NEW REPORT: Foreclosing on Ohio – Big Bank Foreclosures in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus

NEW REPORT: Foreclosing on Ohio – Big Bank Foreclosures in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus

Ohio is one of the hardest hit states in the nation by the foreclosure crisis. While the Buckeye State has not posted the shear volumes of foreclosures as the once-hot housing markets of California Nevada and Florida, the cumulative impact of foreclosures have weighed heavily on Ohio’s housing market and its economy. Ohio is currently ranked as the 9th highest state in terms of total foreclosure activity and third highest in the Midwest behind  economically struggling Michigan and Illinois.

However, current foreclosure activity rates fail to capture the cumulative impacts of sustained foreclosure activity in the state. The fact is that the foreclosure crisis started early in Ohio and the state now has endured elevated levels of home foreclosure for over half a decade. In 2006, Ohio experienced a sizable 23.6% increase in annual home foreclosure filings and the number of filings have continued at a historically-high rate of over 80,000 filings per year.

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Foreclosing on Ohio – Big Bank Foreclosures in Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus

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  1. Christine says:

    Jamie Dimon has recently found religion: “It would be a “moral” disaster if the US defaulted on its debts…”. Moral? Where were Chase Bank “morals” during the past 10 years? And what does Mr. Dimon proposes to do in order to re-establish morals in this country once wonderful and rendered paralyzed by high employment brought upon by the foreclosure crisis… brought upon by banks?

    Mr. Dimon needs some perspective here. 30 years ago, America was a thriving country of inventors, makers and doers. We actually built and exported equipments no other countries had ever invented. A lot of it came from small and medium size enterprises, run by people who could rely on the security of knowing that they were stable in the homes they had purchased and still had enough capitals left to invest in their business.
    Once banks started tampering with that sacrosanct idea of homeownership by creating and pushing unnatural and unsustainable mortgages most of us didn’t understand, management and employees of those businesses lost the peace of mind required to think ahead and be creative. Try living with the glooming prospect of losing your house! You sleep with it, you eat with it, you breath it, it haunts you day and night and it simply prevents you from thinking about anything else. Forget trying to come up with solutions to the environment, the fuel crisis, education, health. Those problems remain untouched while you are consumed by fear and can no longer consider investing in your inventions and ideas. If you lose your home, you won’t even have a garage left to allow you to build any kind of prototype. And yet, that garage was at the origin of HP, wasn’t it? Imagine if Hewlett and Packard had been consumed by the idea of foreclosure.

    The only way America can and will regain its predominent place in the world is if a national and permanent moratorium is declared on foreclosures of the homes their owners they live in, to assure that they don’t find themselves homeless overnight and unable to function as productive members of society. I personally do not worry about speculators: they decided to take a chance on owning more than one home and, rather than work for their money, they tried to have their money work for them. It was a choice they made and if they lose their investments, so be it. Single homeowners is where the root of the problem lies. Mr. Obama failed to efficiently intervene on the grounds that he didn’t want speculators to cash in on any drastic (and desperately needed) measure to help Americans save their homes. So, rather than do what was necessary, a horrible situation is allowed to fester and continue untouched.

    Until and unless a serious differentiation is established between speculation and elementary security for the people, America will keep on sinking. I would hate for this situation to turn into civil war. And yet, we are heading in that direction one day at a time while the Jamie Dimons of this world find religion… and do nothing more. Sad commentary of what the future holds.

    “Moral”, Mr. Dimon, is when everyone has a crack at food, the stability of a home, employment, education and healthcare, all the most elementary amenities to become productive. Having already taken an anormous bite at home ownership while offering no solution to resolve the situation you created, how do you propose to reverse any of the resulting consequences? Make no mistakes, Mr. Dimon: your children may very well be live in an enjoyable environment… for the moment. I greatly doubt that, once this country has been thoroughly destroyed, their circumstances won’t change. Will you feed them piles of dollar bills? If no one is left to pump gas in their car, work the electric plant, repair the water mains, transport their food, invent cures for their illnesses and teach them enything in deserted schools, they will simply joing the ranks of millions like them. The only consolation i have is that, when this happens, we, poor peons, will have had years to adapt and find alternatives. I suspect that no one will want to go out of his way to help your children adapt… What you have visited on us will, without any doubt, be visited on them or on their children.

    So tell me again, Mr. Dimon, what did you mean by “moral”? Care to share your definition with the rest of us?

  2. OhioDude says:

    Rejoice Social Justice Leaguers ! … Lord ‘Bongo has declared a New Age of Housing !

