Another MERS Mess Up | IRS Trumps MERS in Case of Wrong Michigan County


IRS trumps lender in case of wrong Michigan county

It sometimes pays to check a map.

Those are the exact words of a federal appeals court in a decision that bars a mortgage company from being first to put a lien on a property in northern Michigan.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, known as MERS, supplied a $400,000 mortgage to Tammy Church in 2006. The company filed an interest in Church’s property with the Kalkaska County recorder of deeds. But there’s a problem: The property is in Rapid City in Antrim County.

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Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc v. Tammy Church

8 Responses to “Another MERS Mess Up | IRS Trumps MERS in Case of Wrong Michigan County”
  1. housemanrob says:

    WHAT A MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR………………MERSssssssssss… a disney ride…………. FANTASTICAL!

  2. leapfrog says:

    Never thought I’d see the day when I would be cheering the IRS on. If its them against MERS, I’ll go with the IRS. I’d be even more happy if the IRS would look into all the rampant REMIC fraud.

  3. debi J says:

    I love this site I really do and after I say this I will post another comment. I don’t think u should put the animated hahaha stuff on the site. Some of it is awesome but we need to be professional as possible. I know its so tempting but I think your site may be under attack as it froze up my computer only leaving the hahahaha…..coincidence?? Fyi. With love n respect. Deb

  4. Pamela says:

    Way toooo funny.Just shows how screwed up thier whole system is and how eventually the got caught with there own greed.I’d like to see more of the mouse,we could use more laughter.

  5. TheHutMaster says:

    I love the Laughing Mouse. It always makes my day!

    NPV site is up and running.
    Just did day 2 of training on this one.

    If you have followed any on my rants, You know I have access to the NPV model and have been sucessful in over riding the mess the servicers make when they run the model.

    The Treasury, just this morning, turn on their LONG AWAITED site for all to use.
    Some required data may not be readily avalable and is a PAIN IN THE ASS to pry from the bankster.

    I will help those that are willing to help me help tham, and engage in the process.

    Below is the Treasury link to the NPV Model.

    “Fight The Good Fight”

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