A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the AZ House of Representatives… After passing the Senate 28-2… SB 1259 Completely Disappeared

Well, kind of disappeared…

It actually was completely revised…

We covered this bill back in February…

Arizona SB1259 on Foreclosures; Proof of Ownership Passes Senate 28 Ayes 2 Nays

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Now we have this and I find it very concerning… After passing 28-2 the bill changed from foreclosures; proof of ownership to noncontiguous county islands; fire services? WTF?

From Mandelman…

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the AZ House of Representatives… After passing the Senate 28-2… S.B. 1259 Completely Disappeared

I called an Arizona foreclosure defense attorney, Don Loeb, who lives in Phoenix, and who had suggested that we meet for dinner during my stay in the Valley of the Sun, and while I had him on the phone, I asked him about the status of Senator Reagan’s bill, as I had been unable to find anything about its status online.  In fact, when I had searched for information on-line, S.B. 1259 seemed to be about something about firefighters… I was sure I was doing something wrong.

What I heard Don say, however, made no sense to me whatsoever and it simply wasn’t sinking in for the first minute or two… Don said S.B. 1259 was gone, replaced by something having to do with firefighting… he said I needed to speak with Beth Findsen to get the details.

I hung up feeling kind of numb, to be honest.  How could such a thing have happened?  I went back to Google to search for anything describing what had transpired… to absolutely no avail.  There was not a single news story on S.B. 1259’s demise… nothing written by a journalist… nothing even on the state senate’s Website.

Beth Findsen is a foreclosure defense and consumer lawyer whose been a reader of mine for some time now, and I like her a great deal.  Her husband is an ex-Wall Street type… not a banker per se, but more an financial advisor kind of guy I think.

Beth answered her cell phone when I called, having arrived in Phoenix the night before… and she confirmed that although she couldn’t comment on every aspect of Michelle Reagan’s bill as a result of attorney-client privilege issues, she could confirm my that it had vanished into thin air.  It had happened over the weekend just prior to it landing in the House for the vote.

Check out the post in full here…

Well I went and pulled the bills versions and posted them below.

Completely different. You would never know that they were ever related.

The banksters are powerful.

They “win” again, for now…




Arizona SB1259 Foreclosures; Proof of Ownership

Arizona SB1259; Relating to Fire Districts

25 Responses to “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the AZ House of Representatives… After passing the Senate 28-2… SB 1259 Completely Disappeared”
  1. housemanrob says:

    The laws are made by people but the rules of the game are the playtoys of kings. Legislation for the people dissapearing? What are we up against here?

  2. THE REAL MAGGIE says:

    • george says:

      Same thing happened in California after our Forec Prevention Act SB 1137 was enacted into law– which encouraged personal contact before a Notice of Default could be recorded. The Cardenas Amendment slipped through about a year later which quietly gutted much of the new law that threatened principal reduction. God forbid that banks would ever have to reduce principal for a homeowner, but its ok to sell the asset to sister investors for 40 cents on a dollar, after the eviction. When the consumer looks away the Cardenas will come out to play. You can bet on those politics in California. No wonder our State is broke. Its everyone for himself in Sacto now that the squeeze is on. God help us all. george

  3. THE REAL MAGGIE says:


  4. Similar thing happened in Hawaii as well…. The Hawaii Bankers Lobby threatened to pull “funding” for the kids and education to the handful of activists who sold a 6 month foreclosure moratorium overwhelmingly to the State house – again, almost unapposed initially… This smacks of EXTORTION by Financial terrorists! Where’s the Feds?

  5. Guy_Fawkes says:

    This is what I’m doing to combat this shit in my legislature. One after the other, I am combing the recorder’s office to take a look at legislator’s OWN DOCUMENTS! We need to make this a PERSONAL issue. Show them this is not a DEFAULT/ Non-Default issue, this is a title corruption/land records corruption issue. PERIOD.

    Know what I’ve found thus far?

    Chairman of our Financial Institutions, break in chain of title. Sucessor Trustee that reconveyed, was not given proper authority on title to do so.

    Another Very Powerful Senator: Found a forgery on a document in her title.

    One Representative that brought a “homeowner friendly” bill to the table: He is profiting from buying and selling Trustee Sales…..one problem…..he signed over Warranty Deeds and the previous titles? Corrupt. I believe he may be liable.

    Oh, yeah. I am making this a REALLY REALLY PERSONAL issue with our legislators. If they can’t play nicely and by the rules??? CALL THEM OUT!!!

    Homeowners in Arizona….YOU LISTENING????

  6. Marcy says:

    Here’s what I learned from this.

    For such an outrageous event like this to happen, it has to mean that the banks are VERY VERY
    concerned about this bill being law, and that means ownership and proper chain of title really IS the KEY
    to stopping foreclosures!!!!

    This behavior confirms it!

  7. marilyn lane says:

    What state is John McCain from?
    I am sure he has some influence there.
    Looks at John McCains past with the Banks?

    Another who done it!!!

  8. Mike says:

    Arizona needs to get with the program!

