Hacker Collective Anonymous Issues Open Letter To Citizens Of The United States

Dear US Citizens,

We, Anonymous, would like to offer you, America, the opportunity to join and support our movement. We are a group that formed on the internet – one that knows no constructs or absolutes, and one that has recently grown exponentially. We would like to introduce an Operation.  An Operation that involves Americans getting our National Rights and dreams back….To effectively reform the system that has enslaved us, we must consider the advice and example of those who have preceded us. Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and JFK are good places to start. All took fierce positions against central banking, government corruption and corporate power… The time has come for us to unite, the time has come for us to stand up and fight.

– Anonymous

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Anonymous – Open Letter to Citizens of the United States of America
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29 Responses to “Hacker Collective Anonymous Issues Open Letter To Citizens Of The United States”
  1. Ron Moss says:

    Formaldihide cannot pass the criminal activity of Wall Street it must be flushed with salt water exchanget by the same Titanic mission of 1913 Jeklyll Island fame.

  2. JR says:

    What about the oil giants? Aren’t they responsible too?

  3. JKM says:

    I know Tim…
    I guess the idea of their status being taken away would just kill them to no avail. They just sit and push paper and make money off the hard working people of America. Manipulators. I hope this movement goes well.

    • Tim Bryant says:

      The loss of status and wealth….Let’s say for the sake of using an example people here can relate, MERS “disappeared”. Half the mortgages in this country would no longer exist. This virtual registry was created to leave no trails, for tax evasion purposes. The land courts would have no records, nor the SEC, IRS, the FED, Treasury, and on. All that virtual wealth that doesn’t actually exist, would be gone. These people who without justification, who are now considered the icons of Wall Street, would quickly become the dregs of society. Imagine the amount of lost wealth by financial institutions, investors, servicers, etc…….poof, gone!! These are the same virtual treasuries used to bundle and sell ad infinitum, whether it was good debt or bad debt, while shutting out the persons holding the collateral. And remember, the federal, state, and local governments rely on these MBSs to finance their operation. What would be left? Nothing but a certificate that claims a tranched payments, which do not identify any particular loan. All the debt the Fed bought…gone.

      The only other locations would be the few eVaults certain custodians maintain. Without the racketeering software known as MERS, these eVaults are empty of wealth, since the chain of title has been broke through MERS. Imagine the ramifications of such a hypothetical event. It would bring Wall Street and public entities to their knees. Not many stores accept electronic monopoly money.

      How would the elite handle such an event. They could not. The courts would be clogged with lawsuits from investors, with nothing material to show as proof. THEIR families would have to come live in our communities. Would they find open arms awaiting them? Doubtful. Their families would be shown the same mercy which we receive from he banks on a daily basis now. The financial industry would be looking towards the AGs for retribution. The problem being, is we have made all the right people knowledgable of this House of Cards. To charge the “vigilantes”, they must expose their own crimes. An unenviable task of martyrdom. One, which we all know, they would not do.

      Just imagine such a scenario. The “former” elite class lives would be a living nightmare. One which we are now experiencing because of their crimes. I can safely say that, in our Star Chamber here, they have been judged guilty.

      As we have repeatedly stressed on this site, you can choose to be a victim with no hope, or you can stand up, raise your fist, and demand to be heard.

      There are only 2 equitable paths for our country to continue…Mutually Assured Prosperity, or Mutually Assured Destruction. I prefer the former over the latter, but that is not the current Wall Street philosophy.

    • Tim Bryant says:

      At least you stated you still had hope. That is what we are all on this website for.

  4. katheryn says:

    Yes; the epitome of evil.
    But also clever enough to pull it off don’t you think?

    • l vent says:

      @katheryn: Yes, cleverly and diabolically deceptive. Follow the money and that is where some of the traitors are hiding. The FDIC is one hiding place that all of the so called failed banks are hiding and then see where else the failed banks are hiding. They are hiding behind different banks in UNSECURED, NOT FDIC INSURED TRUSTS.

