New Jersey | In the Matter of Residential Mortgage Fraudcosure Pleadings – Order DENYING Motion to Seal Servicer Portfolios

Looks like the banksters predrafted order to GRANT the sealing of the servicers portfolios was just DENIED.

Not only was it denied, a special little note was handwritten in the bottom of the order:

If any person requests a copy of the transcript of the oral argumant on the sealing motion, notice of the request shall be provided to respondents, at their request, before the relese of the transcript.

Well isn’t that just nice. I would of never of even thought to ask for the transcript of the oral arguments of the hearing if that little note wasn’t there…

Once we get the transcript we will put it up.

In the mean time you can check out the order below…



Order DENYING Motion to Seal Servicer Portfolios

6 Responses to “New Jersey | In the Matter of Residential Mortgage Fraudcosure Pleadings – Order DENYING Motion to Seal Servicer Portfolios”
  1. keepon says:

    Oh, gosh. They’ve fallen off the wagon already.

    What do you s’pose they had in mind for us this time that they needed to ask the Court for cover of dark? Keep your hand on the high beams ‘Judge Mary.’ They just can’t get anything done in the light of day. …and not one- but all. again. Think they stra-te-gize? Oh me of little faith. They’re just trying to heal the Nation’s economy (ruined by us deadbeats) and to help us stay in our homes. Why do I keep forgetting that all the time?

    And after they all dressed up so nice for Court on the 29th, so ‘shocked’ at robo signing, and signed their swearings that they’d all already begun to change their processes making Court intervention unnecessary. I’m just soooo surprised.

    Thanks ‘Judge Mary’!!

  2. l vent says:

    The servicers work for Fannie/Freddie, and are trying to hide the fraud. Kinda like the Kulow report last night on CNBC trying to blame the financial holocaust around the world on the Chinese to cover for the UN/NWO evil plans to conquer the world, Kudlow said the Chinese have hijacked our property rights and they are behind the financial holocaust in America. China is not who hijacked our property rights, it was the U.N./NWO. The Chinese were not the masterminds of the Ponzi scheme heist or the manufactured financial crisis. The Chinese do own alot of our debt but I don’t believe the Chinese are even invested in the fraudulent MBS’s. All of the evidence I can find points to a well planned and executed scheme by the UN/NWO. They are the entity who are hiding behind the scenes posing as the World Bank, the IMF all of the Central Banks and the Federal Reserve/WALL STREET/ THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX/BIG PHARMA/THE MULTINATIONAL BANKSTERS AND THE MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS/The U.S. GOV. including the MAINSTREAM MEDIA such as Fox news, MSNBC,CNBC and CNN. .This scheme has been in the works since even before the founding of America by the Secret Societies and I do not believe for a minute the Chinese have any more to do with this than the muslim terrorists really had anything to do with 9/11. They are all extremely deceptive.The UN/NWO are trying their damndest to make AMERICA look like the bad guy. We are not. There are treasonists working inside of our Country who are the real threat, they are working for the UN/NWO and are disguised as Americans. They are the same maniacal and diabolical cabal of ruling elite assholes who created our debt, sent our jobs and our technology, and our knowlege over to the Chinese. They have hijacked America and want to destroy us they are the UN/NEW WORLD ORDER.

  3. Pamela says:

    Well you can tell she has had a gutfull.It’s about time someone “got it”.Poor little servicers with no protections.It’s just breaking my heart………NOT.

  4. Hell NO - No More Bailouts says:

    Looks like it was denied with a little ‘war dance’ or ‘stomping’ from the judge! Sounds like the judge was a bit outraged.

    Mary C Jacobson GETS IT! All hail to a judge who we need to keep in office.

    • PTRio says:

      Indeed. This was “send a message” time for the Judge. As an attorney, it is one of your worst nightmares to have a judge take your proposed order and with a few words changed turn it into an Order for the opposing side. A judicial version of “you made your bed, now sleep in it”, or “good for the goose is perfect for the gander”, with a little “in your face” by having BofA counsel be responsible for faxing the order, denying their motion, to all other counsel. Given the laundry list of law firms on the Order, and the instant dissemination of information on the internet, this will definitely make the rounds in a hurry, though, still, how long must it take to get the message across?

      New Jersey should be proud! And, to 4closureFraud, keep up the good fight. Your site is making a difference.

      • Mary says:

        Thank you for your excellent comment. A wonderful insight into a world I know little about. Bless Judge Mary C. Jacobson.

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