New Jersey Agreements & Stipulation With Banks on Foreclosure Practices

Recommendation Letter RE In the Matter of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Pleading and Document Irregularities (FELONIES)

Recommended Stipulations RE In the Matter of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Pleading and Document Irregularities (FELONIES)


6 Responses to “New Jersey Agreements & Stipulation With Banks on Foreclosure Practices”
  1. SIMON says:


  2. John R says:

    What a Crock! These Robo Singers should be put on video surveillance so that each and every one of their actions is recorded in video and that video is stored off-site by an agency untouchable by the Banks. That’d stop this crap.

    As it is, all NJ is doing is taking one of their retired Judges and giving him a gravy job to make it all nicey nicey for the public eye. Big Deal! And a load of Crap!

  3. Eugene Villarreal says:

    The pinata party has already started and ended without the New Jersey homeowners being invited. Without penalties and sanctions against the FRAUDULENT BANKSTERS and JUDGES, New Jerseyans are back to Square One and the banks will have more money to payoff all the judges in New Jersey.
    These DUMBASS JUDGES don’t know the written law and they’re trying to rewrite as its’ already written, word for word. If they had followed and enforced the laws, homeowners and banks would know where each stood in this foreclosure mess. The judges like the president are all now trying to push the foreclosures out of the picture so that the economy can restart without thinking about DUE PROCESS for the homeowners and TITLE mess. The banks and wall street created this mess and the judges allowed them to foreclose illegally.
    WE NEED HELP in New Jersey. How can WE or I stop this Order To Show Cause from being implemented. A TRO or something . HELP !
    It’s not only New Jersey folks. It’s every STATE.

  4. Lit Gant says:

    There should be a revolution. But in America our resolve to overthrow criminal leaders is all gone. And if there was a revolt like in the Arab nations, there would be mass killings of the people. Because Americans are afraid of their own government they will do nothing. Americans who fear police brutality will do nothing. While we are a nation of laws we are also a nation of injustice in the courts of these laws. Our government officials are corrupt and are bought with money from the large banks. Americans are not free except when they comply with police powers and do not challenge those who rule over them. The American system is not democracy. It is a modified from of Communism wherein the rulers (the pigs) think the rest of us should allow them to rule over all other members of the farm. The foreclosure corruption in America shows us there is no longer a need to fight for this country. Why fight for bankers who run the nation? Let them go fight our wars and defend their money. It is a crime and a shame what has happened to our nation. From the white house to the court house it is all corrupt. It deserves to be destroyed. When the rights of the people are sold out for money, that system needs to be replaced. As long as people keep using banks and putting money in them, these criminal business will continue to be our gods. They will rule over us with crime ridden government and courts. We now have proof American is a total criminal government. New Jersey is not the only government making criminal agreements with criminals. All the AGs of all the 50 states are doing it. I say keep fighting. Keep these cases in the courts. Maybe some where there will be a judge who cannot be bought with money and who believes in the real US of A. Shall I now expect knocks on my door and a tazer gun?

    • Katheryn says:

      If you get knocks on your door then we know our right to free speech is also gone and we have no freedoms left. That is when you will begin to see bloodshed and chaos. The government best start backtracking before it’s too late!

    • #1 pro per says:

      I totally agree with you Lit Gant. Our nation has bread most of us to be cowards. We can never rise up and overthrow thisbecause most of us were taught that America is built on truth and justice. Today, I am glad to say I am proud to have grew up in the getto of south central Los Angeles. Where I come from the only rule to live by is “survive”. Every thing Go’s. I am waiting for the sheriifs to put me and my family out on the streets too. I told my wife and son that I plan to kill as many sheriffs as I can but they both think I am crazy, simply because I would rather Die than to tuck my tail and run like a coward. I can’t blame them because I raised to believe in the American Dream.I raise them weak. Therefore, I Can not have a shoot out because I still have the obligation to protect them. Our country is no different than the fagot gangbangers that I fought everyday. All we do is go around the world and beatup on counties weaker than us. America will never pick a fight with China or Russia because we know we would get our ass kicked. I have lost faith in this Country. We are just hypocytes

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