DOES THE CORRUPTION EVER STOP!!! Broward Chief Judge Victor Tobin Gets Promotion, Leaves Bench For New Position At Marshall C. Watson

Wow… I though I have seen it all. I guess not…

I wonder if he is planning to adjudicate Marshall Watson cases over the next 6 weeks?

From: Judge Tobin/17THCircuit
Date: May 17, 2011 5:57:22 PM
Cc: Carol L Ortman

Late this afternoon, I notified Governor Scott that I would be resigning as a Circuit Judge effective June 30, 2011.  Effective July 1, 2011, I will return to private practice with the Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson.  I wish to express my sincere thanks to each judge for permitting me the honor of being your Chief Judge during the last four years.  I appreciate the confidence you placed in me.

Vic Tobin

Yea, you know. The same foreclosure mill that just settled with Bondi for $2 mil…

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi Settles Investigation Against One of Florida’s Largest Foreclosure Firms

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Today Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi  announced a first-of-its-kind settlement against attorney Marshall C. Watson and his law firm, one of the largest foreclosure firms in Florida, for alleged improprieties in the prosecution of foreclosure cases throughout Florida.

This settlement, which calls for a $2 million payment and imposition of certain requirements to conduct business, is the first stemming from numerous investigations into Florida foreclosure law firms.

But wait, there’s more… Some background on Dishonorable Judge Tobin…

Robo-Judges – It’s speed vs. skepticism for Fla. judges facing avalanche of foreclosure cases

Posted by Foreclosure Fraud on October 17, 2010

“It’s like talking to a brick wall. . . . The banks themselves have slowed down, but not the judges. . . . They are robo-signers.” ~ By Brady Dennis Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, October 15, 2010; 12:11 AM FORT LAUDERDALE – In a cramped, makeshift courtroom, Broward County Judge Victor Tobin was signing off on uncontested foreclosure cases as fast as a clerk could keep them coming, only a few seconds per file.

“Batter up,” he said as he finished one stack and eyed the next. With scores of cases remaining on the day’s “rocket docket” earlier this week and tens of thousands more awaiting judgment in this courthouse, there was little time to pause.

We called and confirmed the “promotion” and I must say, we were speechless.

If this does not go to show how rigged the foreclosure game is, I do not know what will.

I don’t know what to believe anymore…

I knew it was bad, but this is even beyond me…

Letter to Gov Scott below…



Victor Tobin Letter to Gov Scott

26 Responses to “DOES THE CORRUPTION EVER STOP!!! Broward Chief Judge Victor Tobin Gets Promotion, Leaves Bench For New Position At Marshall C. Watson”
  1. jaxon says:

    go check this clown’s waste basket. he’s probably tearing paper up and filing affidavits. any foreclosures filed without paper and supported by affidavit should be aggressively investigated. these people ARE breaking the law.

  2. Jason Werner says:

    Proverbs 28:4
    They [whore judges] that forsake the law praise the wicked [FDIC-member banks and their attorneys]: but such [us] as keep the law contend with them.

  3. JamesM says:

    There is no direct sign of wrong doing at this point, but it is possible that someone has the juice and put the squeeze on, forcing him to resign under threat of an ethics complaint.

    I suspect the announcement is a way to be out in front of some problem, it may something in the courts or be as simple as knocking up the maid or a DUI.

    One would not normally consider leaving the cushy and powerful position of chief judge in a major circuit, for anything other than retirement, a seat on the appellate court, or a high paid white stocking law firm.

    To be going to a foreclosure mill, that is already under a dark cloud and ethics investigations, to oversee the sordid business of shepherding through the banks forged documents, does not seem like a career move made because of the opportunity.

    • James….very interesting…those ‘ thoughts ‘ might have some merit….quite a step down from where he is at now…..hmmmmm

      • Catherine Mc Manus says:

        maybe it is a “step down” as you call it but it is most likely a BIG PAY RAISE-much more than he was already receiving as a Judge.
        Watsons Firm should be shut down, not hiring anyone.

  4. Officer of the Law says:

    He might as well make it official since has been working for the mills for years. Oh, and yes, it is illegal to take cash in exchange for favorable rulings. Of course, since the prosecutors are also on the banksters’ payroll, why would they prosecute one of their fellow bankster minions?

  5. dormanmom says:

    Boy, it just gets better every single day, doesn’t it?

  6. This scumbag (and I hate to even call him a judge) needs to be tied and horse whipped to the bones. This decision to be a turn coat was not just decided. You can bet your bottom dollar he has been ‘ crooked ‘ for quite a spell…..leaving and going to work at Watson’s tells it all right there. It is a wonder he can sleep with both eyes closed. Anger runs real deep and Florida is filled with citizens who have taken enough of this bullshit criminal treatment from the courts. This state is known all over the country for the corruption that reeks here, There is no place in Florida that is corruption free…it is everywhere. This state has been taken to ruins…all by the ones who carry titles next to their names….titles that seem to give them the right to be corrupted….cause no one is watching the fox who is killing the chickens….. It is a hugh free for all….this state has gone to hell.

  7. Fury says:

    this is like a Carl Hiassen book!

    • leapfrog says:

      Wow! I made just about the same comment on another thread & hadn’t read yours yet. He would be the perfect author for the fraudclosure crisis. I would LOVE to read his take on this. I was going to e-mail him, but apparently all he accepts is snail-mail correspondence.

