Arizona | Rep Carl Seel’s $100,000 Principle Reduction Questioned

“So you didn’t use your position as a state representative to modify your home loan?” Erwin asked.”None whatsoever. There’s no connection whatsoever, and if need be I’ll swear in court to that,” Seel said.


State Rep.’s Mortgage Reduction Questioned

Backer Says Rep. Carl Seel Canned Legislation After Getting His Loan Modified

PHOENIX — An amendment would have helped people in foreclosure get the information many say they deserve, but at the last minute, a lawmaker decided to drop it.The timing behind his move has CBS 5 News asking tough questions.

The amendment was dropped just days after Rep. Carl Seel got a major modification on his home loan.Coincidence?

We talked to both sides on this one, so you can decide.


You can check out the rest with video here…


19 Responses to “Arizona | Rep Carl Seel’s $100,000 Principle Reduction Questioned”
  1. Readdocs says:

    There’s MERS all over this one, until it was transferred to another servicer….and there’s nothing registered
    in the court house.

  2. All of this is call Plutocracy, the rule or power of wealth or of the wealthy. a government official, a government or state in which the wealthy class rules, a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth.

  3. see says:

    Now wait a minute. Didn’t the heads of the big banks question the morality of principle reduction? I guess that if you can have a gov. official in your pocket then it can be as legal as you want it to be. Does this Seel character think that we are idiots? This should be look into closer.

  4. eyesoars says:

    I didn’t know a GOP politician’s principles could be reduced.

  5. angry & NOT TAKING IT says:

    I’ll swear in court to that hahahaha… so what, you sell everyone out then ,what? what? yea i got integrity “I’ swear i didnt screw you”… on this day….. it was 4 days ago..
    oh puleeeez

  6. TheHutMaster says:

    See below… He is even stupid enough to goto a pay day loan shark. How in the hell do these assholes get into office. See below…

    According to a report published in the Arizona Capitol Times, a payday lender has had to sue Arizona Representative Carl Seel, R, LD 6, for a check that bounced.

    Payday Loan Store of AZ # 341 filed a lawsuit against Seel on June 17, claiming that Seel bounced a check for $ 588.23, he had written to the lender to secure a loan.

    “Fight The Good Fight”

    • leapfrog says:

      Supposedly he’s a “tea-party hero”. If that’s one of their “heroes,” I’m not impressed.

  7. l vent says:

    Death to the foreign multinational tyranny who have corrupted both parties, Republicon and Demorat. They have hijacked America. Don’t vote for any of them. America needs to do their homework. Any politicians who are on the take in any way shape or form from any of these foreign multinationals needs to be thrown out on their ear and not be reelected or ever be elected.

    • l vent says:

      Sorry, President Obama but if Goldman Saks or the Big Banks or any foreign multinational donates to your upcoming re-election campaign, WE THE PEOPLE can not trust you to be on the side of the American people or our great nation.

  8. leapfrog says:

    Liar, liar, pants on fire…

  9. Virginia says:

    Hawaii had a similar situation… doubt he got a principal reduction…

    • l vent says:

      No doubt he got the release of mortgage from the second bankster tellling him they sold him his mortgage for a buck so they could participate in the ponzi scheme. Principal reduction of what exactly, the homes are paid for. The b.s. just don’t stop.

  10. StuckinSoPa says:

    That’s one clown who better enjoy the power and perks while he can. Come his next re-election…..well, lets just say nobody’s that stupid!

  11. Wayne says:

    F’n Crooks …. I refused BofA’s modification at 9.5% interest … and haven’t paid them in over 2 years … I have even asked them to come and Foreclose …. Nothing yet …. Still waiting … Nothing Recorded …. not from Countrywide, not from MERS …. Nothing …. yet the Banksters of America keep sending me threats. When I asked Countrywide to honor the promise of my Original Lender which was a Low Fixed Rate before my ARMS adjusted, Countrywide said “Do you have it writing?” I said NO. Countrywide said “I am Sorry about that, we can’t help you”. I say to both Countrywide and to the Banksters, “Do you have my Original Paper Work, Note and Deed of Trust?” They will not answer ….. I suspect not. So I say to them … “Sorry about that … I will only pay the Note holder … and since you don’t own the note, I will not Pay You”. Going on 3 years now. Screw them and most of the Lawyers I have talked to.

    • Mildred Wilkins says:


      Good for you–and anybody else who has the courage to just sit and refuse to pay the mortgage. If your loan is less than 20 years old and there is any mention of MERS in your documents there is little to no chance that there is a clear trail of who is really the holder of your loan.

      If you check your local recorder’s office and the record shows MERS, and your loan is being serviced by someone else, then you are the lucky winner of ‘the opportunity’ to have your loan eventually re-written for an amount more in keeping with the actual value of the house.

      Do your homework, stay put and duke it out.

      • l vent says:

        Why would he want his loan rewritten? Our homes are paid for free and clear because of the Ponzi Scheme. You must work for the NWO. Anybody talking loan mod is talking bullshit and can’t be trusted. Hit the road your stinking up the place..

    • enough already of this b-ll sh-t says:

      @ wayne i have awells fargo loan nothing recorded. no assignments no allonges. whats up with that?

      • l vent says:

        Whats up with that is, your house is paid for. There is no record your loan ever existed on a planet called earth.

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