Wells Fargo Fraudcloses on Active Duty Servicemember, Blames Ad Litem Attorney

This is how they rig the game against servicemembers…

The banks pay the attorney to “defend” the servicemember, which pays very well for no or little work. A bit of a conflict of interest if you ask me…

And, nothing gets resolved…

Anyone had enough of this yet?

Banks find it easy to skirt federal laws protecting servicemembers from foreclosure

TAMPA – While they are fighting for our nation overseas, some military personnel are losing their houses to foreclosure here at home.

In the thick of battle, in the heat of the fight, it’s the last thing a GI should have to worry about.  While Coast Guardsman Keith Johnson was fighting for our country overseas, he was losing a battle here at home, for his home.

A battle, he claims, he had no idea was being waged until the moment he got back and spoke to his wife.

“It just boggled my mind. I got back and she said ‘the house is basically foreclosed’ and I was like ‘What do you mean?'” Johnson says.

At the same time, Johnson and his wife Alysia were negotiating with their lender, Wells Fargo, to modify the mortgage on their Clearwater home, the bank’s lawyers were foreclosing on the property, getting a summary judgment, and auctioning it off.

That happens fairly often.  Banks negotiate loan modifications at the same time they move to foreclose. The difference here is that Johnson says no one ever informed him the bank was foreclosing.

If that’s true, it would be an apparent violation of a federal law specifically designed to protect active duty military personnel.

You can check out the rest with video here…

It appears Matt Weidner has taken on the case, so we will keep you posted…



3 Responses to “Wells Fargo Fraudcloses on Active Duty Servicemember, Blames Ad Litem Attorney”
  1. The banks don’t have any respect not even for the serviceman of this country fighting for them It is disgusting to say the least !!

  2. see says:

    I think it is amazing that these banks blame everyone but themselves. They contract people to do their dirty work and then say they are not responsible for what the people they hire do. Bull Crap. They know what they are doing and say nothing because it is effective and then when caught act dumb and start the blame game.

    @stuckinSoPa the enemy is right here in our back yards destroying people’s lives with our own government looking on and doing nothing. Our service men and women are not fighting for the rights of the American people. They are fighting for big banks, corporations, wall street to continue this rape of the American people. Thank you for your service. My husband is a disabled vet fighting now for 20 years for medical care that should be given to him as a Vet injured while on duty.

  3. StuckinSoPa says:

    As a veteran, I am beyond incensed! These bankster morons better realize one thing . You have a whole LOT of G.I.’s returning from war zones where who are both very experienced in, and quite used to SHOOTING AND KILLING THE ENEMY. Some s.o.b. takes away my home while I am serving in some foreign hellhole


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