PB Post | LPS “Surrogate signers” signed countless foreclosure documents – with someone else’ name

“Surrogate signers” signed countless foreclosure documents – with someone else’ name

by Christine Stapleton

At Lender Processing Services workers who signed tens of thousands of sworn foreclosure affidavits with someone else’ name were called “surrogate signers”, according to Cheryl Denise Thomas, a former LPS worker who admitted to notarizing as many as 1,000 sworn affidavits daily – often without witnessing the signature.

Thomas said despite “raised eyebrows”  her supervisors never used the word “forge” and repeatedly told workers the practice of signing someone else’ name on a sworn affidavit was legal. Thomas detailed the company’s foreclosure document processing practices during a deposition in an Orange county foreclosure case on March 23.

“They didn’t say forge the name. They just said this is legal,” Thomas said. “This person is going to be this person’s surrogate signer because this person has a lot to do.”

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Full Deposition of Tywanna Thomas’ Mother, Cheryl Denise Thomas of DOCX, LPS

3 Responses to “PB Post | LPS “Surrogate signers” signed countless foreclosure documents – with someone else’ name”
  1. Pamela says:

    This is not a pregnancy where you get to decide who gets to be a parent.. This is a business contract only real live people who know whats going on are allowed to sign.FYI you can not notorize from state to state as notary’s are only licesened in the state where they are at.Did you notice how they took the notary stamps back and supposedly got rid of them?Excuse me but did anyone think about this is how Martha Knuckles managed to sign documents to date when she died in 1995.These people need to seriously get a grip on things.Its like they don’t even understand how they set themselves up with the paper work that they sent all of us.Guess they were planning on all of us just throwing it away or something.Now they are caught in a trap of thier own making and are too stupid to realize it is time to pay the piper.You can run but you can not hide.

  2. JA says:

    I have a document showing this very thing, which is now in the Florida Attorney General’s office along with the rest of my very thick file proving fraud in my 2008 foreclosure.

    On the falsified Warranty Deed, when my home was ‘sold’ at ‘auction’ on an inside deal coordinated by New House Title LLC, whose parent company is/was the Florida Default Law Group (the foreclosure used by my mtg co to foreclosure on me) — there is a stamped name of Alexandra Medina and a scrawl — not a signature — and under her name it says Vice President of Wilmington Finance.

    But oops, wait a minute – lo and behold, she was and STILL IS a vice president of LPS based in Colorado, and has never been a vice president for Wilmington Finance in Pennsylania (and of course my home is here in Florida…)

    And of course this Warranty Deed was not properly notarized. The notary stamp does not show a commission number or date that it’s good till, and the stamp looks like some sort of generic thing you can have made by an office supply store for about five bucks.

    If that isn’t proof that they literally STOLE my home, I don’t know what it (along with a half-inch think file of many other proofs).

  3. Officer of the Law says:

    I wonder whether the Post will get a letter threatening to sue, don’t you?

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