FDIC Sues WaMu Executives, Kerry Killinger, Stephen Rotella, David Schneider and their Wives

FDIC Sues WaMu Executives, and Wives

The wives of Washington Mutual Inc.’s two top executives when the nation’s largest thrift collapsed in 2008 were accused by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. of illegally moving cash and houses into trusts in an effort to shield the assets from legal claims.

The allegations, made in a federal-court lawsuit filed Wednesday in Seattle, are the latest sign of how the FDIC is ratcheting up the pressure on executives and directors at financial institutions that failed during the crisis. The suit is the sixth filed by the FDIC stemming from 350 bank failures since the start of 2007.

The collapse of WaMu under a mountain of bad mortgages was the biggest bank failure in U.S. history. The suit accused former Washington Mutual Chief Executive Kerry Killinger, President and Chief Operating Officer Stephen Rotella and David Schneider, the company’s former home-loans president, of negligently going on a “lending spree, knowing that the real-estate market was in a ‘bubble.’ “

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The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, As Receiver of Washington Mutual Bank v Kerry K. Killinger Stephen J. Rotella, David C. Schneider Linda C. Killinger And Esther T. Rotella

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  1. l vent says:

    Interesting, now let’s flip identities and take at look at who is who. Remember America, Black is White. Order out of Chaos. The U.N./NWO IS SUEING THE FRAUDSTERS because the fraudsters screwed up and did not properly secure the debt in other words the banks did not perfect the collateral lien so the UN/NEW WORLD ORDER could steal our homes with impunity. It is all very deceptive. If they can’t steal our homes they will go after the perps who screwed them. THEY ALL DESERVE TO AND SHOULD ALL SCREW EACH OTHER, NOT US. We must declare our national sovereignty from the U.N./NWO, We The People owe no allegiance to them. This is our country and these are our homes. Our Government committed treason against us and so did our Imposter President. Get those guns ready, the G7/UN/NEW WORLD ORDER just announce a merging of world currencies because of the Japan crisis. National Sovereignty will prevail GOD BLESS AMERICA. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY .

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