      • Katheryn says:


        Divine Justice: God is probably going to end the world soon anyway…it’s all just a total mess that probably can’t be fixed. What is happening is very close in fact to Revelations.

        After they finally get ever last penny that there is to get…they all sit back planning on how they will spend all their ill begotten treasures…and bang…..the end.

        They arrive in hell…with all of their money, silver & gold, but hell is just a barren nothingness…with nothing to buy in the form of power or pleasures….just barren nothing…with nothing to do day after day but sit and count all their money over and over and over for infinety. But there is more……they
        will be given a view through little windows to see the beauty of love, nature, peace, kindness and the ability to have what your heart desires with days and nights of never ending possibilities. That my friend, is divine justice!

  5. Tim Bryant says:

    If you should happen to participate, please see the forum “TARGET MERS”

  6. CaitlinO says:

    Worthy, applaudable goals every one. But how is this change supposed to happen exactly?

    I remember Congress’ phone system being brought to its knees by callers opposed to the bank bailout and what happened? I remember electing someone who said he was on the side of labor and the middle class, that he would end useless foreign wars and close extra-constitutional prisons and what happened? I see publication every day of rampant fraud being perpetrated against borrowers and homeowners and what has happened? I see Koch Brothers, Dickless Armey and Peter Peterson financing massive astro-turf organizations to squash labor and convince us that we need to give up social security and medicare that we’ve paid into for decades so the richest 1% don’t have to pay their fair share in taxes and what’s happening to counter that?

    What concrete steps can I and my neighbors and my friends take to stop these abuses?

    As an aside, does anyone who wants to be taken seriously really believe that God wants us to carry AK47s?

    • Tim Bryant says:

      Do a web search of “HB Gary Federal”. It may help you find answers to your questions.

    • Tim Bryant says:

      Anonymous is a non-violent movement, so your assault weapons concern is misplaced. This is a different kind of warfare.

      If you want to know what steps you and your neighbors can take, give me the state you live in. I will provide you with numerous opportunities.

      Your argument that nothing has happened is correct in part. Like any use of force, you start with the most gentle. We have already done that. We are now into large organized protests, and acts of civil disobedience (which is a term I really hate. Usually the adverse party is the truly civil disobedient ones)

  7. pat the rat says:

    I grew up with this money. I have some understanding of what it is and is not. Hard to give up something you had all your life?

    • l vent says:

      @pat he rat: Either way we are all going to be forced to live within our means. I would rather do that without the FEDERAL RESERVE and their debt printing money machine. I would rather live within my means without accumulating a giant debt imposition that neither I or my children created. It is either live within your means or live within your means as a debt slave to the NEW WORLD ORDER.

  8. l vent says:

    Here is a movement we can all get behind. Time for the American people to demand the Government secede from the Fed money printing machine and become sovereign from it. The Federal Reserve is only feeding the Big Banksters and the Wall Street Casino with interest free poker chips (fiat currency) to create wealth for themselves and debt enslavement for all of us. We owe no Allegiance to this ongoing FOREIGN criminal enterprise that has corrupted our ENTIRE Government structure and is out to BANKRUPT and CONTROL the world. First by BANKRUPTING AMERICA and then ETERNAL debt enslavement FOR ALL. They have already stolen our WEALTH IN THE PONZI SCHEME and are trying to steal all of our homes, they already own our land in FEE SIMPLE. They sent our jobs overseas and want America to be no more than a war machine that creates wealth for the richest with their rigged game and POVERTY FOR ALL THE REST OF US. Everything is rigged in their favor and they are planning to collapse the world economy again by creating a worthless currency to pay for unsurmountable debt that they create with their algorhytym machines which is going to cause a HUGE financial collapse that will allow them to take America over with out ever firing a shot..They already combined the world currencies last week under the guise of saving Japan. That world currency will be in circulation in 2012 is what CNBC said. They snuck it in when they thought the peasants weren’t looking. THEY HAVE HIJACKED AMERICA. America better wake up, they are out to destroy the nations to accomplish their U.N./NEW WORLD ORDER PLUTOCRACY/OLIGARCHY FASCIST DICTATORSHIP. Our U.S. CONSTITUTION OVERRULES THEM. They have no power over us because of that. We need to THROW THEM OUT NOW BY BREAKING UP THE BIG BANKS AND SEND THE FED PACKING. WE THE PEOPLE MUST SEND ALL OF THE TRAITORS PACKING. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • l vent says:


