You Have Got to be KIDDING | Trashed Out – Nancy Jacobini’s Home was Broken Into AGAIN

Now this is another absolutely inexcusable act. In my opinion, it is another example of Bankster intimidation.

When the hell is it enough. We are in some very dangerous times folks…

Anyway, you all remember Nancy, right?

LINK – Out of Control!!! LISTEN TO THIS TERRIFYING 911 CALL of Thugs Hired by JPMorgan Chase Breaking Down a Door


The banks and institutions that now run this country are running absolutely wild and out of control.

They do not fear judges or law enforcement.

They do not fear any law.

They do not need permission to kick down your front door, steal what they want and throw everything else into the streets.

As one of the owners of a company who specializes in “securing” or “winterizing” properties was recently quoted in the Palm Beach Post said, “Lawsuits don’t phase us anymore.”












Well, they did it AGAIN!

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If you dare…

Bet you can’t wait til it happens to you…


31 Responses to “You Have Got to be KIDDING | Trashed Out – Nancy Jacobini’s Home was Broken Into AGAIN”
  1. Francine Cole says:

    The real deadbeats — are the greedy, dirty people at the banks who want everything for themselves and don’t want the rest of us to have anything. I am a regular, known customer at Wachovia/Wells Fargo Banks in Morristown/Morris County, New Jersey. Yet, Wachovia/Wells Fargo let a stranger walk in the bank and take $62,000 and $52,000 out of an account with my name on without so much as giving me a courtesy call! This was done after I sent a RESPA request to Wachovia/Wells Fargo, requested the original instrument of indebtedness and filed a complaint against attorney Charles D. Craig with the Morris County Bar. Craig is a crooked, African American attorney and Judge who is above the law. I am convinced that the Morris County Bar — a law firm had something to do with the money being released to the stranger because the Bar is in cahoots with local officials who are trying to force the sale of the home I live in to run me out of town for exercising my constitutional rights.

  2. incognito123 says:

    This is NOT a civil matter as the police are ‘determining’ UNLESS they have a court order, which in this and many others, they do NOT have said court order. I don’t understand the reluctance to do their jobs. Apparently we need to shoot and kill these burglars, while protecting ourselves and property – police do we need to do that to get your attention?

    • Tim Bryant says:

      She has a civil claim against the police, and the city, if she chooses to pursue it.

    • TheHutMaster says:

      Shoot to Kill is what I tell my clients. The SCUMBAGS at NCCI, which “Vist the property for the banksters, are high on my hit list. These COCK ROACHES leave their Intimidating “Personal and Confidential” cock roach droppings.

      I get several reports of these COCK ROACHES taking pictures inside windows.

      I tell my clients to shoot them dead and call the sheriff to report a break-in attempt.

      “Fight The Good Fight”

      • Tim Bryant says:

        Molliter Manus Imposuit, your legal right to defend your home….

      • Tim Bryant says:

        MOLITER MANUS IMPOSUIT, pleading.
        In an action of trespass to the person, the defendant frequently justifies by pleading that he used no more force than was necessary to remove the plaintiff who, was unlawfully in the house of the defendant, and for this purpose he gently laid his hands upon him, molitur manus imposuit.

        2. This plea may be used whenever the defendant laid hold of the plaintiff to prevent his committing a breach of the peace.

        3. When supported by evidence, it is a complete defence.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        Use as little force as needed, but throw the REO bastards out of your house, if they have no legal authority to enter.

  3. Tim Bryant says:

    They used to call that breaking and entering…..

  4. Patrick says:

    A thug breaking down any door, should hear only one thing. Shuck shuck.

  5. Fury says:

    do you know how many times each day defrauded homeowners are being subjected to this terror?
    my family lived through it. it was like the movie “marathon man” w/ the menacing drill.

    stop the thuggery!
    stop foreclosure crimes!

  6. Fury says:

    the whole
    “winterizing” and “securing” is bogus.

    check into how much your marshal gets paid. it shocked me.

    are these cops who are on duty or have been paid by the Fraudsters?
    look into it.

  7. Fury says:


  8. TC says:

    Did anyone notice on the previous (first) 911 call at the 8:47 mark, the operator asked her if she owned the home, was it financed through a bank, and then asked if she was behind in payments?? Why would the 911 operator ask that on a 911 call when the caller is saying that someone is in their house and (the homeowner) has locked themselves in the bathroom out of fear for their life????

