REGISTERS O’BRIEN AND THIGPEN say “Put the BRAKES on any Settlement with the Big Banks… Registers of Deeds need to be at the table”

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 PRESS RELEASE May 12, 2011


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May 12, 2011



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REGISTERs  O’BRIEN AND THIGPEN say “Put the BRAKES on any Settlement with the Big Banks … Registers of Deeds need to be at the table”

Southern Essex County (MA) Register of Deeds, John O’Brien and Guilford County (NC) Register of Deeds, Jeff Thigpen, are today publicly asking  Iowa’s Attorney General, Tom Miller, who has been coordinating the National Association of Attorneys General (“NAAG”) investigation into the banks’ improper mortgage dealings to stop settlement negotiations until there is a full accounting of the damage that the bank’s practices have inflicted upon the land recordation system and consumers chains of title across the nation and have again asked for the Registers of Deeds to have a seat at the negotiation table.

O’Brien and Thigpen, wrote to Miller in early April, asking that the Registers of Deeds be represented at any settlement talks.  They have not heard back from Miller, and they find that very disturbing. “We represent Main Street, in contrast to Wall Street, and that constituency needs to be heard” said O’Brien.

Register O’Brien, who is leading the nationwide effort against the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (“MERS”) and its member banks said, “We need to take a long hard look at the damage that these banks have caused, not only to our economy but also to people’s chains of title.  There can be no settlement for pennies on the dollar.” O’Brien points to MERS and their failure to record documents in the local registry of deeds in order to avoid paying billions of dollars in recording fees, thereby corrupting the chains of title of hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the country, as well as the alleged fraud associated with the robo-signing, as reasons for putting on the breaks. “That is why it is so important that the Registers of Deeds be brought into the room. We need to bring our knowledge of the land recordation system and consumer’s problematic chain of title issues to the table.” Common sense mandates that if a bridge collapses and there is a meeting to re-build that bridge, that the structural engineers must be invited to the table.  “Why the Registers of Deeds have not been involved in these negotiations is puzzling” according to O’Brien and Thigpen

Thigpen’s office sent Attorney General Miller and Federal Regulators 4,500 potentially fraudulent and/or forged documents recorded in his Registry by Doc X.  Doc X is owned by Lender Processing Services, which was acting on behalf of Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and MERS, among others. “I am but one county, however I feel confident based upon my research that this is a disaster of epic proportions, for homeowner’s chains of title in the United States.  As a result, it needs to be clearly established that citizens can no longer be harmed by the reckless disregard that the major banks and MERS have had for the American consumer and the integrity of public recording offices. People need to be assured that their ownership rights are secure and protected, that people who sign legal documents are who they say they are, and that there is transparency and fair dealing by all.  I don’t think we are there yet.” stated Thigpen.

In addition, O’Brien and Thigpen are concerned about the reports that Miller has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from banks, finance, insurance, and real estate contributors since he announced that he was leading the NAAG investigation.  O’Brien and Thigpen said, “Without questioning Millers integrity, Miller should consider either returning the contributions or voluntarily stepping aside so that there would not be even the slightest appearance of a conflict of interest.”

These Registers want to know “Why is there such a rush to have a settlement? “How can the consumers be fully protected when the extent of the damages are still unknown?”


10 Responses to “REGISTERS O’BRIEN AND THIGPEN say “Put the BRAKES on any Settlement with the Big Banks… Registers of Deeds need to be at the table””
  1. M. Payne says:

    O’Brian and
    thipen are our cuurrent Jeffersons and Washingtons. It looks to me like the rest of the men who will not defend the constitition are a bunch of steers WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN SHORN OF NTHEIR BALLS.

  2. M. Payne says:

    Are O’Brian and Thigpen the only people left in this country with morals and respect for the Constitution? If Miller had any balls he would give back the bribe money.

    This chrisis is causing a huge emotional misery in our country. Maybe Miller is afraid the banksters will kill him. Why not? They have no guts and are only interested in stealing our land.

    We need leaders to step forward. The cowards causing and perpetuating this misery on women, children, babies and the men who try to protect them will find that huge sins like this will not bring them happiness. Money cannot, in itself, make them happy. They WILL SUFFER like every other totalitarian enhancing person has in the end. This is leADING US INTO A POLICE STATE.. But remember what happened to Hitler, Mussolini, the leaders of Japan after their cowardly attack, and eventually to every despot. And Saddam Hussein was a monster? Yes. If this is not stopped it CAN and will happen in America, the Land of the Frree and Home of the Brave. Get ready and fight your foreclosures if you can. And pray. God is not deaf.

  3. DLC 55 and holding says:

    I have already begun my own campaign here in Colorado for the Attorney General to explain his lack of action against the Banksters. I presented proof positive to his office that Countrywide/BAC was in violation of a consent decree that it entered into with the citizens of Colorado through our AG but all I got was the “can’t comment about an ongoing investigation”, crap.

