Pictures of Our Rally in Tally

Hello All,

Here are some pictures from our Rally in Tally. It was a very successful event. We were able to meet with many representatives and even got 45 min at the attorney generals office.

Thank you for everyone who helped sponsor the event, especially Jacqulyn Mack, Campbell Law, Hill Mortgage Consulting, Ricardo, Wasylik & Kaniuk, PL, Melva Rozier, PA, & Carey Law Group PA.

Also, a big thanks to everyone that attended. We will be discussing some of our concerns about a few pending bills in future posts and will be posting video of the event as soon as it gets uploaded.

In the mean time check out the pics below.



22 Responses to “Pictures of Our Rally in Tally”
  1. losing my home in florida says:

    alot of folks are saying anyone that does a post on our web sites, is bank employees themselves trying to beat us down. we are not deadbeat , actually just the opposite. didnt we get approved for these big mortgages. we had to atleast have intact credit scores and some of us even put the required 20% down. how can some one in the right mind call someone a deadbeat that has 20% or year if not money down years of principle payments dead beats. i actually despise that word. we are hard working individuals whom did not get raises the past five years to sustain the mortgage payment. thasnk you all for attending the rally in tally i hope we all get some help soon. i have been dual tracked by wells fargo after lost paper work..please godd help us feom this evil

  2. dRp says:

    Great meeting everyone in Tallahassee. Great trip.

  3. Susan D says:

    Awesome pictures if I do say so myself! 🙂

  4. Andrew says:

    It is nothing short of amazing what the two of you have done to educate Florida and America about the Foreclosure FRAUD. It’s those like you that will keep our moral fiber intact.

    If any one has a transcript of L’s speech in front of House Members? Can you share it? L?

    2 Years in Row now, darn it, missed another one.

    Excellent Selections… …Cap’n

    Thanks again for all you do…

  5. Soooooo…makes one wonder…. what the pharma is up to….doesn’t Chase own 65%? Don’t trust no one…trust is just a word now…fraud took it’s place. But I am happy to say my daughter and I drove up to Tally from Sarasota….carried big signs…went thru the Capitol with them and the Senate Bldg…twice in the cafeteria….had appointment with our Senator…wonderful very smart lady…’ knows the whole fraud history from years back….and she said she was going to see the Attorney General that afternoon about the frauds…going to bat for all of us. The only way this will ever be settled if by force. Write letters to the AG…e-mail…call…in fact…send the same to anyone and everyone Tally and Washington. The citizens need to be heard…loud and clear…let them know the anger you feel….this is one time sugar is not better than vinegar….demand Justice to be done….ALL CRIMINALS …WHOEVER… WHO DEALT IN THE FINANCIAL WORLD…A SYNDICATE OF EVIL CRIMES….MUST BE PUT BEHIND IRON BARS TO STARE AT CINDER BLOCK WALLS…..MADOFF IS THERE AND HE ONLY ‘HARMED ‘ THE WEALTHY….THE BANKSTERS HARMED OUR COUNTRY, AMERICA, AND THE WORLD. MADOFF IS A DROP IN THE BUCKET COMPARED TO THIS MASSIVE DELIBERATE PONZI SCHEME…AIDING AND ABETTING…THAT GOES FOR THOSE IN THE GOVERNMENT AS WELL. AND THE CEO’S AND TOP ‘DOGS’ OF THE FALLEN CRIMINAL BANKSTERS OF WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK….THEY KNEW OF THE FRAUD..THEY WERE THE TOP RING LEADERS AT WAMU…..AND THE REST ARE ALL PLAIN OUT LIARS AND PONZI THIEVES. iF i SAID IT ANY OTHER WAY I WOULD BE LYING…THE FRAUD IS OUT IN THE OPEN NOW AND THEY ARE SHITTING THEIR UNDERWEAR…. MUST BE HARD SLEEPING WITH ONE EYE OPEN……

  6. l vent says:

    You guys are awesome! We need to all be out flooding the streets, calling out all of the bastards who did this to America.

  7. Mary says:

    THANK YOU All very much

  8. Gregory says:

    LOL This is funny NONE OF THOSE PEOPLE LOOK LIKE DEADBEATS, So what gives. I thought we were all supose to look like bums and deadbeats….

  9. PJ says:

    You are remarkable people.. god speed!

  10. Kathleen Burt says:

    Congratulations on Rally in Tally! Glad you had a meeting with the AG. Wish I’d made advance appointments with my representatives last year. Looking forward to the video.

    Were there a lot of banking lobbyists at the Capitol?


  11. noel poe says:

    i’ll have a whole lot more when i get home tonight…

  12. l vent says:

    I think Dylan Ratigan is the only guy with the guts to show this. Was he told about this rally? This needs to get on his show. Washington might be ignoring us but it is soo important to spread this message to the people. We need to raise awareness among the American people.

  13. losing my home in florida says:

    THank you guys i realy wanted but a sick kid kept me home. i feel proud to be part of a great group of people. Because of all of you i am 0still in my home and will not leave with out a fight. I have been educated and know is around the corner at each step. i hope our elected officials have heard you will prevail. I have been dual tracked by wells fargo after they lost mod paper work sent fedex even though i have the tracking # and the person who signed for my package?

  14. Capt. Jack says:

    You folks are AWESOME! There is ZERO political cover for this ANYWHERE. Nero can fiddle all he wants..Rome ain’t going down without a fight.

    • l vent says:

      @Capt. Jack. Dont you think they are being aided by the Fourth Reich? Dont forget ,after the Holocaust the Nazis said the people were to blame for the Holocaust because of their own cowardess. I think that is a very telling statement as this is clearly being played out here in America they are clearly BLAMING THE VICTIMS. There is a gigantic NAZI PROPAGANDA MACHINE hard at work in our own media.

      • Capt. Jack says:

        The fabric of the German people is very different than that of Americans. We are being provoked.

        Anybody look at the ammo market lately? Out of stock. No back orders.

        It’s coming…

        I can hear Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkeries” in the background and it’s getting louder every day.

      • Capt. Jack says:

        Now that I think of it…Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna” would be better as America’s swan song.

      • l vent says:

        Check out some of the crap CONgress has been up to: The history channel also had on and interesting program today called “Rise of the Fourth Reich” It talks about how the Catholic Church hid out the likes of Eichmann after the Holocaust. The history channel has been showing this stuff for months. Duh? I think we all need to be studying the history of the revived Holy Roman Empire as well from say, the late 1800’s begining with the Jesuits. The truth is just outside of the box.

      • l vent says:

        @Capt. Jack: Did you hear that we are running low on medicine here in America of all places? Pharmacists at walgreens are having to go back to what they learned in school and they are making meds the old fashioned way to make up for the shortages. Why the shortages we ask? No valid reason given from the media.

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