New York | Gov Cuomo Vetoes Funding for Foreclosure Prevention Services

“This item passed by the Legislature, to which I object and do not approve, is a new appropriation, but is improperly characterized as a reappropriation. Accordingly, this item is disapproved.”


Cuomo vetoes pay for foreclosure prevention services

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s veto of $1.5 million to pay for foreclosure prevention services in New York shocked housing advocates who say the program is vital to help struggling homeowners.

Cuomo’s veto means the Foreclosure Prevention Services Program will shut down at the end of this year, the advocates said.

The program has trained more than 150 nonprofit housing counseling and legal assistance agencies over the past four years to help homeowners in default and foreclosure, according to Kirsten Keefe, senior attorney in the Albany office of the Empire Justice Center.

Housing advocates had hoped for $15 million in the state budget to continue the program, but were only able to get $1.5 million set aside by Democrats who control the Assembly.

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41 Responses to “New York | Gov Cuomo Vetoes Funding for Foreclosure Prevention Services”
  1. Fury says:

    i am asking /calling on all lawyers to please help the victims of the worst bank heist in history.

    retired lawyers, new lawyers, all lawyers with a conscience…. all of you. help the defrauded homeowners.

    do not try to modify a fraudulent loan.
    help win money damages for the millions who have lost everything!

    • Gary says:

      Hi, I have been fighting for my home since January 2008.The lawyer represented both buyer and seller,and notarized documents as well.He never told me there were back taxes added to my mortgage,until I received the bill from the County.I went to the County to make arrangement to pay the back taxes,but they wouldn’t accept my money because I had no proof the home was mine.The deed wasn’t filed until nine months after I signed the mortgage papers.I have been trying to figure out who holds the mortgage on my home ever since.I’ve spent numerous amounts of time and money trying to resolve this,but nobody wants to help.I have been to foreclosure hearings in court,and still nobody wants to hear the truth.They are only focused on the foreclosure.I do not know who to pay,First Franklin,Lasalle Bank,Home Loan Services,Bank of America,or Merril Lynch.Here is the good part! I have been mortgage free for over 3 years now,and haven’t paid a dime to any of these thieves.The Court wants my legal aid advisor and I to submit another modification application and try to work things out.My next hearing is May 25th in Cortland,N.Y.I asked my appointed Attorney if we can sue everyone,but she said she can only focus on the foreclosure.She knows everything that’s happened,and still ignores the fraud that has taken place.I am ready to go to the media with this,and stand up for the hard working people of America.I need someone to hear my story,and help me take this to court.I have complaints and cases established with th Attorney General,office of the Comptroller of Currency,and office of Thrift Supervision.Please let me know what I can do to take legal action in this situation.Thank you,Gary

  2. Fury says:

    i’m rested and ready for battle.

    come election time, i will vote out those incumbents have have done nothing to help defrauded homeowners!
    you are either with us or against us!

    do something to help us or your will lose your job!

    • view from above says:

      Im glad you are rested!

    • marilyn lane says:

      to Fury and I vent and John R. and all

      I don’t want any of you to think I turned on you when i said I thought it was a good thing that Gov. Cuomo vetoed the free attorneys for homeowners.

      The original grant for the Lawyers Foreclosure Intervention Network was co-sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the New York Bar.

      Not everyone of those pro bono attorneys are on our side. If you go to court and speak for yourself you all at least know whose side you are on.

      And according to our Constitution it is the Judges that have the duty to protect the homeowners propedrty rights.

      Read what John R;wrote on this page about pro se defendants.


      • Fury says:

        my family has been Pro Se for the whole long battle.
        i do agree that there is a bias against Pro Se.
        our first case in court was a total mindf*ck!

        forget about perry mason and movies. the judge was dismissive and insulting
        .not onl;y to my family but other lawyers and their clients.

        the judge mocked a hard of hearing elderly lawyer. it was disgusting.

        i was in the Peanut Gallery lending support to my sister and her husband,

        it was the most disconcerting thing i have ever witnessed. what happend to “your day in court?”

        forget it. it was a few minutes of crosstalk, insults and the judge yelling to her asistant from across the court room. no court room decorum at all.

        i was scared and outraged.

        they were talking about me as if i didn’t exist in terms of sewer service.

        i felt like standing in the gallery and saying what Yossarian said in “Catch 22.”

