COMPLAINT | Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (WAMU) v. Corelogic Valuation Services, LLC, Fka eAppraiseIT LLC

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (WAMU) v. Corelogic Valuation Services, LLC, Fka eAppraiseIT LLC


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  1. l vent says:

    That F/K/A shit really cracks me up. That is exactly how they pulled this whole scam off. Succesor by merger is another hoot. Deception to gain our trust was truly the name of the whole game. They change identities when ever it suits their needs such as MERS and the attorney for the plaintiff who joins the defendants. Quick change scam artists, all of them. These criminals have been EVERY ENTITY, from the home builder and the real estate agency, the appraiser, the underwriters, the originator who was all FANNIE/FREDDIE, posing as an FDIC insured bank or a mortgage broker/lender, title companies, the second bankster who sold us the mortgage for a buck and then they became MERS, OTHER BANKS,AIG CREDIT DEFAULT SWAP INSURANCE, WALL STREET, MORTGAGE SERVICERS, HOPE FOR HOMEOWNERS, REALTORS OFFERING SHORT SALES, CASH FOR KEYS, DEED IN LIEU, FOREBEARENCE PAYMENTS, ATTORNEYS FOR THE PLAINTIFFS. From before we even closed the phony deal to the fraudclosure,THEY WERE REALLY.ALL ONE FOREIGN MULTINATIONAL PARASITE, AND THEY WERE VERY STRATEGICALLY AND DECEPTIVELY, SETTING AMERICA UP TO FAIL..

  2. QNY81 says:

    Many lenders black listed conservative appraisers during the boom. The lenders also stopped requiring appraisers to send rent schedules with the appraisals for investment property purchases. The rent schedules would have informed the lenders that the property would not cash flow at the purchase price/mortgage amount/rent price. The people have to withdraw their “money” from the big banks, Bank of America, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, etc. Put your money in community banks and credit unions. That is the only way to show them we want justice.

  3. l vent says:

    Maybe the U.S. GOVERNMENT should lend some of this recovered money to the AMERICAN PEOPLE who were robbed of their JOBS AND BUSINESSES BY THE OLIGARCHY. The U.S. GOVERNMENT SHOULD PUT ITS FULL FAITH IN THE HONOR OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND DO NO CREDIT CHECKS. We only have to pay back the money with a very small interest rate if after say 2 years, WE SUCCEED, LIKE TALF. No taxation either, until we show a profit.

  4. Never Give Up says:

    I though appraisers were pressured to inflate the hell out of the houses by the Banksters – keep the bubble expanding. Many small appraisal shops have closed down since mid last decade, but weren’t many of them using Fannie Mae’s underwriting software on those loans?

    • WAMU sent their own ‘ list ‘ of appraisers….they were paid very well to increase the homes….if you didn’t follow what they were put on the ‘ black list ‘….AND….underwriters were not to check on anything on applications…just sign and pass on. What the other banks did, I have no clue…but I do know WAMU reeked with fraud even before the closing and at the closing… all to follow.

  5. enough already of this b-ll sh-t says:

    so now the banks are all going after the appraisal companies they bribed. there i sno end to this tyranny

    • l vent says:

      They ALL acted as ONE giant criminal enterprise. All in cahoots. That is the only way they could have pulled this MASSIVE Ponzi Scheme off. It was a giant cabal and it was born of massive criminal deception. As long as the criminal sheisters are made to pay for this, I don’t care if they essentially SUE THEMSELVES. The AMERICAN PEOPLE, THE VICTIMS OF THIS PONZI SCHEME SWINDLE AND HEIST have PAID WAY TOO MUCH for the crimes of the rich and powerful..TIME FOR THESE CRIMINALS TO PAY THE RESTITUION THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE COMING TO THEM. OUR HOMES ARE PAID FOR FREE AND CLEAR BECA– USE OF THIS. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I vent….had some computer problems for about 5 days and it drove me nuts cause I could not keep up with the ‘ NEWS”…….Chase replied to my daughters Motion to produce ( since last July 2010) and objected to all 25 requests…..LOL…….and said they had a copy of the Note…These poor mills make such a$$es of themselves. .So we go on Monday to an agressive Florida lawyer….one of the top…(.and by by Ms. Lawyer who does not get it..).. the fan is blowing faster now…..this guy demands many documents….and has an office that work on researching deep….where this last lawyer was just her doing the foreclosure..and a whimpy person….I want some one like me….BOLD AND BRASSY AND KNOWS WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON……A FIGHTER. So all the work and researching I did….hundreds of hours…they don’t even want…than when they get done researching he said we can see how much further they went pass me….and to top it off he is cheaper than the whimpy lawyer we had…..Sooooo… we start all over again…but that is fine….I feel we are on tract now…it’s a good feeling….the fight is on…cause I know they don’t have the original note and keep ignoring that demand…they keep saying the copy is the Note….but not the original…WTF ?? ….And that Note is a fraud with the banks name on it….they were not the funder…and owner of the original note…Monday I will ask to subpoena the title company….they were in on the fraud. I am on the roll now…….This FDIC crap is one crook going after another…..they are starting to eat each other up like cannibals…My question is..where do they find a court with a judge who is honest and listens to a hearing from both parties? I wonder if they get only 5 minutes like here in Florida…..LOL….and rubber stamped by a retired judge who can’t stay awake and forget his hearing aid. Oh my….isn’t life great !!!!!!!

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