’t know that happened before I got ahold of the case…. Yea, right! But, it happened in this case and is a matter of the record and there is no amount of fixing it that will save your asses from Stern’s dirty deeds,,,, oh, and that of Cheryl Samons. No excuses,,, follow the rules instead of trying to make-up your own rules.

    Stern’s cases are now being put into the hands of other MILLS that are just as dirty, only without all the notoriety… at this point! That’s what they’ve done to me! I say, hit them,,, hit them again,,, and keep hitting them with every motion you can think of, including one for dismissal WITH prejudice. Then, when your done hitting them,,,,, file a complaint with the every agency you can think of, including the bar and the attorney’s general office.

    Good Luck Out there!

    • wonton90 says:

      The other agencies do not care
      AG I write and speak with
      The Florida Bar they don’t care
      Next thing you know STERN will run for President
      He is too involved no one wants to touch him
      he is going to come out on top
      The government is not going to mess with this too much has happened
      and no one wants to face it just QUIT like Stern did that’s what they want you to do
      no one is doing anything because the people are not standing up for themselves
      form a coalition, or else you are banging your heads against the wall
      it is on a deeper level
      if it is unveiled what is REALLY happening everyone is going to FREAK the F–K out
      the US did this on purpose the no doc loans that were offered don’t you get it we are
      puppets if we don’t wake up and really be in reality and refuse all the BS we are going to be in trouble
      I wouldn’t let the banks do loan mods the property values now are so low
      Forget about the Government Agency don’t you get it they put you in this circumstance to begin with
      Don’t trust them take control

  4. wonton90 says:

    Here’s a perfect example Stern did not even write the Judge’sname correctly
    even his own correspondence is shotty. How the banks allowed him to represent
    them is beyond me .What Attornet embarasses themselves like this it is baffling…
    truly baffling…Isn’t he able to just face everything instead of defaulting on his bills
    he is attemptong to take businesses down with him…The Judge is Lee Haworth

  5. Pamela says:

    Wonton 90, slap a lien against whatever he has left file a complaint with your Dept. of Financial Institutions after you have those complaints filed take it to your Prosecuting Att. and file a complaint there then on to your AG.’s office.Report him to the BBB although at this point he doesn’t have a standing anymore.Go to anyone that will listen to you and get your story heard just because this is a business and not a foreclosure case does not mean you have less to lose as you had employee’s to think about.Contact L&I let them know whats going on.There might be venues I’m not familiar with that could help you but don’t give up and don’t let this go unrecognized.If we all don’t fight in our own ways we all stand to lose.I wish you the best of luck in your quest for JUSTICE.

    • *see here; http://www.floridaucc.com/UCCWEB/search.aspx

      type in debtors name “David J Stern” or name of your favorite bank or mill law firm.
      lots of people starting to lien these clowns!

    • wonton90 says:

      Pamela they lied since October the Comptroller told me they were filing Bankruptcy and to wait for the papers in the mail so I waitedthey told me I am not a secured debtor so I will probably get nothing
      like an idiot I believed them I wrote the AG and they aren’t doing anything I do not know what L&I means
      I lost so much money I do not have money for my business he put me out of business I don’t have money to go to court and I do not know how to write a complaint so I didn’t do anything now I am realizing his Controller conned be and so did the Head Of Investor Relations Chris Simmons . If I fet a judgement it
      will be uncollectible. All the Attorney’s I called said I will not collect anything because he owes so much
      to the bank loan. I paid three months of temporary employees that really knew what they were doing they
      kept my employees because I made sure they were paralegals and not just employees that wrote paralegal or legal assistants that really weren’t. The Attorney General was no help neither was the bar
      it is a lot of money and it is just as bad as someone being Foreclosed on the public needs to know he is
      doing it to his Vendors can he just avoid paying? can he just shut his doors ? I called legal aid they cannot help because it is not a Foreclosure . It has been so difficult all I did was my job I have been in my business since 1989 and I have worked with other Foreclosure firms and none has ever not paid their invoices I paid Workers Comp , Payroll Taxes and my employees pay Stern does not answer the phone
      I am afraid he will just go out of business can he legally do that. This all started because Stern got
      greedy he went Public got a lot of money and didn’t care what happened
      If anyone can help me I would appreciate it he just kept doing businesss for months paying his Permanent employees and avoid my calls so frustrating I was told I am not getting anything because the bank loan comes first that is why I hope he goes to jail and thik about what he has done his is a very unethical person thanks for listening it has been extremely difficult for me for no reason I paid my employees I did not want them to suffer . That is why if Stern does not fo to prison it is not fair you cannot just walk away from your obligations