        “but i’m the bombardier! i’m the bombardier!”

        our court system is really screwed up. apparently, florida is the worst of all.

        keep fighting ,people.
        i am not going to let these fraudsters get away w/ it.

        that said….. i don’t really think these f/c info people know as much as we do.

        was it right for andrew cuomo to defund it? maybe.
        but his ass-kissing letter to the law firm of rosicki and roscki (who have tossed many good people out on the streets) is nauseating.

  3. CUTE AS A BOTTON says:

    WELL im not one to go out in the wilderness too much cuz i dont like sweatin and bugs but i will pray you have a peaceful nites rest because it works wonders!!!

  4. marilyn lane says:

    Every home owner in every state has to start keeping tabs on all the politicians in your state that are against defending our property rights under our constitution and VOTE THEM OUT.

  5. CUTE AS A BOTTON says:

    Everyone has bad days around them! dont worry about the typos they mean nothing in the total picture of whats coming! have a good nite! If you can rest your troubled mind that is!!!

    • Fury says:

      i’ve said this before…. but sometimes i just wish i could have one peaceful night’s sleep out on the wilderness somewhere.
      but i know that i cannot give up. i can’t give into corruption. i can’t. my family has worked too hard.

      we will never give up to the Bad Guys.

      we will fight. we will fight for ourselves and for those cannot. we will help ourselves and all those in a similar situation. we are fighting for ourselves and for those who feel too weak to fight.

      everyone who reads my post…….. know that you are not alone. we are going to make these fraudsters pay.

  6. CUTE AS A BOTTON says:

    They need to reevaluate our homes and adjust the taxes!!!

  7. Fury says:

    it got a bit garbled….

    i think the MSM pundits and the banksters really do not get the depth of the fury that the defrauded homeowners feel and the steps they are willing to take.

    not all of us are numbed by watching reality TV.

  8. CUTE AS A BOTTON says:


    • Fury says:

      i am tempted to look up this jerk.

      let me work on it.

      he represents everything that has gone WRONG with this country .

    • Fury says:

      i think the MSM pundits and the banlsters really do not get the depth of the fury that the drefraide homewoners fell and the steps they are willing to take.

      not all of are nubed by eatching rlaty Tv.

      we ar living the reality of having our homes, jobs and retirements stolen by a ponzi scheme.

      americans of irish decent (like me) celebrate when ireland stands up to the fraud. they have been starved in the past by a brutal genocide during the potato famine (yes, there was food to help them in the UK but it was withhheld).

      i have a friend of greek ancestry and we shout w/ pride with the news that that Greeks will not bow to fraud.

      the same with the people of iceland saying “NO!” to paying for bank fraud.

      i salute these people who stand up against fraud.

      no man or woman should have to pay for the crimes that have been committed by the banksters and wall street hogs. none of us!

      they must give back the money that they have stolen from us!

      • l vent says:

        Yes the Greeks are smart. They screw the tax man.They have it right there. That is what is needed here in America, a natiowide tax revolt. A real tea party. Money is the only language they understand. That is one of the ways they are robbing us, through our hyper-inflated property tax bills. How could it be otherwise if our taxes are still being assessed at the old market value. Our homes are worth half of that and our taxes should reflect that. Yet Mayor Daley said there will be a 155 billion dollar tax increase by 2015 to pay for all of the MISSING FIREMENS AND POICEMENS PENSION MONEY here in Crook County, Il. .That is LUDICROUS. Not a word about WHERE THE MISSING PENSION MONEY WENT. Gov. Pat Quinn slammed us with a 67% tax increase on top of some of the highest gas prices in the country. The food prices at the grocery store are outrageous too. Our utility bills are through the roof. I don’t have a gigantic house or anything and we are paying $500.00 water bills, even in the winter, Com Ed just hit everybody with catch up bills, mine was $550.00 and Nicor gas charged me a $611.00 dollar catch up bill which with my previous balance added up to $911.00. HA HA. 911. They say that we have all been UNDERPAYING. WTF!!! The Republicons and the Demorats all have to go bye,bye. They are completely corrupted.