    I have also commented recently that we can expect nothing more than a slap on the wrist of the Banksters by the “NAAG” investigation. And it would appear that AG Miller has no intentions of using the materials presented to the committee by Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Thigpen which only serves to support the theory that the investigation by the “NAAG” is nothing more than a shame and another opportunity for elected offical to line their collective pockets at the expense of the tax-payers.

    I honestly believe that there are a few members of the investigation who will denounce it for what it really is before its finding are released and refuse to part of yet another sham investigation that results in nothing more than another coverup and a great waste of time and enregy. SPEAKING OF TIME, consider this, the longer it takes for any meaningful litigation to come out of all this the less chance the rest of us have at getting our cases before the courts within the time allowed by the statute of limitations for Fraud, Theft, Conspiracy and the Consumer Protection Acts available in most of the 50 States. Not to mention the statutes of limitation that exist where criminal charges related to the crimes committed by the Banksters are concerned.

    This is no accident or coincidence, its part of the DAMN Conspiracy that is being perpetrated against the American People by just about every judicial, administrative and legislative branch of the federal and state bodies involved with these Banksters.

    Thank you Mr. O’Brien and Mr. Thigpen for standing up for the rest of us and performing the duties of your office despite the outcome or the fact that you are going against the mainstream. One County in one State with over 4,500 cases of fraud with another 2,300 under review and investigation with an estimated total of over $400 million of property involved and the “NAAG” shows no interest in this.

    There are at least 3,100 seperate counties in the United States so lets just round the fraud figure off to $300 million per county and see what we get. How about something like $942 BILLION worth of fraud involving real property, no big deal right, just a few billion short of a trillion dollars.

    Is it any wonder that we can’t find just one honest Man in all of this………………………………………….

    Stay in the fight and good luck to us all.

    DL, 55 and holding…………………..

  4. CoCo says:

    Mr. Thigpen and Mr. O’Brien-FINALLY TWO PEOPLE THAT GET WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!! The American public is awakening-we need you to keep this fight going. Developing MERS to avoid recording fees is just like forming a company to avoid paying taxes-illegal. They need to suffer the consequences-bankers, robo signers and the notaries that helped them commit these ECONOMIC CRIMES, need to go to FEDERAL PRISON. They knew what they were doing was wrong no matter what they say. Time to see some heads roll for fraud and theft-they STOLE PEOPLES’ HO– USES FROM THEM. Even if this mess ever gets straightened out, the lenders owe people QUIET TITLE TO THEIR HOMES if the homes have not been foreclosed upon yet. If the homes have been illegally foreclosed upon, the former owner needs to RECEIVE FULL MARKET VALUE of the home at time of sale and absolutely no deficiency judgments. This will not break the banks. They will get more money from the government, and the execs will probably continue to live large and send their kids to the finest schools to learn how to become financial thieves just like them and the world goes on. Maybe now, we will stop idolizing and salivating over all of the luxury homes, yachts and cars that are plastered all over the internet for the “poor” to see. We paid for these mansions and lavish lifestyles. Make the bankers, crooked attorneys and their cronies sell these ill gotten material things and PAY US BACK our well deserved monies and homes. It’s time for them to go from drving hot cars to living A HOT MESS.

  5. jzseeker says:

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!! Thigpen and OBrien need to look at the people in foreclosure and stop the slaughter at that level first. Stand up for the citizen being abused and then stand up for the taxpayer being used.

  6. Fury says:

    they would get a response from tom miller if they were holding a campaign check in their hands.

  7. Fury says:

    i really think that the Register of Deeds could be the linchpins.
    they seem to be the only ones besides defauded homeowners to care that property laws have been

  8. JIm Bethea says:

    Good deal…..keep the grease boiling hot against these bankster cartel…..don’t allow the Fed Res, SEC & OCC to coerce congress into a simple slap on the wrist and opening an escape hatch for their fraud….

    Let the attorney generals and RODs blow the trumpet that can be heard by all………

  9. housemanrob says:

    Finally…………SIR LANCELOT!

  10. Catherine Mc Manus says:

    MR THIGPEN & MR O’BRIAN- THANK YOU ! apparently there are no other “Deed Recorders” that understand the enormity or the millions of $$$$$$ stolen from Counties all over the United States Of America.
    I will be praying you two will get a seat at the table with State Ag’s and Banks.
    I will also pray other Official Recorders of Deeds will come forward.
    Whether this will help any of us involved/consumed by this Foreclosure Fraud Nightmare I hope the Banks
    will have to pay MILLIONS to the COUNTIES they have failed to pay *& legally OWE.
    I called my County Recorder of Deeds and emailed your first report to the Clerk of Court.
    They told me” yes your County Administration is concerned and they could not comment on their “current investigation in process and would be forwarded to the Head Administrator”. The Property Appraisers Office also promptly responed with email saying “I have no aurhority to investigate Fraud”. I responded with proper thank you’s and told VOLUSIA COUNTY MORGAN GILREATH I was not looking to prove FRAUD through his office, I was trying to provide info on what other Counties have discovered, and ask if my County was applying any such methods to “discover or recover” $$$$$ UNRECORDED FEES

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