      • Katheryn says:

        In addition, those that rent have no significant tax break (shelter) to lower their taxable income. That just increases the amount of taxes owed and paid by those renting so that is an incentive for the government to have more people renting vs. owning. The government has proposed the elimination of the interest and property tax deductions many times. The only reason it was saved was due to the uproar of the wealthiest of tax payers who own numerous properties and this is a huge tax savings to them. If you remember, credit card interest and car payment interest was all a tax deduction back in the day. However, based on those that oppose eliminating the deduction on homes, it won’t happen. The middle class will become renters, again, placing the highest tax burden on us, while the wealthiest will continue to own many homes and get the tax breaks. I tell you those wealthy people are very very clever and creative.

      • l vent says:

        @Katheryn: I don’t know if I would want to give them any credit for being clever. I would prefer to call it strategic Nazi class warfare. Only the top 2% will see any benefit from any of this. They outsmarted the masses by deception. I would say that is evil beyond comprehension. .

  9. noel poe says:

    don’t just take this as another press release…being able to work with anonymous is ridiculous easy…all you have to do is mask your IP & look them up on IRC…if you want to get justice from the banks…you’re missing out on your best opportunity.

  10. A great idea is found here: All states have the power to control their respective wealth look at http://globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=23550

  11. Katheryn says:

    May everyone pray that God will shine down his powers upon Anonymous to successfully penetrate and expose those in power who seek to destroy the freedoms of the middle class, to extort and rob, to stifle free thought and speech, to take away our right to bear arms, to tax the middle class into oblivion while providing more loopholes for those with obsene wealth, to use the excuse of job creation as the means to not paying their fair share, to brainwash those that will follow and believe their lies where the truth is right in front of them,
    to hinder the progress of those who wish to create efficient and cheap energy sources based on no other reason other than greed of utility companies and those same wealthy few who probably have their hands in that also, to not come up with an efficient and cost productive solution to health care, to rein in the obsene profits of pharmaceutical companies that also make trillions of dollars from people trying to stay alive based on medications they need, to farm out jobs from this country to third world countries when our unemployment rate is at all time highs and bamboozle the american public of how this helps Americans, to keep us dependent on oil and fuel from countries of those that wish to kill us and brainwash us into believing that we can get to mars and all other facets of our increased knowledge in technology, but we can’t come up with an alternative and cheaper fuel source for cars (and the public believes and allows this) and the ugly sorid list could go on and on. As Madoff states: the entire government is nothing more than the greatest PONZI scheme ever pulled off. To make the GOA provide the proof of trillions of tax dollars that have somehow have just been “misplaced”????? Dear Lord……May the force be with you!!!!!

  12. joe parisi says:

    There are changes in the air. If you are perceptive and forward thinking, we can all do this !

    • JKM says:

      Amen Joe! I hope everyone will catch on and wake up. They are not going to get away with this. Unbelievalbe that Jamie Woman who was ahead of Fannie/Freddie and made that $26MILLION and was in charge of bundling Freddie/Fannie into securities and now conveniently is going to be heading the FBI, to make sure that The Top Guns are not going to be prosecuted. Unbelievable. Jail Time is Warranted for all of those criminials, messing with all the hardworking peoples’ lives of America.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        To the wealthy, some things are worse than jail time.

        Easy come, Easy go…..LOL

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