      • Fury says:

        i’m sorry for typos, everyone! it has been a hard day.

        in new york city, they are laying off 6,000 teachers and closing 24 fire stations.

        how many hedge fund jerks, walls street hogs and their piggish wives are being laid off?
        not many i assume.

        i blieve that there could really be a revolution.

        we heard nothing about the empire state rebellion.

        i never really supported michael moore in the past, but i do now. i read on his blog about the revolt in wisconsin that was not reported anywhere else. the mile long protest made up of seniors and the young, all ages.

        americans are fed up.

        we’ve been ripped off.

        we just want a decent life. we want want we have worked for since we were teens.

        we will not go quietly in the night. we will fight like hell.

        give back the money that has been stolen from us!

    • Fury says:

      well, it makes me think that like in NYC, everything revolves around finance and their big bucks– strippers, cocaine, restaurants, booze, etc.

      why are the fraudclosure criminals being protected?

      mayor mike bloomberg, i want the new york of days past…. mom and pop stores and not a starbucks, cell phone company and bank on every block.
      our city is ruined.

      hardworking, creative, industrious people have been defrauded by the nameless, faceless fraudsters of wall street and the crooked banks. their neon logos are in our faces every time we go out on the street.

  9. Fury says:

    this is how i feel….
    Inside Job

    Raghuram Rajan – hero
    roubini-speaks the truth
    eliot spitzer— has the goods on the massive fraudclosure criminals
    (he paid for hookers. i don’t care at this point. it was contract. he paid. whatever)
    the shrink—really interesting. he knows these wall street criminals–top to bottom.

    professor who was so sniveling and proclaimed. “i don’t have to answr that!” when asked who pays for his research.
    loser! and he was seated next to every president since i have been bee alive. dump this guy!
    thank God he wasn’t my professor!

    but that is the least of it. it ruing the country w. his God awful policy theories. whoever has the paycheck is
    what this guy is about.

  10. Fury says:

    as someone who voted for andrew cuomo both as AG and and as governor of NY….
    andrew cuomo,
    will you stand up for homeowners who have been defrauded by the banks and their foreclosure mills?
    will you?

    will you see that the defrauded homeowners get their money back?
    we are watching you!
    we want our money back!!!!

  11. Fury says:

    one of the highlights for me in Inside Job was eliot spitzer and the shrink (along w. the totally corrupt finance /econ professor was pictured sitting beside every President.—- the prisspot who said, “i don’t have to tell you that!” when asked who pays for his studies.
    holy cow. that guy is abought and paid for…. the sniveling creep.

    obviously spitzer was after the wall street crooks and they went after him.

    i trust roubini and spitzer more than others.

    bernanke and geithner need to resign immediately!

    iceland, ireland, greece and others— stand tall!
    why should you pay for the actions of criminal banksters who have ruined your countries!???

    • CUTE AS A BOTTON says:


      • Fury says:

        at least my tuition did not finance that asshat!

      • Fury says:

        here he is…..

        asshat is second from the right. glad that i didn’t have that jerk as a professor in college.
        i think that i would have thrown a meringue pie in his face.

        he is bought, lock stock and barrel. it was shocking to see him sitting by every President that i have known in my lifetime!

        the others i like, especially the French minister. she is awesome!

  12. Fury says:

    eliot spitzer was after the fraudclosure criminals and they busted him for his use of hookers.

    whatever spitzer did with those hookers represents a fraction of how the homeowners have been f **ked.

    at least eloit paid for it!

    i will vote for him if he runs for mayor of NYC!

  13. marilyn lane says:

    How many people have lost against MERS, against fake documents, against fake date etc, even when they went to court with an attorney?

    Attorney or not you would win if the Judges just followed the Law of the land and the supremacy clause of the Constitution.

  14. decrepit says:


  15. Fury says:

    since it has been removed from the rosicki’s wine website (Sparkling Pointe)
    you have to look in Google cache to find an interesting letter of support from andrew cuomo (when he was NY AG) to rosicki and rosicki (one of the biggest foreclosure law firms in NY).

    it is a thank you letter for their campaign donation. he has hand written at the bottom,
    “Thank you very very much for the support and friendship, You were a great help. I’ll make you proud!”

    you have to find the letter from cuomo only through Google cache. you click trough the arrows in the awards category
    to find andrew cuomo’s thank you letter.

    use quotation marks.


    is this why Gov. Cuomo has vetoed f/c counseling?

    there also is a letter from spitzer when he was NY AG. maybe this is par for the course in politics.