      • Fury says:

        i saw your comment later — we had the exact same thought! i laughed. and we both had a typo on his name. haha

        i love him.

        has anyone seen Carl Hiaasen in any of the court rooms of these robo-judges?
        this is right up his alley.

        demi moore can’t play pam bondi in the movie of this Hiaasen book.

        what actress will play pam?

        if you know hiaasen’s snail mail address, give it a try.

        or is this dave barry material?

  8. Joe Loomer says:

    Sickening – just sickening.

    Navy Chief, Navy Pride

  9. chunga85 says:

    The world has gone crazy.

    Katy…bar the door.

  10. Binkey says:

    Let me say this, the judges all over the country are running scams with the banks and their investors….all of sudden my case has been sealed and that is without my knowledge, if they do have something to hide….why all of sudden has the case been sealed. The judges, lawyers and all our elected officials are involved in this and they know it. Again, we can take it too the Polls in 2012. And we the people need to stop listening their the b.s. and get them out office 4, 8 years I don’t care how many years they have in move than right on office just like they our moving us out of our homes. They are hearded us out like we are cattle let’s show them we can do the same thing. The banks are worse… tell all your friends and family alike that now is not the time to buy homes. The longer people stand back and wait, the lower the prices, and the interest rates will continue to fall. It is up to the people to flip this country on it’s back….run them in the ground.

    • JamesM says:

      I am interested in your case getting sealed. This is very unusual in a foreclosure case. I would like to see the order that seals the case, at least that should be in the public records.

      Normally cases are only sealed when there is agreement by the parties, and then more commonly in domestic cases, not foreclosure. What state are you in and are you represented by an attorney?

  11. The level of arrogance in this move is over-the-top. Normally a judge would leave to a firm nobody heard of, or a large firm that Watson then fired and funneled all the judges pay to, but to jump directly shows they know that the FL Bar will tolerate any ethics transgression (read: appearance of impropriety) by a mill. Enough: it’s time to rip lawyer and law firm regulation out of the hands of the JQC and the FL Bar and move it under elected officials who do not have a stake in the outcome of disciplinary decisions.

  12. The “revolving door” re-employment of the judge by the Watson law firm is a disgrace and bears sorrowful testimony to the corruption of the judiciary. Florida eschews the concept of a conflict of interest and the appearance of such a conflict in a judge presiding on the bench.
    Nevertheless, one must also question a system which enables such a miscarriage of justice to occur. U.S. officials are required to make disclosures of financial interests which must meet prescribed standadrs. These disclosure forms are monitored to assure compliance.
    By comparison, Floridians select a crook as Governor who presided over a company sanctioned for having committed the largest fraud upon Medicare ever uncovered. It , accordingly, should not come as a shock that voters place a corrupt judge in office. We get what we vote for,and we deseve what we get.
    Moreover what about lawyers, especially those representing clients in foreclosure proceedings. A motion requesting the judge to recuse himself should have been the first line of defense. How many attorneys actually had the courage to make this motion when appearing before the judge as defense attorney in a foreclosure proceeding? This judge should have been required by defending counsel to recuse himself from every foreclosure mater before his bench.
    What about the “free press”? There is a duty to shine the light of public attention on this kind of abuse. Instead, the Florida media has turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to judicial coprruption.
    Corruption is an invasive, virulent disease. It spreads like wild fire. This situation of judicial corruption can only occur when the voters elect corrupt judges, when attorneys and public officials deliberately ignore corruption and when the public has become indifferent to corrupt officials. This kind of malfeasance in office will only stop when the public becomes cognizant of it, objects and demands better.

    • Catch me if you Can movie Frank Abignale played by Leanardo DiCaprio
      They is a book out. I listened to Frank who is now a consultant with the big banks. Free Bernie Madoff.

    • yvonne says:

      Wonder how e can find out what cases he rocket docketed? If they were for Watson…why would they seal a lawsuit? Wouldn’t all parties have to agree to it or have access to it? Wonder if they plan to seal all the blatantly fraudulent ones…keep your files in tact guys…

  13. noel poe says:

    PBBBBBLLLTTT pitchfork time

  14. talktotennessee says:

    You know in technology when the kid hacker beats the computer security system, the company hires him. Is this what that is? The judge can now tell the bankers how to “hack” the judicial system and get legitimate pay
    to do it?

  15. Litgant says:

    We knew all along he was a shyster. Now we have the proof. How long was he taking money under the table before he made the switch? How many judges did he slip a little cash? Justice in Florida? This is lawyer fraud at its best. Remember, what side he switched to. He did not become a defense lawyer. I think the guy is a real jerk and in due time he may trap himself and end up behind bars.

  16. leapfrog says:

    Look at the examples in bigger government. For instance, the SEC and Wall Street – its a revolving door. The bright side of this dirtbag judge seeking employment with the criminal fraudclosure mill is that soon this mill will go the way of David Stern’s and FOLD. Then the a-hole judge will be out of a job. At least the taxpayers of Florida will no longer have to foot the bill on this crooked judge’s pension.

  17. TheHutMaster says:

    Speachless, for now….

    “Fight The Good Fight”

  18. Pamela says:

    Wow no conflict of interest here.So Robo-Judge joins questionable Robo-signing Foreclosure Mill.If it wasn’t so pathetic it might actually be somewhat laughable.

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