Cash Register Justice | $12,000 Bonus to FL Judges Who Hear the Most Cases

Sen. J.D. Alexander suggests paying Florida judges bonuses to hear more cases

TALLAHASSEE — As Florida courts groan under the weight of heavy case backlogs, a powerful senator is suggesting a highly controversial remedy: paying judges more money to hear more cases.

Republican Sen. J.D. Alexander, the influential budget chairman from Lake Wales, wants to pay trial court judges up to an additional $12,000 a year if they meet specific numerical quarterly performance goals. The extra money would be dished out in $3,000 increments.

“I’m very serious about it,” Alexander said. “What we’re trying to do is create some incentives for the courts that are fair and reasonable and save us a lot of money.”

Alexander’s so-called Judicial Workload Incentive Plan is expected to be part of the proposed Senate budget to be considered next week, but it’s already receiving a mostly hostile reception among senators who directly oversee the judicial branch’s budget.

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4 Responses to “Cash Register Justice | $12,000 Bonus to FL Judges Who Hear the Most Cases”
  1. Kathleen Burt says:

    Typical. Rush everyone through with no concern for due process!

  2. Pamela says:

    Now remember everyone you would’nt want to knock down on these judges play cause after all we know that this is an incentive to get the job done.Are you friggen kidding me pay them more to do what ?More graft,greed and corruption coming our way.And just who does this idiot stick think he is fooling?

  3. what an idiot Alexander is… I wonder if he gets a $12,000 bonus too from the FL banking lobby?

  4. Lit Gant says:

    Well, should we have expected shyster robo-judges to not be on some kind of performance payroll? When these so-called senior judges were placed beyond the ballot box by the chief judges in their plots of injustice, I could see there would be special pay-offs. This should require Federal investigations. But it will not happen. The chief judges should make available all the information on payments to the judges. But we do not have open public disclosures. And the media has never gone after the information to see if the judges have been paid off to push cases through and ignore fraud. We have been screaming fraud a long time now and the judiciary keeps spinning out carefully crafted lies and misrepresentations. They will be fair to defendants? This is a joke. Let them stop the stupidity that Pro Se defendants have to have permission from a senior judges to set motions. I know of a case where last August a Pro Se requested a hearing date on a motion to dismiss and the court still has not granted a date. There should be some remedy that when a judge refuses to set hearing dates, the case is dismissed. But these little gods can do anything they want and there is no penalty. These little gods have no conscience of guilt having been shysters so long honesty is not a part of their mentality or character. Is there no law against judges getting these kick backs? Is there no criminal conduc t here? Kick backs are wrong no matter what name these shysters give them.

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