Foxes Guarding the Hen House | Analysis: Bank-Picked Experts Take On U.S. Fraudclosure Reviews

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Analysis: Bank-picked experts take on U.S. foreclosure reviews

WASHINGTON, May 19 (Reuters) – U.S. regulators are pinning their hopes on independent consultants picked by large U.S. banks to uncover the true depth of foreclosure misconduct seen at lenders.

Regulators are close to signing off on these consultants, which are expected to include Promontory Financial Group, Treliant Risk Advisors and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

The consultants are supposed to pick up where bank regulators left off in their review of the largest mortgage servicers, including Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Citigroup.

The government review released last month found “pervasive” misconduct including sloppy paper trails and “robosigning” of foreclosure documents, but it only scratched the surface, by some regulators’ account.

Now the government is relying upon the bank-selected consultants, who must be approved by the regulators, in a high-stakes review that will help determine the potentially billions of dollars in fines the industry will have to pay.

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  1. Sue for DISCOVERY of lending fraud. How many others, othere than myself, were granted discovery into the underwritng and appraisal?

    I recieved over 1000 pages of documents including the underwriting notes naming employee names, dates and actions. The WAMU “Vice President” intentionally changed my FULL DOC information to “force” the LPS desk-top underwriter software to “approve” the loan. He made his commission, bonus, or Hawaii trip points – whatever.

    This is MORTGAGE FRAUD – as now willingly and knowingly aided and abetted by JPMorgan Chase and the FDIC.

    This is a FELONY.

    CNN (Spitzer and Taibbi) confirmed it again only yesterday.

    … And the abuse of process and fraud on the courts continues starting into our 4th year of mind-numbing litigation that now includes forged attorney signatures by Shapiro and Fishman… The fraud never stops, it only multiplies and spreads like cancer.

    Hire a qualified, affordable attorney if you can even find one.
    All WAMU homeowners, feel free to join us at

    Good luck America. May God intervene and have mercy on us all.

    • l vent says:

      Oh yeah. I have a copy of note with mine and my husbands forged signatures on it. Forgeries and typos all over the copy of the mortgage and the note. A judge in my county threw 1700 Fisher and Shapiro foreclosure complaints after he discovered fraudulent affadavits. When the judge asked the attorney how he was going to fix the affadavits, the attorney explained how he was going to fix them and the judge told him that is more fraud and promptly threw out 1700 of their foreclosure complaints. The state AG’s reply to that was oh, that just will buy the homeowners more time while the attorneys “fix” their mistakes (fraud). What a joke! There is no way to fix fraud except with more fraud. Foreclosure fraud is just the cover-up for all of the mortgage fraud which started at origination and is rampant through the entirety of the loans. That is why this whole scandal has been named Foreclosuregate. Fraud in the ORIGINATION, fraud in the FORECLOSURE. Fraud anywhere in the contract kills the contract as Fox news reported on Cavuto a couple of weeks ago.

    • l vent says:

      I believe that God already is intervening and has been for quite a while. I believe God is behind the whole truth movement. Gotta get to the truth. Smart is the new rich. I know some don’t like religion being brought into this, but I think God is the truth and therefore he is the light. Satan is the great deceiver of mankind. God does allow Satan to test our faith, some more than others. Especially since 9/11 there have been many tests for many of millions of people across the globe. This evil has infiltrated and hijacked many things. Gotta have faith. We will overcome this. .God Bless America.

      • I vent…this article about the foxes guarding the hen house…I had already made my comments…but going back on other ‘ articles ‘ I came across the College Conspiracy…somehow I missed that one…maybe I was at my daughters house..spent a few days there. Anyways…boy did I miss something …with GET REAL..?? What was that all about? I picked up vibes he was an attorney….he spoke of court cases as a lawyer explaining what the proceedures are….he was digging for info from you to see where you got your info from. Obviously he thought you knew more than what you were saying. …actually he was a pain where the sun don’t shine. And 99% I would say he was NOT in foreclosure as he said. Reason I say this is…his thinking…if the homeowners were responsible for the debt…and pointing fingers to fraud was a cop out…than why would he be IN FORECLOSURE…why didn’t he just walk away…if he could not sell on a short or he could not modify? Or just hand the keys to them….and end the foreclosure…why would he even be in court as he mentions…. If he was in foreclosure as he said…and he was to blame for not being responsible…than why waste time in court? He would already know he lost the house…because he said the homeowners was responsible to pay the debt. If I remember he never mentioned the Note or the orgination fraud…the secret funder of the mortgage. None of the fraud throughout….he just kept stabing at you for info….and asking what you were going to do about it….there again..he was seeking info…voting had nothing to do with massive fraud scheme. voting or not voting was not the question to ask…he just kept looking for issues to keep you talking. I would not have told him shit cause this person already has made it a point to read all comments and knew to attack you for info. To ruffle your feathers….I feel he was a scam coming on here and posing as a person in foreclosure…wearing a mask.

