Just Remember, It All Goes Back in the Box…

It All Goes Back in the Box

In the end… it all goes back in the box…

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.”
-Albert Pine

Remember that next time…

I’m going out to have a beer…



16 Responses to “Just Remember, It All Goes Back in the Box…”
  1. MAGGIE MAY says:

    G R E E D E G O

  2. l vent says:

    Too bad the so called elite do not feel this way. They should put their fraud back in the box. But no amount of wealth is ever enough for them. This engineered financial collapse was never really about making money it was and is ALL ABOUT WORLD DOMINATION, The only way these diabolical maniacs can acheive their evil goal to own and control the world is by creating worldwide debt, financial catastrophes, ongoing wars, poverty and destruction. They love to financially weaken and bankrupt nations. They hate OUR freedom and want a one world state controlled fascist, tyrannical dictatorship. National Soveriegnty and the FREE WILL of THE PEOPLE UNDER THE U.S. CONSTITUTION WILL OVERULE THEIR EVIL PLANS. We will overcome.

  3. MAGGIE MAY says:

    I thought he was tha bad guy!

  4. Fury says:

    “What Matters?”

    standing up against evil.
    standing up to protect my family from total financial and psychological annihilation
    from people who have stolen what we worked hard for all of our lives.

    it matters to me.

  5. cindermaggie says:


  6. Ed says:

    It’s been very shameful to read all the post and newspapers(just 0ne) calling for the abuses in the foreclosures withouth seeing any of the representants which we elect calling for remedy of this situation. I have been listened all the report from the media, very carefully, and I canoot find any clue with the reality of what it is really happenig.
    It is important to understand that Banks are very interested in getting their face clean from this mess because they have the first face with the overseas investors, that’s fine so far. But you really thing that it can be done from the etterent from the Ammerican People?. It is hard to say but as a person who has contact with foreigned investor, they are worried about the way the american gorverment has handled all of this. They sould have been expected a better resolution to see where they are standing for. But still Politics is our game now…Let’s see what happens

    • l vent says:

      It has been reported time and time again in the media that there is no political will to fix this mess. The only real news we get on this FORECLOSUREGATE crisis is here at this website. Max Keiser and Dylan Ratigan do disgrace the criminals who caused this catasrophe and they do shame the Government on a regular basis as does Matt Taibi from Rolling Stone and I can’t forget MY SUPERHERO, TOM DART, THE SHERIFF OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS who has been at the forefront of this crisis trying to do what he can and be the gatekeeper for all of us fraudclosure victims here in Cook County. Elliot Spitzer from CNN has spoken on our behalf as well as 60 MINUTES, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, Tom Hartmann of RT news, Robert Shear who wrote a book entitled: “The Great Stick-up of America” about the PONZI SCHEME HEIST, and has spoken on various newsradio programs and called for a 10 year moratorium on all foreclosures because of all of the rampant mortgage fraud, Chris Whalen described what they did perfectly in his BLOOMBERG interview called Forclosuregate is a Cancer…..The Mainstream Media is generally ignoring this FORECLOSUREGATE disaster and they hope we will all just go away or drop dead or something. CNBC and FOX taunt us with their IGNORANT, BELIGERANT, OFF THE CUFF REMARKS such as “People bought homes they could not afford”, “The little guy is hanging on to his house by his fingernails”, “The banks did nothing wrong” and just last week something evil and inhuman on FOX said” I wish all of the poor people would just die.” and then of course there was CNBC saying to “JUST BULLDOZE THE FRAUDCLOSURES”. We The People will never forget who defended our rights in this nightmare as well as those who did not care and seemed to laugh at our misfortune.Too bad they do not want to realize this is their country too, and this same misfortune could just as easily happen to one of them. Is this really the type of tyranny they want their kids to live under? Their paychecks mean more to them then their freedom. They should see the writing on the wall, no one is safe in a land and there is no security in a paycheck that can be lost. In the blink of an eye you could lose everything that you worked you whole life for. America is now a land where the U.S. Government does allow their own citizens homes to be ILLEGALY AND UNCONSTITUTIONALLY stolen right from over their heads BY FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL BANKS who are the same FINANCIAL TERRORISTS THAT ROBBED US., as well as their jobs and their health insurance and their pensions, their entire lifesavings could be wiped out in a heartbeat with one job loss.. What goes around, comes around.

      • MAGGIE MAY says:

        The man in the parrish is bad right?

      • MAGGIE MAY says:

        Yes it does!!!

      • l vent says:

        I have my reasons to be skeptical of everyone and everything. Ulterior motives seem to be behind most everything. Nothing is really as it seems. On the surface it all looks upright, but behind the scenes and in the upper echalons, not so much..There are alot of charades going on and there has been for decades.Rule by Secrecy, Order out of Chaos, Black is White .BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. SCREW THEM.THIS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. They have all went way to far. This is all about no more than, PURE GREED..

    • MAGGIE MAY says:

      Lets see what happens>>

  7. dormanmom says:

    Such an important lesson, Amen

  8. D Bass says:

    The Supreme Court for the banks, and corporations just took away our right to sue corporations for fraud today.
    Wow, just obvious dishonesty by the justices. Sad day for America. and the world.

  9. cindermaggie says:


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