    Has the police and 911 center received these kinds of calls before this???

    I find it hard to believe that this is NOT the first time that a call such of this has gone into their 911 center. Amazing that a 911 operator somehow just ‘guessed’ that she was behind on her payments????

    • Bryan says:

      Sure that has happened more than the media is telling us. After all we are just DEAD BEATS. People who dont pay bills, you know what ever makes the greedy bastards look right in the eyes of the people.

      Banks, Wallstreet scum bags have raped and had sex with all of us. No one cares.

    • see says:

      From what I recall from when this first happened the cops grabbed the guy and he said he was from the bank to change the locks. The 911 operator may have been told by the cops that he was a hired bank thug, so she may have been verifying the info given to her.

      I am sure that these call to 911 are getting to be routine. Just wait for the call where a homeowner claims they just shot someone breaking into their house. Bound to happen sooner or later. And I am worried that the homeowner will be brought up on charges.

      This whole story is unbelieveable. I think that this is intentional on the banks part. Either that or they have no organization within the departments. or both.

      • Mrs Doutfire says:

        If someone broke into my house you would see a dead crook. I have small children and I have no fear to kill someone who causes a threat to me or my children. How do you know they are from the bank? You dont. With all the crime out their now, I trust no one and I can only say god help the poor sap who breaks in my door……………thats a felony where I come from, home invasion.

      • Tim Bryant says:

        Same here, Mrs Doubtfire. These Property Preservation goons better start thinking of Self Preservation….LOL

    • I did not listen to it…but saw Matt and her on tv….ti was none of the 911 operator’s business to ask that…did she not say someone was breaking into her home and she locked herself in bathroom? Was that not enough to bring some police??? The break in had nothing to do with payments or if she owned the home….I would have made a huge stink over that…my mouth would have burned some ears…..Now everyone can understand why some have gotten guns…..I understand gun shops run out of stock real fast….If this continues….it is bound to happen….a blast ‘ from no where’….

      • Mrs Doutfire says:

        Reminds me of a song :Charlie Daniels Band :
        Simple Man: listen to it… it makes sence

  9. noel poe says:

    i’m pretty pacifistic but she had every right to blast that fool away, especially with the repeat performances, how else are they going to get the message??

  10. Pamela says:

    People should always protect thier property and them selves if this was being done more often then we would not have near the problems that we do.

    • Bryan says:

      Maybe if all the people going thru this nightmare took action to bring this out into the main stream news , you know give them something to talk about. Show the fraud, the crooked judges, attorneys who just do what the banks tell them, Might even need to expose a senator or congressman.
      They all have their heads up their up their ass. Laws are Laws. I took an oath to that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. Served my country and this is what they do to the laws?
      Wake up America.

  11. angry & NOT TAKING IT! says:

    open my door just get shot & killed.. oops it was a criminal breaking in ..i feared for my life.

  12. Bryan says:

    I will be ready for them. The first time they pounded on the door and said they were from OCWEN, offered $2500 for the keys, told them to screw, get off MY PROPERTY I am fighting them with a laywer. Foreclosure was ILLEGAL, NO STANDING, BOGUS ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE,OCWEN,BEAR STEARNS 2007 HE4, NO ONE IS LISTENING TO THE FRAUD THAT HAS TAKEN PLACE. I did the OBAMA HELP FOR HOMEOWNERS, Then never got an answer, as to YES OR NO, just an acceleration of MORTGAGE. Then they stole my property. Been to the State AG’S office, no help, Several Emails to Jack Reed, Sheldon Whitehouse, NO HELP, EMAILS to the Great President, NO HELP. Banksters and the people who try to walk into my house will meet a very PISSED OFF VETERAN.

    • Fury says:

      our friends were screwed by ocwen and were so unnerved they left their home. they regret it.

      i can’t find the post of the person who said that this is a local issue.

      i really don’t think so.

      i saw our congressman on the street and chased him down to talk to him. clueless. and this is a guy whom i thought was pretty cool. i will never vote for him again.

      there must be a national response to this horrible fraud. it goes beyond any contract law.

      florida is a disaster. should we let those people flounder or any of us just because local or state officials are corrupt or incompetent? no!

      i pull myself up and i will hold onto others’ hands to get above this unholy, illegal mess.

      the only solution i see is full restitution—pay people back what they sunk into their homes.

