PBS Video, Need to Know | Big Fish – Little Fish, Why haven’t any of the executives behind the financial crisis been prosecuted?

Big Fish – Little Fish

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Why haven’t any of the executives behind the financial crisis been prosecuted? PBS talks to New York Times columnist Joe Nocera and business reporter Louise Story.



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  1. John Anderson says:

    Rule of law or rule of the rich. What will it be America?

  2. maggie may says:


  3. Sad….but all is in plain site to America and the world. If one has read the history and up to date information…which is open for the world to read…..one will see where ‘ certain acts ‘ to rile, anger the world to cause a world war….as planned in the NWO…. A war against America. And wars to depopulate for the planned control of the world. The war need not be against the people of America….but to those who chose to initiate harm into practice or use…..those hiding behind the scenes and those who wear masks as 2 faces.
    America has suffered greatly in the past decade…and the government has not been there for the people.
    We are fighting for our homes…we have no jobs left in America…yet the wealth reeks into the trillions for the deep pockets…those wanting the NWO. Foreclosures were just part of the plan…to make all homeless..all taken with fraud, lies, air money given to those who are the thieves..preped by the NWO. We see it and we live it…but the terrorists are right here in America and in other secret hiding places scattered around the world.
    JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs and other investment banks are corrupt right along with the Federal Reserve…and they also control our goverment…..we have no government for the people. So nothing should surprise anyone….it’s all in the secret society plans.

  4. Officer of the Law says:

    Charlie Engle was investigated, prosecuted and railroaded as a warming to Matt Damon and others in Hollywood to keep quiet about the banksters’ crime spree. The banksters and their minions in the DOJ knew that Inside Job was coming out, and they wanted to try to stop it, or at least, make the studio fear promoting it and scare others who might fund similar documentaries.

    • That only goes to show everyone just how dirty hand prints give evidence to those who hide behind a title. Fear or whatever they tried.. It didn’t work on ‘ Inside Job ‘…the movie told the real story of the crooks..criminals..liars… in government and the financial industry….that is why they tried to stop the release of the movie….it isn’t so funny getting mud thrown in the face,…and truth being told. And they had the nerve to take an oath for office….Lying bast*rds all of them. Well…the world knows the truth and are any of them safe any where in the world? The dark shadows hide alot…they all know this as they too worked in the dark shadows………

  5. Fury says:

    should we celebrating that osama bin laden took a bullet to the head?

    i lived through 9/11 in NYC. nothing has ever be the same.

    the damage inflicted by fraudclosure on my me, my family, my country and its people has been far greater
    the pain bin laden inflicted on 9/11 and the decade afterward.

    punish the banking terrorists. make them give our stolen money back.

    • Fury says:

      been the same.
      nothing has ever been the same, since the attack on 9/11.

      i consider the banking and wall street terrorists worse than bin laden and his crew.

      talk about homegrown terrorists…. they wrecked the economy and our lives.

      • l vent says:

        There is a connection to the tragedy on 9/11 and the Ponzi Scheme Heist. They flew those planes right into Wall Street you might as well say. .Marilyn posted the link to the website that explains how and why they were connected. This guy has a very interesting interview with a woman who was an employee in the upper echelons of Chase and she was really in the know.maybe Marilyn could post that link or give us that man’s name.

  6. l vent says:

    That was a great report by PBS. This explains exactly what the U.S. GOVERNMENT did here, they dropped the ball on the REAL FINANCIAL TERRORISTS and went after the weakest link. That looks really bad for the U.S. GOVERNMENT and looks to be really shady and intentional to the people that were hurt the most by the ForeclosureGate scandal, who were the American people…The U.S. GOVERNMENT not only appears to be covering up the PONZI SCHEME but they also look COMPLICATE in the crimes by not going after the so called BIG FISH, THE FINANCIAL TERRORISTS who Intentionally robbed the American people. It looks to the American people to be an INSIDE JOB and the U.S. GOVERNMENT has let the AMERICAN PEOPLE DOWN YET AGAIN just like they did on 9/11. These criminals should for one thing not be able to fraudclose on anyone until this whole matter gets investigated. If a Homeowner can prove FRAUD IN THE MORTGAGE AND NOTE THEY SHOULD GET AN IMMEDIATE LOAN RECISSION. FRAUD KILLS THE CONTRACT. Same goes for the Homeowner that had their home already stolen. If there is FRAUD IN THE FRAUDCLOSURE, THERE IS FRAUD IN THE ORIGINATION and everywhere else in between. I saw a report on Bloomberg today that investors are getting worried that there is not going to be anymore CDO FRAUD TO INVEST IN. WTF???? .

  7. MAGGIE MAY says:

    1 way or anutter big fish will get it!!

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