Lynn Szymoniak and Jeff Thigpen Video | Mortgage Fraud Investigation in Guilford Co.

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  1. Fury says:

    thank you, lynn and jeff for standing up for defrauded homeowners!

    the reporter kept saying “possible fraud.”

    perjury IS FRAUD!

  2. J A says:

    I was thrilled to see Jeff Thigpen point out that these robosigned discrepancies can be found in mortgages as far back as 2006. I’ve been saying the same thing on here and elsewhere. This fact vindicates all of us who were foreclosed on fraudulently in 2006, 2007, and 2008 while Bush was still in office, and before the acronym HAMP had even been thought about.

  3. John Anderson says:

    I think most people who matter “judges,attorneys and legislators have been aware for a while, about the document fraud. The legislators worry about voters thinking about them, wanting to give deadbeat homeowners a “freehouse”, judges fear that if they enforce the law on the books, and the civil rules of procedure, that they will be known as the judge that brought the banks down, “although the banks would not lose a penny, nether would Wall St, just the uninsured investors of whom the judges state pensions are vested” and attorneys, on one side or the other are all aware of the fraud, and I think they are relived that they are regulated “NOT” only by the bar, and no one else.

    This will end, only when there is blood on the streets.

  4. Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    I’m hoping that video coverage of the conference itself will eventually become available. If it does I feel certain you will provide it for/to us Michael.

    You are still doing one helluva job, and under extreme circumstances!!

    Thank you.

  5. l vent says:

    How much more proof does the U.S. GOVERNMENT need of the rampant mortgage fraud to put an INDEFINITE, NATIONWIDE MORATORIUM ON FORECLOSURES????????? FRAUDCLOSURES are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and ILLEGAL unless the pretender lender proves legal standing, which they cannot..

  6. maggie may says:


  7. l vent says:

    CNBC reporting Greece wants to leave the Eurozone. A dangerous zone that The United States of America must never enter into. Time for America to declare itself bankrupt and remove itself from the U.N./NWO foreign fascist tyranny as well. Time for America to declare its sovereignty from the IMF/ Fed Reserve/Wall Street crime syndicate gulag of false debt enslavement and impoverishment. That is all they do is create world impoverishment with debt. War debt, Big pharma, it is all MULTINATIONAL FOREIGN OWNED AND OPERATED DEBT ENSLAVEMENT. They want everyone in the world working for them for spit on the dollar, they want the people to own nothing, no homes, no business, nothing but the debt they create. It is a fascist FOREIGN OWNED MULTINATIONAL OLIGARCHY ran by PLUTOCRATS. These criminals think because they corrupt a nation, they own it. THEY DO NOT OWN ANYTHING BUT THAT CORRUPTION. National Sovereignty under the U.S. CONSTITUTION will prevail.

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