  16. marilyn lane says:

    Having experienced being a Pro Se defendant in the New York Courts I think GovCuomo is right because the issue in the court that Pro Se defendants rarely win is the BIAS OF THE JUDGES .

    Federal Court has it right. They sell you a book of instructions (it was $15. in 1997)

    That kind of book in State Court would help most figure out how to get the paper prepared so that you yourself could present your case to the Judge. And it should be the judge who knows the law and the judge who protects the homeowners property rights according to the Constitution.

    Attorneys would have plenty of foreclosure work getting the titles correctly registered to the true owners.,The attorneys should undo all the fraudulent transfers that have occurred in the county records. etc. The attorneys can sue for d amages for all the illegal seizures.

    And the Chief Judges have to tell all the judges in the courts below you have to follow the law for the pro se defendants or your out of a job.

    • John R. says:

      Some pro se help.

      Didn’t help me but might someone else… 300 numbers are paragraph numbers from pleadings… others are footnotes below.

      314. Pro se pleadings are to be construed liberally and expansively, affording them all
      opportunity in obtaining substance of justice, over technicality of form.99

      315. If the court can reasonably read the submissions, it should do so despite failure to
      cite proper legal authority, confusion of legal theories, poor syntax or sentence
      construction, or a litigant’s unfamiliarity with particular rule requirements. 100

      316. When interpreting pro se papers, this Court is required to use its own common
      sense to determine what relief the party either desires, or is otherwise entitled to.101

      317. Indeed, the courts will even go to particular pains to protect pro se litigants against
      consequences of technical errors if injustice would otherwise result.102 Moreover, “the
      court is under a duty to examine the complaint to determine if the allegations provide for
      relief on *any* possible theory.” (emphasis added)103

      99 Maty v. Grasselli Chemical Co., 303 U.S. 197 (1938); Picking v. Pennsylvania Railroad Co., 151 F.2d
      240 (3rd Cir. 1945); Jenkins v. McKeithen, 395 U.S. 411, 421 (1959); Haines v. Kerner, 404 U.S. 519, 520-
      21, 92 S.Ct. 594, 596, 30 L.Ed.2d 652 (1972); Cruz v. Beto, 405 U.S. 319, 322, 92 S.Ct. 1079, 1081, 31
      L.Ed.2d 263 (1972); Puckett v. Cox, 456 F. 2d 233 (6th Cir. 1972); and, etc., etc., practically ad infinitum.
      100 Boag v. MacDougall, 454 U.S. 364, 102 S.Ct. 700, 70 L.Ed.2d 551 (1982); Estelle v. Gamble, 429 U.S.
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      L.Ed.2d 80 (1957)); Haines v. Kerner, 404 U.S. 519, 92 S.Ct. 594, 30 L.Ed.2d 652 (1972); McDowell v.
      Delaware State Police, 88 F.3d 188, 189 (3rd Cir. 1996); United States v. Day, 969 F.2d 39, 42 (3rd Cir.
      1992); Then v. I.N.S., 58 F.Supp.2d 422, 429 (D.N.J. 1999); and, etc.
      101 S.E.C. v. Elliott, 953 F.2d 1560, 1582 (11th Cir. 1992). See also, United States v. Miller, 197 F.3d 644,
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      K. Hovnanian Enterprises, 99 F.Supp.2d 502, 506-07 (D.N.J. 2000); and, etc.
      102 U.S. v. Sanchez, 88 F.3d 1243 (D.C.Cir. 1996).
      103 See, e.g., Bonner v. Circuit Court of St. Louis, 526 F.2d 1331, 1334 (8th Cir. 1975) (quoting
      Bramlet v. Wilson, 495 F.2d 714, 716 (8th Cir. 1974)), and numerous other verbatim citations.

  17. l vent says:

    The clip on morning Joe after the Dylan Ratigan clip, that is posted on this website talks about CUOMO. He is a NEW WORLD ORDER G-man. They want him to protect the CRIMINALS and kill us. Watch the video. Cuomo and Geithner are bought and paid for by Goldman Sucks who are also the largest SMOM/JESUIT/VATICAN OWNED banking proxie on the planet, the revived roman empire A/K/A THE UN/NEW WORLD ORDER, F/KA THE NAZIS. DEATH TO THE FASCIST TYRANNY.

  18. Fury says:

    the way to prevent foreclosure is to stop fraudclosure!

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