Bank of China Forecloses on White House

Bank of China Forecloses on White House

Historic Landmark Reposessed Obama Family Moves into FEMA Trailer on East Lawn.

In the most embarrassing snafu of his administration, U. S. President Barack Obama announced at a press conference this afternoon, “The White House has been reposessed.”

“This is Orwellian,” President Obama hastened to explain. “Due to congressional mandated budget cuts, the person in charge of actually sending the mortgage check to the bank was let go last summer. I am told the job was recently outsourced to a company in India.”

“After 120 days of non-payment, the bank’s computer automatically filed foreclosure documents with the 1st Circuit Court of Washington, D.C., which in turn automatically processed the foreclosure application without human intervention, and consequently, title to the White House automatically reverted back to the lender, The Bank of China.”

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And yes, this is a joke…


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  1. Gregory says:

    Their going to fight it Eric Holder thinks maybe Linda Green and Crystal Moore might have ROBO Signed on their docks, They are looking for an attorney and a judge that get’s it……………………..

  2. one sound says:

    The white house and the land it sits on is not is not part of America or the 50 states

  3. Mr. President Barak Obams, sorry I forgot somethign important. Wells Fargo Bank NA (private brand label) is TRUSTEE for all TRANSACTIONS moving currency for the ‘investors’ in the TRANSACTION SUMMARY on almost every FWP prospectus. Wells Fargo Bank NA, if they are listed as LENDER on the mortgage document, they were the ‘temporary lender’ selling discounted loan wholesale to the BUYER ‘Master Servicer’ who in the refinance is Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp as the temporary lender. Just in case your wondering. Wells Fargo Ventures LLC in agreements with Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp (formerly Norwest Asset Securities Corp) are in Agreement as affilaites of Wells Fargo & Co. who operating as a financial holding company since 3/13/2000 ‘toll’ between each subsidiary and affiliate in joint agreements which are not disclosed to the public.

    You’ll find a model as I’ve found, yours may be different but intent the same. The actual ‘deposit’ of funding during origination came from intermediary funding handled by a MERS MEMBER and the funds oddly enough were deposited into an individual’s corporate securities treasury account c/o Wells Fargo Asset Securities Corp in Frederick MD ordered by Wells Fargo Ventures LLC and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage a divsion of Wells Fargo Bank NA and the Closing Agents of Wells Fargo Funding in Minneapolis MN 2701 Wells Fargo Way, Minneapolis MN.

    Please get a copy of those escrow instructions which you’ll find inside the Title & Settlement Agency file who is an affiliate of Wells Fargo in the state the closing took place and the check was not made out to the agency but the individual attorney – settlement agent. You see each of the attorney’s and agents are in agreements with somebody related to Wells FArgo & Co.

    The mortgage you’ll find may not be recorded with the county clerk following the mortgage until 90 days later and the loan trust claiming to be the party owned the debt, the closing date of the transactions related to the TRUSTEE’s Loan Trust, Certificate or Trust Fund, closed long ago and the Assignment had to be recorded in blank by a MEMBER ONLY in order for the Dealers of the DTC EURO Clear Stream to move currency about.

  4. Good thing the weakest links (consumers) are with knowledge now and will be glad to share with the President how his family will be affected.

    We’ve all learned over the past decade that we were also just renting not owners.

    When the time came that we could not longer pay the municipal, state and federal taxes, inflationary charges and additional taxes applied against food, energy, automobiles, fuel, clothing, extraordinary cost of medical policies in addition to extra costs of the share of expenses consumers carry, and more… that in order to actually afford just the dream of ‘ownership’ one would be insane to sign a mortgage today.

    31% of what? Gross income. Is that 1950’s # valid when salaries — hourly rates did not keep pace with the costs to even rent!

    We believed we could make a difference. Did not not tell us that very truth?
    I believed if I worked hard, that my Congress and President would work harder to protect us.
    I belived hang in there just get your kids through school. I’d be grateful to sell and walk away and find a place to rent but sadly you allowed the system to trap us and make us indentured servants to the US Goverment who ever that will wind up being!
    Did you get harmed asking for a loan modification as we did? We were instructed to withhold our payments to get assigned to a specialist who would work directly with us to create a plan during unemployment. I did belive because I could — you told me so.

    WInds up they were lying and verbal promises are hearsay. Any matter regarding ‘property’ must be in writing. So be careful.

    In the meantime, no matter what you try to do, short-sale, deed-in-lieu, foreclouse, BK, know the SERVICERS will not tell you the truth. Record every conversation and find out when you inform the party you are recording them they hang up!

    In the meantime, you better check the County Clerk / Recorder Records for Lis Pendens. Oh they might just hold the document for a few months and file the Complaint first, then the Assignment recording after the default which loan trust or certificate or trust fund is claiming to be the party with Standing owed the debt.

    You would be very wise to find an honest Foreclosue Defense Attorney – they are very rare and I’m sure you don’t have one on staff at the Whitehouse. A Foreclosue Defense Attorney is a good litigator for Defendants with subject matter expertise of all the Federal Acts, Uniform Commerce Codes, SEC Regulations, State Laws, Federal and State regualtions and laws, real estate, loan mitigation, Fair Debt Collections, HOPA, etc.

    Make sure if you are lucky enough to find ‘the attorney’ to have a planning meeting to go over options, but realize the short-sale offer pending, deed-in-lieu pending, loan modification pending, are a gimmick the foreclosue proceeds in spite of good faith efforts.

    You really should know the truth that the SERVICERS will pretend they are working with you.

    If you need the name of a good foreclosue defense attorney in Washington DC, sorry don’t have one.

