Complaint | United State of America vs Deutsche Bank and Mortgageit, Inc

Here is the complaint. Also added it to the earlier post United States vs Deutsche Bank | Deutsche Bank Faces US Mortgage Fraud Lawsuit.


 United State of America vs Deutsche Bank and Mortgageit, Inc

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  1. MARIO KENNY says:

    I like fighting this Bank, actually, if you know how to fight them it aint so hard in a strange sort of a way, whereas they are well protected and they have centuries of old relations with corrupt bed fellows of vipers kind, they do have a certain soft spot that is worth poking, from the onset, the OCC, IRS and the SEC are their friends, but these friends do cause them pain, I have a hunch that somehow the friendship may have become a little strained, of late. These are nastiest suckers of the bad bunch and soon I hope they might meet their doom, “small Axe cuts down big tree”.

  2. MARIO KENNY says:

    What the gobberment is growing balls now? this has to be a sham, I mean Deutsche Bank TR co and its parent Deutsche Bank AG is their pet bank, if they take down this bank they are going to be doing what we have been wanting the gobberment to do all these bloody years with no success, thats it, I am selling my time shares which I purchased for me and my dog Buddy located below the 49th Street Bridge in Miami.

    God darn it, the time shares was making money as the space was carded to fill up and no more space is left at the moment, its the only bridge where fishing is allowed.

    This gubberment simply do not like little people making a wee bit of money here and there. This foreign bank have gotten away with murder, it plundered millions of homes and people all over the country, try filing a CH 13 and asking them to prove they own anything in your house, they come with the darn-est claims and the sold out dudes in the black robes buy the junk everyday, they fudged the 401k and other investments and took all the money plus they sold the empty boxes of fools gold to the smartest people in the land, in most cases, they did not even have the empty box, much less the fools` gold.

    Deutsche Bank is the best ever, and they are from another country, an “illegal alien bank”, LOL suckers, one and all

    • yvonne says:

      I knew there was more coming for Deutsche Bank…he did finance Hitler’s war against the Jews, they did get American Tax payers money for their foreign bank here and in Germany…they do own most of America financial institutions and carries the most foreclosure fraudulent cases….the CEO did boast of their huge obscene profits during the financial crisis…google the article….and laughing their way to the “banks…”

  3. Mrs Doutfire says:

    Now ,lets bring down the rest!!!! I am sure there are more to come!!

  4. maggie may says:


  5. l vent says:

    This is thanks to some really honest Americans including you guys here at 4closurefraud, Matt Weidner, Neil Garfield, Matt Taibi, Dylan Ratigan, Alex Jones, Max Keiser, Gretchen Morgansen, a few at CNBC were honest believe it or not, same with Bloomberg, PBS, 60 minutes really got the country’s attention. I know there are more but we all know who you are. God Bless America!!!!

  6. Jason Werner says:

    Funny, in my experience, Deutche was one of the cleaner banks of the big banks, even comparing their subprime companies to that of other big banks’ subprime companies.

    And isn’t it interesting how the USA is going after the property party at interest? What does that tell you about the regulators.

    • l vent says:

      Jason Werner, hopefully there is more to come. The U.S. must recover it’s stolen wealth somehow. They are all really one giant cabal of foreign owned multinational banks anyways.The American people don’t have the stolen money, they robbed us. Now they are talking oil may go up to $200.00 a barrel, they are financially terrorizing us to this day. it is about time the U.S. Government went after the gangsters that caused this. They are all one giant criminal operation anyways. Just a different face and a different name. I really don’t differentiate any bank by name. That is where the deception is. CHASE, WELLS FARGO, BofA, DEUTSCHE no difference,

    • yvonne says:

      Their hands were always dirty…great cover up…even had a different name during the railroad days…be sure your sins will find you out…sooner or later…anyone hearing much about foreclosures under Bankers Trust…

  7. l vent says:

    Thank God.

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