    Gimmegimmegimme some o’ dem sweel NINA loans. And if dem mothafuckin banks throw some redline on me, sheet, I jus have another helpin’ of bank bailouts … which result in value of everyones’ money being diluted

    [ technoterm: Inflation ]

    A Renewed Crackdown on Redlining : In the wake of the subprime implosion, the Obama Administration has stepped up its scrutiny of disadvantaged neighborhoods’ credit access

    Bottom line – loans were made that were never going to be repaid. Banks were forced to make them. Government [ can you say Fannie ? Can you say Brothu Howell Raines ? ] actually prosecuted banks that wouldn’t make imprudent loans. And the result of this Insanity is being repeated now by the New ComIntern Admin. Sistuh Jarret, Lord ‘Bongos’ brain, made lots of money with this scam back in al-Chicago. That town is charting new territory in devolution if any of you have noticed. Damn ! Dose pesky facts, again !

    And before any conclusuions are jumped to know this … I love using Obama-isms ! Know This ! .. I drove crap cars and ate rice only and worked nights while going to school, and paid back loans, and saved til we could put 20% down on a little house and paid that off, so spare me the bolshoi about privilege. I grew up in a truly diverse town, so spare me the CultiMulcheral babble. Everyone one, Poles, PRs, Sicilians, Germans, Phillipinos, Micks, Lebanese, deep-South Blacks, white Trash and dem ebil ebil WASPS pulled their own weight, worked, paid loans back and got on with being a productive Human Being.

    Reinforcing lack of accountability, and assuming the Victim-in-Perpetuity mantle dongetchamuch.

    Clue Up

  3. OhioDude says:


    I went to school in Cleveland, lived in Lorain, and have revisited regularly over the decades since I left

    The attempts to engineer “social justice’ are on full display in Shaker Heights, Cleveland Heights and other areas outside the Cleveland core. Ditto Columbus, Cincinnatti, Toledo, and any other metro enclave in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, or … pick your city/state/region.

    Politicians [ any by politician I mean bought-and-paid-for whores ] thought that middle-class trappings – such as a home – would miraculouslu instill middle class values in “populations of color” to use the comtemptible language of the LibProgAsshole socialjusticeseekers. Priveleged whites who were simmered in guilt

    Oops ! … seems that a devolved social structure absent real men/fathers or adherence to an operating system that prides itself on achievement [ the bourgeoise, for all you Deconstructionists ] just didn”t fare too well in a realitybased world where you need a job and a skill and a desire to be a Human Being. But since we decided to go for the PC CultiMulti Enrichment Bullshit – or at least our Betters bought into that crap – things just ain’t been working out so well …. nahmean ? noamsayin ? word !

    All people are Created Equal. All Cultures are Not.

    • Fury says:

      i lived through the LA riots. there is a reason inner city poor are angry – they are trapped in poverty.
      our discussion is about fraudclosure. it crosses every boundary.

      it has nothing to do with “whites simmered in guilt.”

      it has to do with FRAUD.

      FRAUD in the origination.
      FRAUD in the foreclosure.

      perjury. destruction of documents. a ponzi scheme called “securitization.” false affidavits, robo-signing,
      corrupt, inept judges, predatory lending, RICO, and TILA violations.

      so spare me.
      i would hazard to guess that our posters are every color of the rainbow. we have all been defrauded.

      we are not talking “social engineering.”

      we are talking flat out, full on FRAUD.
      get it?

      • l vent says:

        Right on Fury!!!! The same Ponzi Scheme criminals who committed the mortgage fraud scam are now being aided and abetted by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has been waging all out class warfare on all people of all races. So are the politicians of the States with their Ginormous tax hikes that they keep imposing on the people in order to cover up for all of the corruption. .These insidious crooks who wear an American face are stealing the wealth from ALL of the classes everyday up on Wall Street and at the CME as well..They want to financially destroy ALL of us.

    • Fury says:

      a home is not a “middle class trapping.”

      it is what every person and animal aspires to have.
      we want to feel safe in our homes.

      we worked for our homes. we made many sacrifices.

      in 1958, eleanor roosevelt said,

      “Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home. Such are the places where every man, woman and child seeks equal justice, equal opportunity, equal dignity.”

      if you don’t understand this, i guess our discussion will end.

    • Equity Free says:

      Ohio Dude, as Fury said this is not about race,religion,culture or sex, wake up DUDE the banksters stole
      money, you know that cash you used to have , and that home you paid for lost equity or money . Its all green to them and they stole from you and every other make and model out there, If you really did work hard , you also gave them a big tip ( bailout ) for stealing so they can continue the theft .
      Educate yourself & practice what you preach, ” a desire to be a Human Being ” . Respect for others !

  4. l vent says:

    I just read a headlline that the bastard politicians down in Fla. are cutting off unemployment benefits to the most vulnerable americans. They are fascist criminals.

    • l vent says:

      Max Keiser reporting today that 1 in 7 americans are on food stamps. The mainstreet press is not reporting that horror. Disgraceful!!!!! Watch today’s Keiser Report at:

      • TheHutMaster says:

        @I Vent,

        Just watched the 2 videos.
        It just makes me want to run a red light, with a police officer watching.

