Press Release | Register O’Brien is Supported in His Efforts to Withdraw Registry Funds from Bank of America


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Commonwealth of Massachusetts 

Southern Essex District Registry of Deeds
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Salem, MA

April 6, 2011


Kevin Harvey, 1st Assistant Register

Register O’Brien is supported in his efforts to withdraw registry funds from Bank of America

Southern Essex District Register of Deeds John O’Brien said today that Massachusetts State Treasurer Steven Grossman has given him the green light to withdraw registry deposits from Bank of America a MERS shareholder bank. O’Brien, who publicly thanked Treasurer Grossman for supporting him, said “in the short time he has been in office he has demonstrated his independence in protecting public monies”. O’Brien is doing his due diligence by researching the background on a number of banking institutions in Essex County to find the right fit.  In addition, O’Brien has contacted all the Massachusetts Registers of Deeds to ask that they consider following his lead and place their deposits in a non-MERS member bank.

O’Brien who is leading the nationwide effort to have MERS pay the states their back assignment fees has also asked his colleagues across the country to follow his lead.


4 Responses to “Press Release | Register O’Brien is Supported in His Efforts to Withdraw Registry Funds from Bank of America”
  1. Ron brajkovich says:

    I phoned John O’Brien and pledge my support for his actions. I also contacted my local recorder who was also very receptive to the action of Mr. O’Brien.

    It takes people and enough people to make these demands if we are to see Amy change in the norm.

    Support Mr. O’Brien and share his press releases with your local recorder.

    Good job John O’Brien!

  2. Debbie says:

    Thumbs Up!!!

  3. Nora says:

    I hope that every state registry follow suit and demand that MERS and the banks pay back what it’s owed to the counties. This is one step forward, and we need more officials with a sense of justice, to step up and do whatever it takes. Supposedly our government is going broke, yet the Feds gave Trillions of Dollars to banks, just for the hell of it. May be they should try and borrow some of that money back to keep the government shutting down, why not? The government has money for WARS, and BANKS BAIL OUTS, anytime they need it, but our counties, state offices, community schools, teachers, workers, nurses, etc. are suffering and yet the government would consider cutting off funding to those programs that are suffering the most, instead of getting back what they gave away. The banks have all the money, they are making killer profits on top of the FREE MONEY they got from the Feds. Some government we have, some crazy, crappy system we have, extremely lob-sided and extremely corrupt! Let’s hope that this one move by Mr. O’Brian, make a good effects on the rest of the country, yes may be the banks would then pay attention. The less people use the banks, the better for all of us, it’s our money anyways, let us decide what to do with it, and where it should go!

  4. Danelle Hills says:

    As I have said in other posts relating to the mortgage and foreclosure frauds, the ONLY way we will be able to get justice is to make the banks and all other parties involved PAY back every last cent of profit they got with their fraudulent activities. Then they MIGHT start getting the message that it is so NOT OK what they did. But until it hurts them as severely as all the families who have been dispossessed of their homes, put out of their jobs, bled dry of their savings and retirement funds trying to stop the bankster thieves from stealing their homes, and suffered the near mental breakdowns of all of the affected homeowners, they will NEVER get that message, We desperately need our politicians, our bank and Wall Street regulators, and our so-called representatives in U.S. Congress and in the state legislatures, our states’ Attorneys General, and our entire COURT system to step up to the plate, and clean this up with significant penalties to the wrongdoers, so that this corruption cannot ever happen again.

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