      • l vent says:

        Marilyn , I think he was a Freddie or Fannie troll. You are right, he was not in foreclosure. His arrogance towards others and his blame the victim rhetoric he was spewing was a dead give away. I was not going to let him get away with bad mouthing and blaming all of us. I wanted the truth about my nightmare to get out there to people who are victims like us that might come to that comment page, this was never our fault. My story is not that unlike anyone elses some are worse than mine. Those spawns of satan pop up here to attack us and they are so obvious. The Michael Pines posts are really a war zone. I wonder what that is all about. The more we dig, the more filthy and evil this gets. I googled some of the names off of my foreclosure complaint yesterday and the notaries, the ass.vice pres, the vice pres. from the banks all fictitious. You can go to and get allonge’s to notes or anything you want with fictitous bank presidents signatures on them. I am finding attorneys who are trying to fraudclosure on us worked for the judges and one was an asst to the Ill Attorney General. Have you heard about that new Linkedin IPO that is all the rage on Wall Street. I was wondering what that was all about. I foound that out yesterday to. THAT IS WHERE THE FICTITIOUS BANKERS HIDE TO MAKE THEM LOOK REAL, LIKE THEY REALLY EXIST. THERE ARE MANY WEBSITES THAT ARE IN ON THIS. ONCE YOU REALLY START TO DIG AROUND YOU WILL FIND THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT AND THESE PEOPLE DO NOT REALLY EXIST, MAYBE IN CYBERSPACE LIKE MERS BUT DEFINITELY NOT ON THIS PLANET. THE LINKEDIN IPO IS JUST ANOTHER RACKET FOR THE FRAUDSTERS TO — USE TO HIDE FRAUD AND GET RICH OFF OF..This is sick. I think Lisa coined the perfect phrase for them, malicious bankers with syphillis. What an evil cabal of dirty, scumbag, deceptive, corrupt Ponzi Scheming bastards. They will all get theirs.

      • l vent says:

        Time to stop the fraudclosures and start dropping subpoenas on all of the fake banksters and fake notaries who only exist in cyberspace. Wall Street and their minions are no more than whole evil cabal of CYBERSCAMMERS.

  2. Since so many people in Florida and other states are still wondering where to even start with their forclosures…Neil Garfield’s site has so much info to help the homeowners understand what to look for. Alot of my knowledge came from this site…4closurefraud and from Neil Garfield’s site…and others. I believe the homeowners need to read this..’.Mary Cochrane : Following the documents sends you down a rabbit hole.’ …it is very informative…. that now said…back to business … the fox who got inside the chicken coop…….( I must say the pictures and cartoons on this site are choice and the laughing mouse makes my day)
    For some who feel this is not going anywhere….it’s a vicious circle…that may be true…but there is cracks starting to weaken the walls….it took years to get to this point and we are fighting corruption everywhere…not just with the banks….Empires thought they would never fail but they did…..give it a good fight and keep fighting…that wears the culprits down….attend rallys, protest, march in the streets…put your thoughts on forums/blogs….it all helps to get the knowledge out to others..

  3. Let me see.. how it works… so the crooks are supposed to pick up where crooks left off ? oh ok, I get it, more fraud !

