Suckas | Credit Error? It Pays to Be on V.I.P. List

This reminds me of a video documentary I watched on Youtube (above) years ago. It actually has nothing to do with the post below except it introduced me to the word Suckas…


From the Urban Dictionary…

The second definition, since the first one was too profane…

A person who is being used, scammed, or tricked by some one else.


Credit Error? It Pays to Be on V.I.P. List

The credit rating bureaus, whose reports influence everything from credit cards to mortgages to job offers, have a two-tiered system for resolving errors — one for the rich, the well-connected, the well-known and the powerful, and the other for everyone else.

The three major agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, keep a V.I.P. list of sorts, according to consumer lawyers and legal documents, consisting of celebrities, politicians, judges and other influential people. Those on the list — and they may not even realize they are on it — get special help from workers in the United States in fixing mistakes on their credit reports. Any errors are usually corrected immediately, one lawyer said.

For everyone else, disputes are herded into a largely automated system. Their complaints are often electronically ferried to a subcontractor overseas, where a worker spends, on average, about two minutes figuring out the gist of the matter, boiling it down to a one-to-three-digit computer code that signifies the problem — “account not his/hers,” for example — and sending a dispute form to the creditor to investigate. Many times, consumer advocates say, the investigation translates to a perfunctory check of its records.

You can check out the rest at the NY Times here…

A few things  I have learned when challenging credit reports is never do it online, use lots of staples, randomly, on your mailed in letters and paperwork, and use different colored ink, especially red, when writing on your submissions.

Their automated computer systems can not read the different color inks and they most definitely can not remove staples.

Moral to the story is that a human has to process you inquiry.

Approved or denied, they have to actually pay someone to actually look at it and make an “informed” decision…


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  1. Or, do nothing! Who gave the credit people the right to score my credit? I pay nothing at this time, owe considerable and still they send more offers of credit! Where there is no sanity can there be obligation? I’ll give to Caesar that which has his picture. He can keep his credit too!
    Why should I work to adjust a score that I did not create?

  2. donna deangelo says:

    It used to be that way with the credit agency’s , not any more if chase wants it on there, it stays ,if chase wants it removed ,its removed , I am not doing to say don’t waste your time , you have to , for your file, to prove you disputed it, just don’t put a lot of time into it ,and MAKE SURE YOU MAKE LOTS OF COPY”S OF YOUR REPORT ,because if there is some you want to stay on there, like say two loans that embezzled money from you, they will be gone , you need it for your file to show the judge and jury ,how they tried covering this fraud up, and we as tax payers don’t have a chance , the big banks have everybody on their payroll, including people at the recorders office ,you need all the paper work for your file to show that the credit agency’s didn’t take into consideration the 25 pages of evidence, supporting what you were telling them was true ,and they did not read it or…….

    Credit reports , county recorders , title company’s are in Jamie’s pants, oops ! ” I mean pockets .”

  3. Sally says:

    Who in the world is this incoherent MAGGIE MAY?


  4. dRp says:

    Some years ago I was concerned about cleaning up my reports. I did manage to get to one Executive to whom I said “Getting these off my report” would save us both a lot of time and money. He went through each one and I would say, “that one never validated” he’d reply “it’s gone, how about this $13k debt on a car loan?” “Oh’ that one was when I bought a car, it broke and they wouldn’t take it back!” “It’s gone, and the credit card…?

    It was one, just one of the happiest moments of my life. That might seem sad, but the ability to get to people like that and obtain what few, if any others can do brings a sense of pride (and relief on my credit score). I’ve used the same ability to contact Jamie Dimon’s personal secretary, get confirmation within 1 hour from HUD’s General Counsel on a interpretation of a RESPA issue, find a Fannie Mae Executive who gave me info no one else would.

    I’m rambling about this, because I’m sure Mike, Lisa and others have learned there’s ways to get things done without being complete sheeple.

  5. Sui the Gator says:

    I have several issues with the credit bureaus, so I appreciate this article. When your “debt” gets sold, it is like the MERS fiasco, who owns it? My debt with Wamu was given to Chase, then subsequently to another company as a junk debt. But no ownership papers. But two XX number of dollars (doubling my debt) on the credit report. I also found out that they credit bureaus process “fico” scores differently.

    I was underwriting two different mortgages, both with similar cases of mine, one with a Bankruptcy four years ago, both these individuals had 100 and 150 scores over mine???? Wait a minute….. Something is wrong, and when I tried to talk to someone at the bureau “she” didn’t care..

    I do make my mortgage on time, I sacrificed my credit card debt for my house. Where is help for us??

  6. StuckinSoPa says:

    Remember this ALWAYS!

    If you have been good using the credit cards that you do have, they will consider you a good risk because of your history with them, continually upping your credit limit and offering perks and specials, trying to sucker you into over extending yourself and become just another debt slave.

    Take advantage of this!

    Use only credit cards that offer lots of perks.


    Got a Discover Fleet card through work. 5% cash back on vehicle fuel and 1-5% cash back on everything else. Use card for everything. When it comes time to getting your cash back, take it in major retailer’s gift cards where they tack on another % for free, so $45 cash refund equals $50 major retailer gift card. Of course only if you are shopping their store anyway, otherwise take the cash refund off your bill.

    Will be switching to a new MasterCard for the next six months with a promo that offers 5% cash back on everything, 12 months to pay, no apr. When the promo period is up, card will be shredded.

    Credit card companies hate me, don’t owe a cent

    PAY ALL BILLS IN FULL EVERY MONTH! resulting in a lousy credit score.


    they keep on offering the cards.

    Screw the cc’s and the Big Three!

    • donna says:

      I totally agree with you stuckinsopal , If you don’t deal with them , How can they steal from you , they have no means to ripping you off !, TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY, CD”S etc… out of their control and put it where its safer ,
      My newphew is 10 years old, and if you tell him “Here’s Fifty Bucks ,now go put it in the bank “!,
      He will tell you in a second “The banks are crooks” , “They steal from you” “,I have a credit union Thank-you “The banks ript my Auntie for over $300,000.00,!” ” I would much rather bury my money in the back yard, before I would give it to the bank, to kipe “?(steal)” it from me !”( some word like that )
      You got to train em young , Smart Kid my Cameron.

  7. Dan Junk says:

    Hillarious video!!

  8. jzseeker says:

    We are some dumb MFers. MOODYS – APPRAISALS – EQUIFAX????? The US is in the hands of the Rothchilds – Ritschild – to be sure. Greatest money (resource) changers in the history of this world.

  9. maggie may says:


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