In light of Pam Bondi’s comments on fraudclosures from an earlier post, Fraudclosure | Bondi: Don’t Cut Homeowners’ Mortgage Principal, I repost this report…

Although it was released just as Pam Bondi became the AG of Florida, it was put together by assistant attorneys general here in South Florida before she was in power.

I wonder if she even read the report…

Presentation Says It all


7 Responses to “Florida Attorney General Fraudclosure Report | UNFAIR, DECEPTIVE AND UNCONSCIONABLE ACTS IN FORECLOSURE CASES”
  1. As you can see this presentation was presented before new politicians took power has anything change? I think NOT In this presentation, I’m reading exactly what i see going on everyday. God Help us !

  2. pamelag says:

    don’t worry….karma police are on their way…(see IMF) God Bless America!

  3. Fury says:

    i will say it again….
    how can pam bondi put out that VERY long slide show about fraudclosure
    and then make these slimy settlement deals with some of the the perps?

    now she is blaming the defrauded homeowners?

    what is wrong w/ her?

  4. Mo says:

    She did not read this report, she is blond.

  5. more and more lies says:

    can anyone please answer why do foreclosures have to go foward if there is mortgage servicing fraud. modification fraud is causing a large amount of foreclosures where the bank tries to collect from the government on our loan. seems servicer fraud needs to be investigated. we move our files our of modification review and we sure didnt lose the paper work. come on this more than foreclosure deficits but complete servicer fraud. forsclosures must not continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Nancy Coxall says:

    I would like to think Jason is correct in his thinking! However, what we have all be through in the past few years says that anyone in a position of authority has and will get away with murder.

    I fear this will be swept under the rug just like everything else, unless, of course it might be someone from “Main Street”…they would be in prison tomorrow!


  7. Jason Werner says:

    There is absolutely no way these banks are getting away with their crimes. All reasonable minds concur that the whores (bankers, judges, AGs, and the like) are the only ones agreeing together in their crimes, and they even point fingers at each other.

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