    Here in Georgia, we delegate the writing and passage of all of our state’s legislation to the Georgia Banking Association (GBA) and the Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia–it is so much more efficient that way.

    Keep in mind, Arizona, if you let the legislators write, direct, and pass legislation–human-friendly laws may inadvertently get passed. It’s best to keep such matters exclusively in the hands of the banks.

    The state of Georgia is a “fraud friendly” state–and we aim to keep it that way.


  9. THE REAL MAGGIE says:

    NOW TELL ME THIS! How can you be at a total loss with me as a fan? for crying out loud i even had a man get a makeover for me! that says something doesnt it!!! im speechless!!!! Literally!!………………………………You got a point tho!!!!!

  10. Bill McAuliffe says:

    This is (in my opinion) insane! What does the author “feel’ about this? How could it become so convoluted?I mean, it’s like quoting a Bible verse, and then paraphrasing it with something out of “Mein Kempf”? How could any judge allow this? I’m at a total loss…..literally.

    • l vent says:

      The judges are worried about their pension funds. They are all invested in the FAKE MBS’s. We The People don’t have their stolen pension money, WE WERE ROBBED TOO!!!!!. Our homes are worth spit and nothing is even selling on mainstreet. What do these judges think the PRETENDER LENDERS are going to give the credit default swap insurance money and the stolen homes back to their pension funds? HA! We all got screwed. I heard the banks are buying these stolen homes they fraudclose on back from themselves for a GOOD AND VALUABLE CONSIDERATION OF A BUCK OR TWO. Tell the judges to join all of the rest of us deadbeats that were swindled and robbed and,just don’t pay your mortgage, or at least ask the PRETENDER LENDER TO PRODUCE THE NOTE, and then stop paying. Don’t let morals and credit scores stop you, it is not about that. It is about A GIANT PONZI SCHEME ROBBERY OF YOUR WEALTH. There is 100 TRILLION DOLLARS MISSING THAT THESE FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL FINANCIAL TERRORISTS MADE OFF OF THE BACKS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. WAKE UP AMERICA, THE FOURTH REICH IS AT OUR DOORSTEP.

  11. l vent says:

    That picture and the wording is exaclty how alot of us are feeling. It is about time the insidious crime scene clean up crew realized WE THE PEOPLE are on to all of them and their evil plan to cover up the GIANT PONZI SCHEME HEIST/SWINDLE. Great job 4closurefraud! Let them know, WE THE PEOPLE are not going to let any of them get away with swindling all of us anymore! Let them all know that from now on, WE THE PEOPLE know the TRUTH and therefore, WE THE PEOPLE will ALL be up there asses with our GIGANTIC fraudscope, until justice is served to ALL of the victims. THE VICTIMS ARE, WE THE PEOPLE of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,, of the BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME HEIST OF OUR WEALTH AND OUR HOMES AND OUR JOBS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. .THESE CRIMINALS — USED AN AMERICAN FACE TO PULL OF GIANT PONZI SCHEME HEIST BY THE FOREIGN MULTINATIONALS WHO POSED AS AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS. THEY ARE NOT, THEY NEVER WERE AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS. RESCIND OUR FAKE MORTGAGE CONTRACTS.

  12. AliceN.Wunderland says:

    They just keep digging their hole deeper and deeper don’t they. It’s like watching a circus, so many acts going on one doesn’t know which one to watch. IMO it really doesn’t matter what they do, how they do it, or all the coverups, they can’t fix it. How pathetic that they would go to such an extreme.

  13. Lit Gant says:

    Well, has anyone checked the weekends prior to see who was on first, second, third, short stop, outfield, pitcher, and catcher? I mean this CANNOT happen without full complicity of the bill submitters and those who signed on. It CANNOT happen! So, there is a conspiracy here of great magnitude. Why did not a single person who was behind the bill speak up and say something? If we investigate their phone call register, their emails, I mean go for a FOI request and see who these legislators talked to. Who came cold-calling or warm-calling. You know sending a pretty little whore lobbist is warm-calling. The banks went to their work and penetrated the inner sanctum of the legislature. They always come prepared with lots of money, drugs, girls, and other things of value. There had to be a massive pay-off for this to come down. Someone knows about this and who better in the loop than the presidents of the senate and the house? This did not happen without their knowledge and approval. Now why would the media be on top of this? They are to hot on the do-do of the Donald Trump birther scoop. Ok, we know there is fraud in the courts. Now we know there is fraud in the legislative process. Now, what is the name of the person who substitute the title of the bill? What is the name of the person who submitted the new contents of the bill? Who ever this person is, this is were an investigation must begin. Ask questions. Kick down doors. Bug their offices. This calls for an investigation into the schemes and fraud associated with this legislative switch.

  14. John says:

    The homeowner needs to file what they ask for themselves. It is open to anyone to claim an interest.

  15. Maggie May says:

    You ever wonder why you think you hate someone but you cant stay away from them? thats how i feel about these fraudsters! 🙂

  16. Maggie May says:

    cute monkey!!!!!!!

  17. Maggie May says:


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