        I truly think a mass takeover of this Great Country, by it citizens, is the only answer.

        “Fight The Good Fight”

      • l vent says:

        How about HutMaster!!! Max and Stacey should be on the mainstream calling these bastards out everyday in place of all of the liars.

  5. John says:

    It is hard to believe Insurance Companies will continue to insure these empty houses against damage.

  6. pparke500 says:

    Why is this site touting a report by the “National People’s Action”? The solutions call for more compliance with the Community Reinvestment Act while bemoaning the effect of foreclosure in “Communities of Color”. I question why that term is capitalized, and why race should be brought into a financial crisis. Race hustling has no place in the argument over fraudulent foreclosures.

    • housemanrob says:

      Hey Park, Does being a bankster blogger pay well? I can’t imagine where they find the scum……….those willing to take such a mundane position! Give it up! We, the people of this country, are going to topple these rampaging banks!

    • Fury says:

      race is brought into the discussion about fraudclosure
      because people of color were and are targeted and steered into predatory, usurous loans due to the color of their skin.

      their districts are red-lined and charged outrageous prices for things like car insurance, groceries, etc.

      it is part of the cycle of poverty and just another example of the greed of the banks..

    • TheHutMaster says:

      Go back to lying on the phones Mr. Park. I deal with your type each day. ( I bet he is a lowlife working for BOA, AKA, Bend Over America.

      ps, Linda Green is looking for you to sing something for her, no go on…. get outta here.

      “Fight The Good Fight”

  7. If the fraudclosures do not stop. America not only will soon be bankrupt but you will be able to buy a house for $1000. And the problem will be that you wont even know if you own it (clouded title)

    • l vent says:

      @acmodspecialists: You are right ,and there is not another country on the planet that would allow foreigners to do this to their country. All of the corrupt politicians who put us here because of pure greed and treason must be thrown out. We know who they are.They are a disgrace to America!!!!!

      • more and more lies says:

        @ i vent and all others i wish we new how to just jump in and stand up for our ights. i feel so sick about all this and that there is nothing i can do. they just get to commit fraud and take my house doesnt seem right. i am not he kind of person who would be i denial. if i could not afford my house i would sell. my fraud began in 2009 when i asked wells for help and when it was taking so long to get a mod i asked questions. i get this……oh….wells fargo does not own your loan we are just your servicer. your loan was sold combined with others then sold off into millions of peices. wonder if that guy lost his job for telling me the truth. otherwise i would have been blind to this whole game of monopoly. i am sickened that hard working individuals can be scammed by the same bank that we do daily business with. . why is it when we apply for a mortgage they never lose the paper work but when we try to mod. its lost ripped up. and then i am lied to also like i never sent it. i am in awe that this is happening to me. i am the liar. no one moved my file. oh and by the way i do not know how to mail anything either. help us some one out there

      • l vent says:

        @more and more lies: Don’t give up fighting the good fight. That is what they want. They love to create vicims and victimize. All of the tools that you need to fight them are at your fingertips. What I saw in court in my last two appearances was alot of people who do not know what the hell is going on and are not fighting back. You are here, you are already winning. This has nothing to do with not paying a mortgage. This has everything to do with your rights and freedoms under the U.S CONSTITUTION, THE U.S. BILL OF RIGHTS AND STRICT PROPERTY LAWS that were put in place to protect WE THE PEOPLE from such a tyranny. We were ALL set up by a hidden foreign interest posing as American institutions. These PONZI SCHEME CRIMINALS do not own shit.

      • l vent says:

        Dont let them fool you or intitmidate you. Your house is paid for because of their PONZI SCHEME AND THE TAX-PAYER FUNDED BAILOUTS. The investors and the pension funds got paid out of the bailouts. They are still gouging us though with hyper-inflation and dollar devaluation. Dont believe their lies. The proof is in the ORIGINATION at your CRofDEEDS and on your title.. You have the proof. They don’t have shit. These criminals who robbed us, got paid many times over for this PONZI SCHEME.

      • TheHutMaster says:

        Dear “more and more lies”,

        Mr. “I VENT” is correct. DO NOT GIVE UP!
        I saved 20 homes last month and on track this month to break that record.

        Find a honest and educated Law Firm.

        Wells Fargo HATES ME! Well, I am glad as I do not hang out with lying scumbags, Instead, I KICK THEIR ASS.

        “Fight The Good Fight”

  8. l vent says:

    If the fraudclosures do not stop. America will soon be bankrupt. There will not be enough tax revenue to sustain any town, city, county or State. There will be no money to pay, police, fireman, sheriff’s, teachers, judges will all be out of work. Entire States will be laid to waste all because of foreign owned Multinational greed and arrogance by our own politicians.

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