    When you do have your meeting, have all of the documents ready for attorney to review. You’ll be surprised at the substantive omissions of material facts who the actual ‘Lender’ was. Did you realize that anyone can be referred to as a national bank who is an affiliate of a bank? That one really surprised me too.

    Anyway, its pretty scary when the complaint is served and its known as a SUMMONS which you can’t ignore. You must respond to the allegations within the time allotted as required by the Court of Equity and if you don’t your non-response means you agree to the allegations.

    Please President Obama, don’t do what so many consumers do. We are the weakest link and so trusting and call the Plaintiff’s attorney listed on the SUMMONS. President Obama, you can’t belive how many good Americans there are. We are the weakest links and are trusting souls who believe we can ask the person answering the phones for the Plaintiff. We did not know that the Plaintiff is representing the ‘Trustee’ for the MASTER SERVICER, the BUYER of the original loan whose SERVICER processes the complaint for foreclouse paperwork using ROBO-MILL Law Firms who are just debt collectors under agreements with the SERVICERS.

    The SERVICERS robo-mill employees instruct consumers who trust them to ignore the summons, the consumers are right and the summons should never have been filed. The robo-mill attorneys who are also REO and/or ENHANCED BROKERS get to buy the property for $100 at the Sherruif sale and are unduly trained to influence you to not respond just show up at court and explain to the judge. OPPS the matters consumers bring before the judge not the subject matter of that court outside of the four corners of the contract and summary judgement for the plaintiff and reason there are only 5% contested foreclosues and contested BK’s. So becareful. You know you can’t trust that Mr. Geither for his hands are dirty and his allegience to the Dealer Agents of DTC – EUROC and Clearstream! I would not go to him for advice. And don’t go to the Federal Home Loans Agency who are also a private agency and beneficiary of any harms against you as defendant.

    Keep checking the county clerk or county recorders office for the falsified documents filed by the robo-mills on behalf of the (private brand label) pretender lender who really was the temporary lender when the mortgage was created. You need to get the copies of these documents if you can’t find a good honest attorney – beware there are very few and the majority of attorney’s are involved in the 15% of the US GNP who can’t turn their back on the real estate industry who put bread on their tables.

    Please get copies of the Lis Pendens filed by the robo-law firm and copy of the documents Washington DC requires when a Complaint is filed with the county court. Like the Assignment filed after the default event giving the SERVICER the right to collect money and claim they are the party with standing the defendant owes the debt to. You have to be careful because there are consumers who are having multiple foreclosures cast upon them the unlawful party and along comes another party claiming to be the lawful party!

    It’s just a mess out here. I’ll be happy to exchange information with you but I am not a lawyer, and I don’t know law, and even if I think I do I do not but I am a consumer who is the weakest link targetted by employees who pretended to be of a national bank, the big one who comes out unscathed so far ‘Wells Fargo’ ‘whose business is processed thru Wells Fargo & Co/MN formerlly Norwest whose SERVICER side uses the private brand label on all transactions of Wells FArgo Bank NA whether as TRUSTEE or SERVICER or LENDER they sorry to report pretend to be a national bank but the actual ‘mortgage corporation’ business is done thru subsidiaries dba another whose managing members are Wells Fargo Ventures LLC since 2003-2004 in Des Moines Iowa.

    We’ll there is a lot more I could share but I’m tired now.


  5. l vent says:

    All of the rampant treason, mortgage fraud, greed and corruption has literally put our entire country in jeopardy of being put up on the global auction block and then becoming a completely FOREIGN OWNED ENTERPRISE. Still our Government refuses to go after the criminals that robbed the American people of trillions in wealth. They keep letting this same FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL CRIME SYNDICATE who INTENTIONALLY set us up to fail, defrauded us and robbed us continue to defraud and rob us in an ongoing reign of financial terror. The FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL Federal Reserve Bank, THE BANKSTERS and WALL STREET have every full intention of BANKRUPTING AMERICA with the complete cooperation of BIG PHARMA, BIG OIL AND THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. That is how the U.N./ NEW WORLD ORDER A/K/A THE REVIVED ROMAN EMPIRE plans to TAKE OVER AMERICA without ever firing a shot. The AMERICAN PEOPLE DEMAND THE U.S. GOVERNMENT SEND THESE FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL FINANCIAL TERRORISTS PACKING. WE THE PEOPLE OWE NO ALLEGIANCE TO THESE FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL FASCIST NEW WORLD ORDER TYRANTS .NATIONAL SOVERIEGNTY WILL PREVAIL UNDER OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION WHICH PROTECTS WE THE PEOPLE FROM A TREASONIST GOVERNMENT WHICH has become COMPLETELY CORRUPTED and therefore OPPRESSES IT’S OWN PEOPLE. THIS IS WHY OUR FOREFATHERS GAVE WE THE PEOPLE CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS SUCH AS THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  6. Nancy Coxall says:

    Well, this should be a wake up call!…..This is a humiliating moment while in office….I wonder, does he get the pictue of how the rest of the country who are in the same boat as he feels……HELPLESS!

    Think about this!….This could be a good thing that happened…..It humanizes what it is like to be on Main Street!

  7. I think Linda Green signed that one!


  9. l vent says:

    I love the spoof. Let’s keep calling the bastards out of their rabbit holes.

  10. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    Maybe a joke, but not TOO far fetched, or uncommon.

    • Kathleen says:

      Good one!

      I’m glad capitalism is an economic model, not a religion, because so many of us have lost faith in it!
      Nothing has trickled down to homeowners or the unemployed.

      As JM Keynes said, “unbridled capitalism is incompatible with democracy.”


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