    • l vent says:

      Looks like the perps got caught, robbing their masters and they really legally screwed their masters out of our homes too!!! AND THE PERPS GOT FILTHY RICH USING AND SCREWING THEIR MASTERS IN THEIR OWN MANIACAL, DIABOLICAL PONZI SCHEME!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA, LAND THAT I LOVE!!!!!!!!!! There are 2 sides to this coin. Heads are surely gonna roll!!!! Our homes are paid for free and clear because somebody really screwed up here!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  4. Fury says:

    it is much more than “sloppy.”
    it is the intentional scamming of millions and millions of people.

  5. mymisstake says:


    I like the sound of those words and I appreciate the sentiments of the person who wrote them, however, I think they are words meant to soothe our pain.

    I no longer feel that truth will prevail. I like all those Tally Ho sayings as well as the next guy but I’m afraid they ring hollow. No one is bringing this ship around in the right direction, we just continue to sit and watch as one more daring daylight robbery of another home takes place in courts that do nothing to stop it. there may be a case here or there but overall its not happening.

    Sorry to be an “Eeyore” however, TRUTH is my motto too and truthfully thats the way I see it.

    • No..the words were not said to soften the pain….those words were meant exactly as said…we will prevail…yes, the pain is still there…but more than words need to soften that pain….it’s called action….may I ask what action have you done to contribute to getting the word out on all the corruption and fraud…silence does nothing….have you joined any rallies…protests.. e-mailed your Senator / congress….your Bar Assoc.. the court system…the state Governor…If not….please get involved….you can not just sit and you said… must get involved …and maybe you can help get this ship around in the right direction. Your voice needs to be heard. If TRUTH is your motto…than seek it.

  6. Steve says:

    Well, this is not surprising to me now. Here’s why. I just had a complete audit on my nephews home mortgage done. It has found that his MORTGAGE WAS SOLD 45 DIFFERENT TIMES. It now resides in 45 different pools of MBS’s. They did not slice and dice it, as alot of Banks and investment firms talk about. It was sold 45 times $ 376,000 = $16,920,000. This is the big fraud that the Banks are trying to cover up, including the great FED REGULATORS. So where did all that money go? And how many Milions of Mortgages were sold to invesment firms and unsuspecting, trusting individuals X 45? This is why you are seeing what they call as PUT BACKS by investment funds, insurance annuities, +++++++………….

    • Katheryn says:

      would you mind sharing some details? How did they determine that it was not sliced up and put into MBS’s vs. sold as a whole? As soon as I think I am somewhat educated on this subject something else pops up that I have not read or heard elsewhere. Has anyone had MRC show up as a beneficiary account. That showed up on the closing instructions to the closing agent form so I wonder if mine was sold to them or if they are the servicer of the investor. Always a deep deep hole to follow the money.

      • Katheryn….I know the feeling..just when you think you have it all down pat…along comes information in another direction….I almost relate it to the street round a-bouts…just go in a circle whipping around and than whiz off in another direction…and if you don’t keep up everyday reading 4closurefraud…when you do get back to it…all seems foreign….

    • Fury says:

      we found the same thing.

      the banks owe us the ill-gotten gains that they made on our mortgages.

      they have the money and we want it!

  7. Dan says:

    Cmon guys,
    The government is here to help. What a better way to handle this. Honestly did anybody actually think it was gonna get done honestly? What is really funny is these idiots that are committing perjury for their agencies, do they think their agencies will stand behind them? Their jobs are temporary anyways, what idiots.

  8. Anita Kernacs says:

    Well here we go again. The Banksters who ruined our lives, got bailed out and took were given billions for the HAMP, HOPE, HAFA and all sorts of way to get paid for the 4th time on their Bankster Credit and your hard earned cash- now THEY the BANKSTERS get to choose the people to investigate THEIR OWN FRAUD? Didn’t they already get bailed out and still SCREW US?

    How about hiring Independent Investigators NOT approved by the BANKSTERS? How about no politicians or Banksters involved but we hold elections? I am more than capable of being fair- if monies were lent, they were recorded properly at each transfer, and the bank has standing- THEY WIN. If they broke the Law and lent CREDIT VS Money, only intended to steal your home they loose. This is simple property management you protect the interest of the Owner, the right of the Tenant and you follow the LAW.