  6. wonton90 says:

    Listen, This was ALL planned I worked as a Vendor he has not paid me since September 2010 Stern is
    walking FROM ALL obligations and this SHOULD not be ALLOWED he owes Vendors, rent to alot of people
    I paid employees on his behalf and now he hasn’t paid me and he is writing a letter to the Judge stating other people are ignoring their obligations the huy is an ANIMAL and EVERYTHING should be taken away from him
    he needs to be held accountable he had the opportunity of choosing right from wrong he chose to do things HIS WAY I have no money to pay an ATtorney and if I did take him to court I would never get payment anyway
    WHY is STERN ABOVE THE LAW he QUITS pay your bills then QUIT he lost his accounts so I have to lose my livelihood he needs to be in JAIL. I would love to talk to someone STERN threw EVERYONE under the bus
    and HE QUITS. Stern ruined a lot of people’s lives because he was too busy with his toys and going public
    instead of watching his business. We all TRUSTED him to do business the RIGHT way . If this Judge does not prosecute then I don’t know what this system is voming too. He has no staff left because he did not do business ethically, This is not a man we are dealing with he has Peter Pan Syndrome will never grow up
    so does this mean I can go to a restaurant an order a meal and say I Quit I have no money to pay he should have paid his Vendors since September he was still in business We cannot let him get away with this
    it is not fair he knew he was going to do this his office comptroller Esther Surujon told me in September they were claiming Bankruptcy and I would be put on a list I never got a list they are con artists some firms do business correctly I have worked in this business since 1989 STERN is just a GREEDY ANIMAL and needs to be responsible if anyone hasany suggestions please let me know this has been awful he doesn’t care what he does to people

  7. Pamela says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer group of people.Gee do you think any of these people will find themselves facing foreclosure due to extenuating circumstances beyond thier control such as lack of work, job ending,medical emergency,or any of the other reasons people face foreclosure.Maybe they could go to work for SERS,at least that would be gainful employment and I understand they are looking for people.

  8. Capt. Jack says:

    There is place reserved in Hell for you Mr. Stern.

  9. RookieDefender says:

    If anyone’s taking bets on the over/under of foreclosure cases dismissed for failure to prosecute during 2011, I’m going with way OVER.
    I’d like to see some disciplinary action taken against Sterns office for all the cases where they are still attorney of record but are now going to ignore, because why? because they didn’t save enough $$ from the legal fees they collected in filing and handling cases to cover their professional obligation of serving as counsel until a court order relieves them of the obligation.
    Hopefully the Courts don’t get all sympathetic either for the Plaintiffs who had Sterns file these cases, only to then turn around and demand the case file back, and then… do nothing to keep litigating the case. Each order of dismissal for failure to prosecute should include charging the Plaintiff a fee to help keep the court system solvent so that it can handle cases where both sides are actually prepared to litigate.

    • yvonne says:

      I got my case dismissed by the judge due to plaintiff not filing for substitution for Stern who had enough time to do so…the plaintiff has not refiled to date …wonder what they are uo to…I was a victim of the robosigner and other note fraud…and do have those documents properly secured should more go missing from the now closed docket…and I had to push for my attorney to request that dismissal…so I sit and wait again…even though I tried to get this circle closed at the onset and one judge refused…and I was not a late payer on my payments….

  10. dormanmom says:

    It seems that Ben-Ezra & Katz has headed in the same direction, I know a few people that received their granted motions, withdrawing counsel, today. Directing the defendants to contact Fanny for more information.

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