  13. Pamela says:

    Breaking and entering is still against the law and should be pursued to the fullest extent of the law.Should the gentleman from the bank identified himself as such I doubt seriously that 911 woul have been called. There were no mistakes made he was there to break and enter and thats almost what he got away with.Then the bank wants to do the whole “it was just a big mistake”trip.Throw his fat happy ass in the clink for a little think time and I bet this guy pursues another field of employment.Won’t be bank related either I’ll just bet.Hang them high its the only thing that works.

  14. FKA... says:

    They can break down my door…and meet my five dogs…then there’s the Second Amendment…

  15. l vent says:

    Matt looked really mad and fed up on Dylan’s show today. Matt clearly is feeling the way we are all feeling. Matt, you are a great American. patriot. . Where is Obama? Time to stop the insanity. People don’t even feel safe in their own homes in America anymore and the cops don’t care about us. One of these bank bastards are going to get shot. sooner or later. Someone petrified homeowner is gonna pop a cap in one of these bank goons heads.

    • Michael-Lynn says:

      A couple of months ago I related the situation I experienced back in September of 2010, when the police came to the call of the vendor and the police told me I had only ten minutes to pack up and get off the property or be arrested, even though I am protected by state law and Protecting Tenants At Foreclosure Act of Congress that Obama signed into law May 20, 2009. Five months later the BANKSTERS got the sheriff deed at auction and then a few weeks later as I took pictures with a friend the police assisted the vendors as they returned to steal everything they prevented me from being able to remove and destroyed all of my family heirlooms or keepsakes and receipts and titles and other priceless irreplacable items that went to the landfill. I am trying another lawsuit this time just against the vendor crew that hid their faces as we took pictures of their theft and racketeering and maybe this time the lawsuit will not be dismissed for my action for conversion under IC 34-24-3-1 and other crimes and perhaps eventually I will get to the president and other ceo board members of US Bank and BANCORP and make them all pay a big judgment from a jury.

      Something I have learned is that as the national companies that are agents for the banksters seek more profit they resort to hiring those that are not bonded and are reputable as other companies you can read about that lose work to these inexperienced guys that do trashouts and violate the law. Reputable companies that are not fly by nighters do not do this sort of breaking in and if they find that a place is occupied in any way with the doors locked and or the utilities on then they notify the Principals and a proper eviction action is filed that should result under the law in home owners and tenants alike being protected from home invasions and thrown out in the streets while everything is lost to thugs that otherwise are unscrupulous.

      The answer is in local code enforcement against Banksters and doing abatement action to seize the properties from the banks such as proposed by me draft legislation for local counties and cities to enact so that we can correct everything at the grass root level.

      Everyone needs to stop complaining and do grassroots remediation to take these properties back and quit expecting anyone anywhere to do anything for us as they never will when we do not do what we can for ourselves as we stand together at town hall meetings and demand this legislation that is the cure for what ills we all suffer.

      Write me for a copy.


      Michael @ The “MIXED WAR” Room and The Trials of Life

      • Fury says:

        my heart breaks for you. i have experienced a total rigged auction of family possessions
        as well as a rigged f/c auction.

        can you post your “cure “on the message board?

    • I vent..I just said that in my comment… will be a blast from no where….Ya..some petrified homeowner or a really pissed off one and there are plenty of those…when they come thru..facing inside.. thats when to blast them….just make sure you pull the trigger first…..that is the important part….get the idea??? Shooting in the back may cause you some trouble..but in the front you can say it was self defense….and you know damn well they all carry a gun….if he drops in the doorway kick his foot inside….. Also…we signed with a top attorney today….now for the letter telling the other attorney we no longer will be needing her. It all is such a good feeling…the vibes feel right….My daughter was so releived afterwards…. I drank a cold cup of coffee coming home ( had to drive 60 miles to his office) that was left in the car…and it tasted great…even cold. So you know that my mood was flying high….. and come to find out he lives a few miles from my daughter. Now to sit back and wait to start all over again….but I feel this will be worth it.

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