Murder Suicide | Houston Couple Avoids Foreclosure With Suicide Pact

Houston Couple Avoids Foreclosure With Suicide Pact


This is NOT the best way to avoid foreclosure. If you do this, the bank wins…


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  1. Pamela says:

    Actually now they will have to sign a disclaimer because someone was killed in the home they have to come clean on this or be held liable.Don’t ever give up just because things look bad tomorrow is another day that you have been given.Stay strong ,spread the word and fight, fight ,fight.

  2. DyingTruth says:



  3. This is to easy for the banks please don’t do this, fight, make difficult and expensive for the banks to foreclose, use any measure, every body should fight the banks all the way

  4. Turn out the lights says:

    This is what I have been saying for a few years now, this is the whole plan. First they weaken the People by destroying the family unit when they took all morals out of society, then sending jobs to foreign countries, taking the only survival we know, because they pushed the industry and commercial trades to take the lead with Electric and Heat, now we don’t even know how to get along without Utilities. Then they changed the schools and dumbed down our children and corrupted their brains with unimportant matters like video games and complicated schooling that has no use in real life. Now they take our homes which belong to “WE THE PEOPLE” before we even sign the papers that are frauds of the Justice system. The next wave to hit will be crashing the dollar monetary system, and making the only monetary system the NWO finance banks. The FED is the only system that in place that overrides the Governments and it’s People. Even the governments are told what to do and under the power of the Banks. “WE THE PEOPLE” have to take back our Nation now, because the next step would be to take all the peoples that lost everything, and rounding us up into FEMA camps that they have been preparing just for the next Crisis like poverty, then once we are all together and powerless and unarmed, will exterminate the lot of us. We have not seen a crisis big enough to do this, but give them time it will come along, and it is close now. Maybe 2012 is the date they want us to look to for a crisis when they explode an atomic bomb high in the atmosphere to take down the Power grid, and telling the people that it was sunspot activity that did it, and declare martial law, and off we go to the prisons, they call shelters. Why do they have underground cities if they have this idea? Because they are for the rich and the shadow Government and will protect the Power Grid underground to help only the chosen to survive, until the radiation dies down to levels that permit computers to operate again, that’s why everything is computerized, so everything can be shut down all at once and kill billions of people.

  5. Pamela says:

    Notice how they are not naming the bank.One more way they get away with murder and now in the very real sense.What a crime that will never be prosecuted and nobody will ever know who really is responsible.Things are really getting bad.TIME TO DRAG OUT THE GUNS TAKE OUR COUNTRY BANK AND START HOLDING PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE.

  6. Debbie says:

    I can understand being pushed over the brink but luckily, i staarted getting mad Vs. sad!!! I am very active in the foreclosure fraud activities that are ruining our lives!

  7. I wanna know who the F@$&ing bank was !

    I hope the bankers involved in this case have to watch all their relatives and family members DIE slow and painful deaths.


    • Anne says:

      you give the banks too much credit. I do not think they would be moved at all were they to be forced to watch. I think collectively they took off their humanity and all that you see are automatons doing their thing over and over again.

  8. Pamela says:

    People pushed past the point of no return and do you think that if they had gotten help or the bank would have listened to them they would be dead?Things do get really bad but money is never as important as a human life.Of course you would never get a bank to agree with that.It’s way past time to take back what is rightfully ours and to put this all to rest.Never give up the fight for rights.

  9. lucinda says:

    this makes me sick,peaple are losing there homes to correption and fraud,why arent the FBI and FTC stepping in thes cos. should be put out for good,thats where the FBI should come in close them down thats the only way to stop the assholes, god bless them this should not happen,they killed them selfs for thes basturds,i hope the banks go to hell for this and any other victms they hirt,i say fight them go to court and fight to keep your house.

  10. Mrs Doutfire says:

    What a horrible thing! Banksters, its all your falt!!! sleep well tonight. They should charge the banksters with manslauder!
    I vent is right, dont do this! the banksters win, this is NOT WHAT TO DO!!!!!

  11. see says:

    Despair leads to a lot of bad results. Good luck with the bank trying to selling the house now. HAHAHA Anyone who would buy this house now has to be crazy. My guess is this poor couple’s house is now haunted with their spirits. Hope though that they can rest in peace. Such a tragedy. Shame on the banks and our government for helping along with this despair.

  12. losing my home in florida says:

    they are driving us to the brink. foreclosures need to stop. they were ok when things were good and people didnt sell because they were in denial. but to day is different. we can not sell our homes, they can take back a car it moves but to kick people out of their homes becuase the economy is bad. Timothy massad lied on to committee last night saying they fixed the dual tracking with banks. he lied. we are in trouble when these people start lieing

    • l vent says:

      @losing my home in florida: They are all lying and stealing and have been from the start, they all wear two faces. We The People know that they are really working for the U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER, including that American Imposter President Obama. He is NO AMERICAN, HE IS A TREASONIST, HE WORKS FOR THEM and so does our entire CORRUPT GOVERNMENT. They are all Zionists or Freemasons or both and they work for THEM, NOT US. We The People and OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM owe no allegiance to the U.N/NEW WORLD ORDER or a TREASONIST GOVERNMENT who is clearly working AGAINST our U.S. CONSTITUION our BILL OF RIGHTS and the FREEDOM of the American people and the Sovereignty of America. Nationwide Tax Revolt. Do not sent the NWO your tax money. WE DO NOT OWE THEM A DIME. THIS IS AMERICA, NOT NAZI GERMANY.

  13. l vent says:

    Please people DO NOT do this. This is what satan the U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER wants. WE OWE NO ALLEGIANCE TO THEM OR A TREASONIST GOVERNMENT OR A PRESIDENT WHO IS CLEARLY AND AMERICAN IMPOSTER. Get those guns ready! This is our Country, and they cannot steal it. We have to be strong and indivisible, we must not cower to them, then the Nazi’s win.

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