Marshall C. Watson | Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Settles Investigation Against One of Florida’s Largest Foreclosure Firms

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Settles Investigation Against One of Florida’s Largest Foreclosure Firms


For Immediate Release
March 25, 2011

Jenn Meale
Phone: 850.245.0150

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Settles Investigation Against
One of Florida’s Largest Foreclosure Firms

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi  announced a first-of-its-kind settlement against attorney Marshall C. Watson and his law firm, one of the largest foreclosure firms in Florida, for alleged improprieties in the prosecution of foreclosure cases throughout Florida.

This settlement, which calls for a $2 million payment and imposition of certain requirements to conduct business, is the first stemming from numerous investigations into Florida foreclosure law firms.

“We are aggressively investigating these law firms in order to protect the interests of everyone involved in foreclosure proceedings.  Homeowners, lending institutions and the courts deserve to know that the law is being followed and all documentation is true and accurate,” stated Attorney General Pam Bondi. “Anything short of total assurance of complete accuracy during such serious situations is unacceptable.”

Florida led the nation in the investigation of law firms engaged in the improper production and filing of foreclosure documents. The Marshall Watson firm fully cooperated with the investigation since its inception.
Half of the $2 million payment from Marshall Watson’s firm to the Attorney General’s Office will be contributed to the Florida Bar Foundation to continue the Florida Attorney General Mortgage Foreclosure Grant Program.

This grant program provides for the funding of Legal Aid attorney positions throughout Florida specifically devoted to the representation of low-income individuals facing foreclosure actions.

The investigations into the practices of several other Florida law firms are ongoing.



Marshall C. Watson Assurance of Voluntary Compliance
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60 Responses to “Marshall C. Watson | Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Settles Investigation Against One of Florida’s Largest Foreclosure Firms”
  1. ted1 says:

    why doesn’t everyone send these comments to bondi, congreemen, legislators senators mayors office instead of venting on here where it doesn’t seem to go any farther?

  2. Mike Beale says:

    Do we homeowners have any reccourse if we’ve lost our FL home to foreclosure, and are certain that Marshall C. Watson attorneys was complicit in mortgage fraud in conjunction with the bank? Is there a pending class action suit? It’s apparent the FL AG is done with this and settled with Marshall C. Watson with some fluffy sanctions and a paltry fine. But what can WE do if we’ve lost our home and the documents were either mishandled or perhaps fabricated to facilitate a speedy foreclosure. HELP!

    • Mike Beale says:

      PS: I read a deposition by a former Marshall C. Watson employee (an attorney), and she confirmed that the lawfirm was handling upwards of 25,000 mortgages in FL, and that the documents were being improperly or falsely administered in many cases. During my foreclosure process, I had a cash buyer ready to close on a short sale, and pleaded with the attorneys at Watson to delay or cancel the foreclosure auction. I even filed a “motion to postpone” the foreclosure date hearing, and a “show me the note” motion requesting that Marshall C. Watson produce the original promissary note. I get responses to neither, and the foreclosure went through on Oct. 5. HOPEFULLY A CLASS ACTION SUIT WILL BE INITIATED AGAINST MARSHALL C. WATSON!

  3. Thanks Katheryn…We need to get all info out to everyone…exposure is the ticket…than others pick it up and the word spreads… I actually feel like I had a nightmare about the Florida legislators…it is so hard to believe they had the guts to even pull all this / their shit….and turn on the people of Florida. They need to be kicked out of government and continued to be kicked down every level of steps in front of the capitol and into the street. We need to swamp the governor and anyone in the capitol with complaints of what they have done. A waste of tax dollars when in fact if they have that kind of lax time..than put them on part time with no benefits…we did not and are not going to pay them to shaft the citizens on government time. The governor is looking to ‘ cut some cords ‘… is obvious the legislators have to much time on their hands. I read an article this week telling how the Governor made a remark of how many people are in the capitol everyday…..he said ‘ alot of people ‘.
    Well, what does he expect when the Banksters Association with about 200 or so hang there as a meeting place…LOL…with the legislators. Remove them and the crowd thins out.

    • Katheryn says:

      It is a living nightmare! I keep referring to the “Twilight Zone” cause that’s what it feels like. It is hard to comprehend that our banking system is embezzling perhaps trillions of dollars from it’s citizens with the government and those in charge turning a blind eye. Even analyzing the response of the average ‘Joe’ with no mortgage issues, seems to be totally blazay to find MERS is a banking corporate shell, designed to steal revenue from states, cities and town all over the United States does appear to bother them in the least?????

      What is interesting is how angry people were over Bernie Madoff… caused instant angry gut reactions from people wanting to kill him and everything inbetween. The reaction was not just from the people who were embezzled, but also from the general public.

      If we think back to Watergate. Once exposed, brought outcrys of rage from the general population. People involved were quickly prosecuted and did jail time….so we ask ourselves why is this so different? Why are people not enraged by these acts of theft? Why is our legal system and politicians refusing to hold these people and corporations accountable for crime???? My honest belief is that the “deadbeat” homeowner media coverage went a long way in helping to divert attention from the real criminals. That has to be countered in order to really get the public to see the real picture and that they are equally being robbed and are allowing white collar crime to destroy this country, their neighborhoods and their home values. When you put things in terms of what it means from a monetary standpoint to them each personally, then they tend to “get it”. Just my two cents worth.

      I have also sent letters to Michael Moore (yes) I think he can help the cause because he was what was really taking place before many of us and he has media contacts. I have also sent letters to people such as Lou Dobbs or anyone I think may take an honest look even if they don’t at first agree. We need extensive media coverage. Just a suggestion, but we can all continue to nag at our AGs but I would also prepare a short letter and email blast anyone in the media, (TV or Newspapers) and give them good and factual information. I always direct them to these websites also. All we can do is try and hope that God smiles down on us. He does work in mysterious ways!