    Of course you must know who actually lent the money and owns the Note- and that the person who was given a loan did not lie on their application, the title companies did their job and person who borrowed the money was really lent money and they paid as agreed. Also, they made the bail out HAMP re modification trial payments. This also means that the prices were not unfairly inflated and the hardship of the person who was in the HAMP was real. IF ANY BANK WANTS TO HIRE SOMEONE WHO WILL DO BOTH – EMAIL ME! I have worked for the owner/tenant/and the rights of both within the law. Any bank that does not contact me – I think you have something to hide.


  10. Hey bank picked experts,

    My database is up to detailed info on 1,015,241 cases in it, the overwhelming majority larded down by fraud.

    And I’m looking forward to reviewing your results. I’d hope you’d look at more than the one-hundred cases — for the whole country — Treasury apparently thought appropriate, but guessing you think that was a fine number.

    But when the results release, if you don’t do your job it’ll be great fun to tear down your companies, your competence, and your integrity — to decimate your credibility like your clients have decimated homeowners — until your organizations are no long viable, Arthur Anderson style.

    Like Michael said, looking forward to seeing the results.

  11. leapfrog says:

    “U.S. regulators are pinning their hopes on independent consultants picked by large U.S. banks to uncover the true depth of foreclosure misconduct seen at lenders.”

    Oh, for f*ck’s sake…PICKED by the banksters to discover misconduct? REALLY!!!!! How STUPID do these CORRUPT dick-head “regulators” think “we the people” are? This will wind up as another of those bogus BS investigations like the Fed that found absolutely no wrongful foreclosures because the banksters cherry-picked the records. This is RIDICULOUS and insulting to everyone’s intelligence, especially coming on the heels of the LPS article from Yves.

    • leapfrog says:

      P.S. Pricewaterhouse has been involved in several accounting fraud scandals, including a most recent one in India. There was a big one on Wall Street too, but I don’t recall the whole story.

      • leapfrog says:

        “Why didn’t the Big 4 audit firms warn that these obscenely over leveraged institutions threatened our financial future? Why didn’t the auditors question, push back, or raise objections to illegal and unethical disclosure gaps? Every one of the failed or bailed out financial institutions carried non-qualified, clean audit opinions in their wallets when they cashed the taxpayers’ check. Lehman Brothers. Bear Stearns. Washington Mutual. AIG. Countrywide. New Century. Citigroup. Merrill Lynch. GE Capital. GMAC. Fannie Mae. Freddie Mac. The largest four global audit firms – Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers – have combined revenues of almost $100 billion dollars and employ hundreds of thousands of people. There’s no hard proof they’re completely corrupt, but they’ve proven themselves to be demonstrably self-interested and no longer singularly focused on their public duty to shareholders.

        Something is rotten with the accounting industry.

  12. Pamela says:

    It’s the alternative life style the rich are always offered as a means to extricate themselves from whatever little altercations they choose to be involved with.This has not changed and never will.If you have enough money you can pay your way out of anything.Thats exactly what the banks are doing and will continue to do for as long as they are allowed to.

  13. Katheryn says:

    This has to be some kind of joke or I no longer can correctly comprehend what I read. My head is spinning aroung trying to grasp the absurdity of this. It is like a convicted criminal given the pick of his choice at his sentencing to determine what his sentence will be, but not to worry, the judge will oversee the process that he is currently too busy to handle. This is just too silly for words. The government’s expressed reasoning for having the banks make their own selections is about as lame as it gets. It does not pass muster. It stinks and there is more than meets the eye. Just more cover-up and more lies will come from this so called investigation.

    • KATHERYN…..The government can express anything they want…that does not mean we will fall for it..or even believe it….those days are gone. The gov’t has aided and abetted in the financial industry fraud…. their investigations have not had one person walk into prison….YET…the committee headed by Sen. Levin found fraud throughout WAMU…and WAMU’s top animals knew about all the frauds…YET…they all walked out to enjoy a weathly life. So anything said or done by the gov’t. carries no value. Outside investigators are the only way to seek the truth…..and there are plenty of experts on the outside….and the financial industry has plenty of money to pay for these outside investigations. THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL……..WE ARE STRONG…..EVIL IS WEAK…..

      • Katheryn says:

        GBF– (Government Banksters & Fraudstreet, Inc) A Quasi Governmental Agency coming to all neighborhoods soon to steal what they didn’t get first go around. Evil Evil Evil.

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