KPHO CBS 5 News | Homeowner Bill SB 1259 Wiped Out, Replaced With Fire Districting Bill

Homeowner Bill Wiped Out, Replaced With Fire Districting Bill

House Committee Chair Makes Sole Decision To Not Hear Original Bill

PHOENIX — Senate Bill 1259 was supposed to be all about transparency, making sure homeowners could always have access to a copy of their home’s deed.

But it ended up having nothing to do with housing.

CBS 5 News wanted to know what happened so we sent our crew to the source to find out.

“The bill was very simple, this bill was to show people where your note is at,” said state Sen. Michele Reagan.

What started out as a half a page homeowner bill ended up anything but. When Reagan sponsored SB 1259, she never anticipated any problems.

“It sailed through the Senate, 28 I believe to 2, which is a good vote,” Reagan said.

The next step was the House Banking and Insurance committee, where Reagan expected a similar reaction.

Instead committee chair Nancy McLain moved to strike the bill before it even had a chance to be read.

CBS 5 News wanted to know why.

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They did not ask the right questions so this report tells us nothing more than we already know.

I suggest emailing the reporter, Elizabeth Erwin and urging her to dig deeper on the “settlement.”

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14 Responses to “KPHO CBS 5 News | Homeowner Bill SB 1259 Wiped Out, Replaced With Fire Districting Bill”
  1. Michael-Lynn says:

    The greatest power of the people besides the vote em out power and the absolute greatest power of the jury vote is the grassroots hometown meeting power of the people organized to demand that the local legislative body take control of houses lost to bankster in foreclosure through expensive and rigorous code enforcement to take these properties back from the banksters forthwith.

    Please see draft of proposed legislative agenda at:

    u h
    or I will send you a copy that we can work on together at google documents if you send me your email for this request


    also telling everyone to switch all accounts over to credit unions from banks where everyone has a vote and an ownership interest in the cooperative or else purchase stock in the offending banks so that you have an inside voice with the bank as a shareholder that could combine shares for a block at the annual meetings.

    Also go to the bank web page and find where you can have them send you hard copies of all of the financial reports and investment information that will also cost them several dollars to mail and reduce profits, even though this is penny anti stuff.

    Michael-Lynn @ The “MIXED WAR” Room and The Trials of Life

  2. talktotennessee says:

    Wouldn’t the original bill sponsors have had to make the changes? Looks like the whole bunch sold out and hoped it would never be brought to light!

  3. leapfrog says:

    “McLain said the bill would have given folks in foreclosure false hope and given those who just don’t want to pay their mortgage a loophole to get out of forking over the cash. McLain says if a similar bill that fixes the problems she and the bankers saw pops up next year she might be willing to consider it.”

    Lying, traitorous, bought and paid for by the banksters b*tch.

  4. housemanrob says:

    I can’t wait until the fraudsters try to paint over this one……..and then we watch it dry! What can they possibly come up with this time, and……………will it leave us with our mouths hung open!

  5. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    From the article:

    “‘No, believe me, I have talked to many people, many constituents,’ McLain said.

    But she said her information on this bill came from the bankers.”

    That seems rather blatant, and damning. Information on this bill came to McLain from the bankers.

    The times we’re living in continue to become more and more frightening as our options continue to be cut off.

    As an aside, I was expecting to see video on this but was unable to figure how to find such on the KPHO site. Perhaps I am THAT technologically challenged. If someone figures how to do I’d appreciate being informed.

  6. rictic says:

    So basically what Nancy McLain is saying is “I will do what the Banksters tell me to do and the People can go kiss my ar$e”:
    I hope you are not going to put up with that Arizona….

  7. l vent says:

    Someone commented in the last post that she asked for a loan recission from her pretender lender because of TILA VIOLATIONS BY HER PETENDER LENDER. That clearly proves what we all already know. These FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL PRETENDER LENDERS _POSING_ AS AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS, BROKE NUMEROUS LAWS and what they did was not only ILLEGAL it was also UNCONSTITUTIONAL.These SCAMMERS made 100 trillion dollars from that CRIME, THE GIANT PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND ROBBERY OF AMERICA……..RESCIND OUR FAKE MORTGAGE CONTRACTS!!! We The People REF– USE TO PAY with OUR HOMES AND BUSINESSES FOR THEIR CRIME.

  8. Bobbi Swann says:

    Well, my first email to the original reporter @ Channel 6 got “returned” so let’s see if this second one to Ms. Erwin gets through….

  9. James Aitken says:

    An open letter to Ms. Elizabeth Erwin


    I have been representing clients in the mess the Criminal banks have gotten us all into for several years.
    I know all too well of the truths behind my statement.

    What is up with this unbelievable move to protect these criminals once again?
    It is time to jail these scumbags and STOP PUNISHING AND ABUSING OUR CITIZENS, now, right now!

    The very real and unfortunate thing is this… Our citizens’ are being educated on what REALLY HAPPENED. I make it a point to educate at least 20 new folks each day.
    The result…. Is going to be war in the streets and I fear it will be sooner than later. We have had enough and need these scumbags in jail, and our money returned to fix the system.

    We have banks sending out 3rd parties harassing, intimidating and flat out punishing these people. One client had a rep from NCCI (see attached letter) demanding my client call BOA while the dirt bag waited outside. What next, a baseball bat? They are mowing lawns in communities that already have a weekly service and sending fraud charges for services not needed or even performed. ThesE companies are STEALING from folks that are already hurt by the thieves that hired these 3rd party scumbags. NCCI is on my screen to take down. I have several state AG’s looking into their scumbag practices. I also invited the FTC and the Truth in Lending/debt collection folks coming to the party.

    Another company is “LANDSAFE” A boa COMPANY. These scumbags are reporting the property vacant, when the homeowner is still very much in the house. This lye causes homestead and homeowners insurance to cancel, thus causing even more trouble for the overburdened homeowner.

    This is just FLAT OUT CRIMINAL!


    Here is the story that prompted this email to you.

    Please help us expose these criminal activities.

    James Aitken

    • Adrea says:

      I had some issues with NCCI (by way of BOA) myself and your open letter inspired me to file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s office. NCCI/BOA was clearly not playing by the rules and i clearly did everything i was supposed to do to avoid them coming to my house, yet they still showed up to harass me.
      Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  10. Lit Gant says:

    I think Samson asked an important question when his riddle was answere.

    Who has plowed my heifer?”

    This woman did not do that without a bed somewhere and tons of money.

    Now, again, why has not a substitute bill been refiled by the original maker?
    Why did the president of the house allow this?
    Apparently there is a lot of plowing going on in that state.
    Can someone get the scoop from the original bill maker?

    • Dahotruth says:

      It was Michele Regan, who originated the bill and the point is her bank was suing her and the same time the settlement conference was done the bill “disappeared” and she caved apparently….that ‘s the point

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