More Foreclosure Troubles | How Many Virginia Foreclosures…are Frauds?


How Many VA Foreclosures…are Frauds?

RICHMOND, Va. – The tale of bogus Virginia bank documents used to kick people out of their homes after foreclosure reads like a mystery novel, with a very unhappy ending. The document in question in Virginia is called an Appointment of Substitute Trustee.

Tom Domonoske with the Virginia-based Legal Aid Justice Center says documents are surfacing that have clearly been “robo-signed” at a document mill that churned out thousands of bogus signatures. These helped “foreclosure mill” attorneys process the paper in assembly-line fashion, without asking a lot of questions.

“It means that their home was never foreclosed on, and the person who bought at the foreclosure auction didn’t actually buy anything.”

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  1. zelma says:

    LOOKING FOR A COMPETENT LAWYER-(VIRGINIA) wrongful foreclosure . DOT has MERS as a nominee/beneficiary 2nd page shows originator. 2 months later account went to Aurora Loan Services I was making payments missed fews months 12/2008. Debt collector sends me a letter attempt to collect a debt. Debt collector attorney and Aurora loan services took my home, then they gave it ovefr to fannie mae and sold to another homeowner . Documents filed in county clerk office states MERS has the original note and DOT and has the authority to appoint substitute trustee Debt collector attorney. Notary Public is in different state then the signer. Check with state notary notary public does exist but the signer is in different state. I have many exhibits. I hired attorney 6 months alter after property went into foreclosure status. Former attorney assured me everything will be fine. He has many years experience. Unfortunately, the attorney did absolutely nothing to the case worst of all he was not liscense to practice in virginia. Lost home while I was making payments to attorney. I filed a complaint former attorney currently disbarred. My husband is retired Navy we are homeless currently living with relatives. Their is more to say.

  2. Katheryn says:

    SB 1259 was dropped because they are not going to let “deadbeats” get a break. It does not matter how blatant the fraud and forgery. It does not matter what laws were broken. It does not matter that there was predatory lending with inducement. It does not matter what the banks do or do not do; it is OK and anything and everything will be overlooked and fingers pointed at the deadbeats as the originators of this coutrys economic freefall. The homeowners and Bernie Madoff are the ones who got the ROYAL shaft and I am afraid all signs indicate that this is set in stone. As Erin on msnbc said…..bulldoze them all down and build nice up-dated new ones for those who can actually afford to purchase. The middle class keeps dying a little more each day and our “fearless” leader sits in his nice white house with his nice family while the backbone of this country is slaughtered. You would think that he of all people would know how hard the struggle is and this is not only destroying the middleclass but it will have even more detrimental effects on most minorities. We, folks, are going backwards in history to a time when the middle and poor class had no rights and no protections. They are destroying years and years of struggle to make the arena more equitable for all yet we are in another war for the sake of inequitable human rights. What is wrong with this picture….EVERYTHING

    • Katheryn says:

      I just got back from the store and I caught a piece of a segment on Bernie Madoff who has been interviewed twice by this journalist doing a book about him. This is what I caught: Bernie Madoff seems to feel that those that made money off his ponzi scheme made more than had they invested elsewhere. This journalist felt that he did not grasp the greatness in devestation he has caused on a wide scale basis from losses to individuals to investors and pension fund losses. The ironic part is how she stressed that people had been “inticed” and “induced” to participate in his scheme and they should be recompensed for their losses.

      Now wha is ironic is the fact that there was pity for the individuals who were inticed into his scheme. However, the same exact principles apply with regards to the mortgages; people were inticed and induced into predatory loans and MERS took needed revenue from municipalities. In both scenerios, there was not a gun at anyones head to force them to sign, yet I hear over and over and over again how too bad for these homeowners; no one forced them to sign. As a matter of fact, the first response I got from the fantabulous BofA was that no one forced me to take the refi. What a crock of poo poo.

  3. pamelag says:

    it is TREASON. they need to be tried and convicted every last one of them

    • l vent says:

      Right on pamelag! . The TRUTH about what this entire scandal is REALLY ALL ABOUT is being covered up and hidden by the mainstream media. This is not about a homeowner trying to gain the system by trying to get a FREE HO– USE or NOT PAYING A MORTGAGE. This scandal is all about how these criminals that duped and robbed the American people want to make FRAUD and PONZI SCHEMES legal and try and make the American people believe the lies that WE THE PEOPLE have NO RIGHTS and there are NO LAWS that protect WE THE PEOPLE. THAT IS A TYRANNY. This is what is so DIABOLICAL about the American people having the TRUTH HIDDEN FROM THEM, and many do not realize what is AT STAKE is OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS AS CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA under the U.S. CONSTITUTION. IF WE LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS, THEN THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. The fact of the matter is many may not know that NO ONE IS SAFE because the CRIMINALS have corrupted and have hijacked nearly our ENTIRE GOVERNMENT.

  4. debi J says:

    Every one must watch inside job and share it with everyone. Perhaps we ought to get a copy to all the judges. That would b a good start. Summary judgment that one your “H O N O R “. What does your honor really mean anyway when none of the judges have any left. So sad. So sick so appalling… Debi

  5. l vent says:

    There is tons of proof of the RAMPANT MORTGAGE FRAUD, yet ,NO ONE with legal authority is doing anything to halt the illegal and unconstitutional fraudclosures or the illegal and unconstitutional sale or destruction of the homes that have already been stolen from the American people. When the rest of the American people find out the truth, and they will, about all of the mortgage fraud and what these criminals did, all of these crooks and their minions who are also the politicians and judges, better look out. Ali Velsi was talking about the PONZI SCHEME HEIST on CNN this past Sunday. He was tellling EVERYONE to watch INSIDE JOB. Mr Velsi blames the RATINGS AGENCIES for this scam some blame Fannie/Freddie some blame the BANKS/Wall Street. THEY ARE ALL REALLY ONE IN THE SAME. These FOREIGN MULTINATIONALS wore an AMERICAN DISGUISE to commit the BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST IN HISTORY, AND IT WAS INTENTIONAL AND WAS INTENDED TO CA– USE PERMANENT HARM TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. RESCIND OUR FAKE MORTGAGE LOANS! GIVE THE STOLEN HOMES AND THE STOLEN MONEY BACK TO THE PEOPLE!

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