      • Maria says:

        Yes, BANKS have billions of dollars! But these billions are just a number in the computer system. Did you heard about tsunami in Japan? The USA have debt in Japan (and other countries!), and they will try to get money to restore their country. Another ‘BUT’: they do not want VIRTUAL AIR money, which have not value! So, America need REAL hard earned OUR MONEY to cover up Country’s DEBT. If America will not find REAL MONEY – its economy just will collapse COMPLETELY. It is WHY nobody care about us, while ENTIRE COUNTRY IN DANGER! I expect in 2-3 months big “surprise” … This is my OPINION protected by the First Ammendment.

  4. boots says:

    count me in. i am in california. we will do it until these politicians has run out of excuses. we are the “EYES” of this big govt. corruption.

  5. robert j stoltz says:

    NO WAY NO HOW can we stand still for this! They go for your balls this time, and surely, it will be your heart the next time. What fools do they take us for? Do we have to make this another Egypt before these arrogant bastards take us seriously?
    The AG & governor’s office must be inundated with phone calls, faxes, & Emails expressing our outrage. Then a massive protest must be scheduled for Tallahassee ASAP. All other avenues like blogs, talk shows, newspaper columns, circulars, etc must be utilized as well. Other states will surely follow our lead.
    Unfortunately, the problems we face extend far beyond the foreclosure issue. They embrace a range of issues emanating from the bad behavior of big corporations and their willing accomplices, the corrupt(ed) politicians. We must fully understand that this will not remedy itself without our intervention, and that we are forced to act NOW. November 2012 will be much too late. This is really our last chance to stop this incredible corruption in its tracks. Otherwise we will slide into a defeat suitable for pathetic fools that squandered the opportunity to mitigate such hideous oppression. We did not choose to be the ones to shoulder this burden, but nevertheless, it’s up to us, it has to be us, who step up and recover our nation from the worst tyranny in our history.
    A dialog must be established to map out elements of the above actions.

    • Robert….I felt this had to get out in the open…people must realize what is going on in our government here in Florida. For their information this is not how a government is run…we did not vote them in to swindle and play dirty ‘ tricks ‘ on the citizens as they are doing….all in the name of corruption. We also must get the names of those who ‘ voted ‘ to pass this corruption thru. I am e-mailing the Senator from my area…we both live in the same town….and I will ask for an appointment to speak to her. My daughter and I had a short visit with her while we were up in Tally on March 9th Rally.
      My daughter also knows a reporter from our area (Sarasota/Venice) and I will find out from her how to contact him…. to see what he can do in Newspapers. But in the mean time EVERYONE NEEDS TO START NOW..E-MAILING, FAX A LETTER OR SEND IT TO NEWSPAPERS…MAKE PHONE CALLS…CALL YOUR SENATOR…..LET OTHER’S KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. FOR THE SAKE OF OUR COUNTRY, OUR STATE, OUR HOMES, OR TO FIGHT BACK IF YOU LOST YOUR HOME… COME ON FOLKS..WE MUST ALL UNITE TOGETHER …TO BE HEARD. WAKE UP AMERICA….

      • Katheryn says:

        I looked up articles about foreclosuregate and got the name of the reporter and wrote to them via email in hopes to get more major publication attention.

      • Maria says:

        Marilyn and others! What are you talking about? I saw last night (Ch. 12 NBC) on 3:00 or 4:00 AM (when all normal people sleep!) about “Rally in Tally”… It was told NOTHING about fraud in the foreclosure, they showed some people in green t-shirts (not us!), one black women was crying (I did not understand no word! My English is so-so…). It seems we need OUR OWN PRIVATE TV & RADIO CHANNELS to tell people the truth about situation in this area.


  7. and the fraud continues…..

  8. Pamela says:

    She took a pay off no way around it judging from how the young lady looks unless this is a really old picture,she evidently did it so she would have enough cosmetics to see her through a lifetime of lies.She’s also really notold enough or mature enough to see the consquences of her roll over and die attitude.Sucks to be that young and that dumb.

  9. ted1 says:

    what good did it do to fine them a small% of their profit they made off us thru fraud it has no teeth how about jail and loss of their license tou know they will find a way to stay in action.

  10. Why did I reread? I can’t belive what I just read is why. Disclaimer that the party is not guilty of any acts. Statements of wrongs the Legal Services attorney’s found in documents filed with public offices.

    Falsified documents in NJ filed with public office is a felony.

  11. Congress finds another way to ‘sanction’ lawlessness.

    Where is the legal case enforcing law?

    Congress controls whether or not AG can move forward.

  12. Patricia J. Johnson says:

    This is the end of the investigation….why did you bother even having one? I sit here with numerous fraudelent
    documents from Watson, and if I had not been smart enough to catch the mistakes my home would have
    been STOLEN from me. My life would have changed…and $2,000,000 without admitting any wrong doing
    means the slate is just none of this ever happened? The countless lives that have been changed
    forever..and Watson is back to business. This is called prosecution by the State? You represent the people
    of Florida, not the banks nor the criminal legal firms who have profited by their own lies.

    You just gave them a “get out of jail free” card…for $2,000,000? I guess you should be thanking all us fools
    out there who get screwed. Our pain is the government’s gain…..Shame on you…you had all the information
    you needed to prosecute this case. You should be embarassed…all that power your are intrusted with and
    you totally “give in.” You had a chance to do a noble job for the people….to fight for us…..and you chose not
    to……business as usual for the government.

    • Nothing is going to happen until people organizes i n protests against all of these crooks, like they doing in WI and all over the world specially the middle east,what is happening to the USA is call Plutocracy look it up PLUTOCRACY

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