Daily Finance | Foreclosure Fraud in Maryland: Banks’ Lawyers (Shapiro & Burson) Accused of Forging 1,000+ Deeds

Well well well.

I wonder if this includes forged satisfactions of mortgage as well, Mr. President…

Foreclosure Fraud in Maryland: Banks’ Lawyers Accused of Forging 1,000+ Deeds


As if the country needed more proof of the outlaw behaviors of banks and their agents, The Baltimore Sun‘s Jamie Smith Hopkins reports that 1,000 or more Maryland deeds are likely forgeries, created by a foreclosure mill. A former notary from law firm Shapiro & Burson filed an affidavit with law enforcement and regulators charging that the attorneys’ signatures on the deeds and other important documents were forgeries signed at the express direction of management. The affidavit attached sample signatures.

If the forgery claims are true — and that’s not much of an “if” — the false deeds cloud the properties’ titles, creating a nightmare for the innocent people who bought the homes after they were foreclosed upon.

This isn’t the first time this has come up in Maryland: Last year, two other law firms in the state, Bierman Geesing & Ward and Covahey Boozer Devan and Dore, admitted that they had forged signatures on foreclosure documents in a similar manner. And Baltimore firm Friedman & MacFayden is being investigated for similar allegations, the Sun reports. At this rate, the title issues in Maryland could prove to be as tragic in scope as those in Florida.

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  1. Trying2fightback says:

    Urgent ,!!!!! Need your help on 3 issues.

    1. I need confirmed proof of fraud on all onewest /indymac loans dated from 2003-2010

    2. I need confirmed proof of fraud on law firm Shapiro & Burson and Federal National Mortgage Association.

    3. Confirmed fraud on Bank of America

    Urgent !!!! going in court Monday. I need final decisions after a full blown investigation has been conducted. I have been looking. I have to represent myself, Please help,

    • Paula Nachman says:

      I am facing foreclosure with Shapiro & Burson out of VA Beach as substitute trustee for PNC.
      1) Notice of Default from S & B dated one full week before their appointment as Sub trustees
      2) Signature of Laura Cauper, “authorized officer” for PNC, does not match the signature of the same Laura Cauper on her own business registrations with the Ohio Secretary of State. And there is only one Laura Cauper in the greater Dayton OH area.
      3) Teresa Slaven, notary, witnessed the document supposedly signed by Cauper but actually signed by someone else.
      4) Laura Cauper has also signed as an “authorized officer” of Residential Funding Co. LLC as attorney-in-fact for Deutsche Bank.
      5) Residential Funding Co (or Corp) is listed as a servicer for GMAC Master Servicer.
      6) Fannie Mae claims on thier web site (loan look up) that they own my mortgage.
      7) Neither PNC nor Fannie Mae have responded to my many requests for information concerning the true “holder in due course” of the note and deed of trust.
      Need docs? Email me!

    • Elaine Williams says:

      How did it go in court? I too have many forged documents from Shapiro & Burson and am in the fight of my life but I won’t give up. I’ve already told them that they only way I’m leaving my house is in a body bag!

    • marilyn lane says:

      i posted a message to
      you, but it is down below. Scroll down. sorry.

  2. l vent says:


  3. Andrea Guice says:

    Question? Mortgage assigned 3 yrs later to HSBC. The authorized party was a MERS employee in Florida, but the notary witnessing his signing it was in Ohio; is this robo-signing fraud? Ever heard of Kevin Prieshoff, Pamela Troxell, or Jennifer Robinson? Which agency investigates these types of forgeries, FBI?

    • incognito123 says:

      Jennifer Robinson (that I know of) works for Wells Fargo Bank NA in Maryland, think Frederick MD. She has a connection, who I believe also works for WF (still researching this) Joseph J Cariola

    • Elaine Williams says:

      Get a forensic loan audit. I recommend PaCE in McDaniel on the Estern Shore in Maryland.

    • Going Nuts in Ashtabula Ohio also!!! says:

      Kevin Prieshiff signed our Motion for Default as MERS, Inc as a nominee for Metrocities Mortgage LLC
      (which I believe Metrocities merged into Prospect MTG back in 2008)
      He signed as their Assistant Secretary and Vice President

      Let me note that there is a deposition on the web from a Learner Sampson and Ruthfuss employee that states she signed docs as an vice president of MERS that she doesn’t get paid from nor work for or even know who they are- deposition of Shellie Hill
      Pamella Troxell is a Notary for the state of Ohio

  4. marilyn lane says:

    It is time for millions to start putting Wm P Foleys feet to the fire. He is CEO. of Fidelity National Title, was chairman of LPS – Docx etc He has orchestrated the process of knowingly insuring forged deeds and having his agents fighting in the courts getting the Judges to say they are good titles. He is the king pin of fraud connecting, banks, judges and attorneys.

  5. l vent says:

    There is a gigantic unseen, unholy alliance that is strategically destroying America.

  6. Paula Nachman says:

    Please post the full complaint as soon as you can get your hands on it! I’m fighting foreclosure by S & B out of VA Beach! All my docs were sent away to PNC in Ohio but I’ve found serious irregularities there as well (on the part of PNC). I’m looking for that double dose of forgery out of VA Beach! If anyone has any information that might be helpful please contact me!

  7. John says:

    Title companies are very aware of this and some have included a paragraph in the new homeowners policy that they don’t cover this contingency.

    Question is: What good is a title policy if it doesn’t cover and protect your title?

    We must do all we can to see that average American homeowners realize their ownership is just as screwed up as the folks being foreclosed on. Maybe worse if they discover much later what those in foreclosure are fortunate to learn now about their screwed up titles and who they really owe.

  8. l vent says:

    I was speaking to an ex-loan officer who used to work at a failed bank. He said banks have 12 years to assign a debt. Really? If that does not tell us all where we are then nothing will. If we waited to pay our mortgage until they “established” the debt, we wouldn’t be here right now.

  9. l vent says:

    The forgeries cloud property title? That’s it? Oh hell no, There is real criminal liability here.

    • marilyn lane says:

      New Yorkers are suppose to be smart and sharp. I am starting to think that is a myth. I keep writing to the New York Dept of Finance about how New York Land titles are a sham with all the fraud going on with Fidelity’s and Lender Process Service LPS DOCX forged and fraudulent documents

      I have first hand documentation that the racketeers Thomas Malone of Fidelity National Title and his partner in crime David K Fiveson of Coronet Title have registered forged deeds and they can’t seem to correct their records to reflect the true owner.

      From the time it was news in the papers a few years back that the Empire State Building ‘s title was stolen by a reporter the Register of Deeds made all sorts of news announcements to eliminate criminals from filing fraudulent deeds and an all out effort was underway to reflect the true owners.

      Well what happened ?

  10. paul jones says:

    This type of conduct has been going on for years and years, and all officials are turning a blind eye,it must stop!!!!

  11. Pamela says:

    Really ?These law offices and lawyers ?Wouldthey really do something like this? Imagine that!Totally serios here this is a much deper problem than anybody realized and everyone is just now getting around to noticing that it creates this problem for the new homeowner.Wow wonder if they ever thought about this when it was happening to the original homeowner?Abject stupidity at its finest.

  12. l vent says:

    WOW!!! Where is our President? He needs to get to work at the task at hand. This is ridonkulous.


    OH YEAH!!

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