Number of Fla. lawyers under investigation for foreclosure-related wrongdoing grows

Number of Fla. lawyers under investigation for foreclosure-related wrongdoing grows

By Kimberly Miller
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Florida Bar President Mayanne Downs predicts some Florida attorneys will pay the ultimate professional price for foreclosure-related wrongdoing – disbarment – as investigations mount statewide.

“It’s the death penalty of the legal profession,” said Downs, who spoke to The Palm Beach Post’s editorial board this week about legislative proposals affecting the courts and the state’s ongoing foreclosure tumult.

The bar, which is responsible for investigating complaints of attorney misconduct, has 222 foreclosure fraud cases open on 157 lawyers.

Those numbers are up from the end of 2010 when there were just 69 cases pending on 48 lawyers.

While specifics of the cases are not public, complaints generally about the handling of foreclosures have included knowingly forged signatures on court documents, bad notarizations on assignments of mortgage and shortcuts taken that led to illegal home repossessions.


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6 Responses to “Number of Fla. lawyers under investigation for foreclosure-related wrongdoing grows”
  1. Drew says:

    NOTHING IS GONNA HAPPEN during any of these “political” investigations here in Florida. The Law Offices of Marshall C Watson, its Lawyers and staff outright committed fraudulent foreclosure (that Fla Atty General, Ms. Pam Bondi is well aware of). The fact that Marshall Watson settled the AG’s Investigation for a measley 2 million dollar bribe, should encourage (instead of deter) any and all Florida lawyers to commit fraud upon the court and just simply “payoff” the investigating authorities. How does anyone gets away with commiting a crime, having the evidence of the crime brought to the police’s, but the police just simply “turns a blind eye” to evidence of the crime; but instead focuses solely on the criminal’s bribery offers.

    The AG’s so called “settlement” with Marshall Watson was more of a “civil settlement” not a “criminal settlement”, Ms. Bondi, allow me to let you in on a little secret, FRAUD IS CRIME….! The settlement completely ignores the the ONLY victims in this entire debacle, the homeowners that have already had their homes stolen by Marshall Watson.

    If one were to compare the evidence given to the Fla AG by victims of these foreclosure mills, one would quickly notice that the evidence regarding Marshall Watson’s fraud is no different from that of the infamous David J. Stern… Wait til she lets Mr. Stern off the hook, we should really see some sparks fly then…

    “its all bout da money, aint a damn thang funny… Dats why you gotta have a con, in dis land of milk and honey”

  2. I hope Perez & Jacobi are both disbarred

    Name: American Residential Law Group
    Fax: (954) 414-4385
    Address: 6245 N. Federal Hwy., Ste. 401
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


    Original Business Start Date: April 1997

    Principal: Mr. Oscar J. Estevez, P.A., President

    Email Address:
    Joel Jacobi

    Type of Business: Loans – Small Business, Attorneys, Attorneys – Patent, Escrow Services, Foreclosure Consultants

  3. Pamela says:

    Routh,Crabtree& Olsen ,Bellvue WA.

  4. J A says:

    We can always compile a list ourselves, with each one listing the names of the attorneys involved in their own fraudulent foreclosures.

    I’ll go first:

    –Carolyn A. Secor, who at the time (2007-2008) worked for the Florida Default Law Group and now has her own practice in Tampa

    –Echevarria, Codilis & Stawiarski, of the Florida Default Law Group in 2008 (not sure where they are now).

    All these have been mentioned in my complaint file sent to the AG’s office.

    Okay, now it’s your turn. List the attorneys involved in hastening the demise of your homeownership…

  5. Pamela says:

    I agree publish thier names and games and let the chips fall where they may.Coulda,shoulda woulda,needs to pull thier respective heads out of thier asses and get on with the business at hand.The only reason they won’t publish is because they are afraid of tainting thier own image even more.At the end of the day when everything is done and said and this goes on public record,maybe people will finaly listen .

  6. Lit Gant says:

    Downs will see about disbarrment? Do no hold your breath. I wrote to her and her repsonse was she could do nothing. She said the Bar could do nothing to stop the fraud. She and her brood of shysters have had plenty of time to show us and so far they have done NOTHING! The Florida Bar is a joke. It is made up of better foxes guarding the hen house. They get to these positions because they learn how to be better foxes. So they guard the other foxes. When I see them do something about shyster foreclosure lawyers, robo-judges who are also lawyers, I will have restored confidence in this den of iniquity. And if she is at all honest in all of this why not release the names of all lawyers under investigation because of complaints. Why not a web page allowing the media to have access to the complaints filed against these lawyers? Mr. Redman you are a great American. You have spent hours and hours searching and posting and emailing out your finds. I for one appreciate it. If you were to stop the banks would not have someone to keep them honest. Did I say that? I mean they would have no one to expose their corrput dishonesty. Thanks Sir.

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