E-Signatures | Robo-Signing Continues On Key Land Records In North Carolina

“If you’ve got someone who has gone out and forged a bunch of signatures on checks, and then they turn around and come back and say they’re just signing for themselves now, are you going to accept an electronic signature from them on thousands of checks?”


Robo-Signing Continues On Key Land Records In North Carolina

WASHINGTON — When banks were caught improperly signing off on foreclosure documents last fall, consumer advocates and property rights experts hoped the public outcry would force the companies to change their foreclosure processing systems to ensure that meaningful document reviews were conducted and wrongful foreclosures were prevented.

But in at least one county in North Carolina, banks have responded by exploiting a filing loophole that has allowed them to continue signing off on key documents en masse, according to a local official.

Jeff Thigpen serves as Register of Deeds for Guilford County, N.C.; his office is where local land records are filed. Each time a homeowner refinances a mortgage or sells a home, banks have to file a “Certificate of Satisfaction” with Thigpen’s office. Thigpen recently reviewed 6,100 documents from Guilford County and found that 4,500 of them were signed with widely varying signatures — evidence that multiple people were forging signatures on behalf of a key signer. Several of the signatures in question appear on foreclosure documents filed in court cases around the county. Those documents are now being scrutinized by state and federal courts.

But in November of last year, after several major banks announced brief foreclosure moratoriums over documentation problems, the trend shifted. Instead of seeing multiple signatures for the same person, Thigpen noticed that documents were pouring in with perfectly identical signatures, with no variation whatsoever. These identical signatures, he says, are likely the result of banks using electronic signatures.

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  1. l vent says:

    This is a very dangerous and rogue regime that has hijacked America and thinks that strict property laws and the U.S. Constitution do not apply to them. They are a foreign owned and operated mulItnational oligarchy who have hijacked this country. I actually had an attorney tell me that the U.S. CONSTITUTION PROTECTS THE BIG BANKS FROM THE U.S. GOVERNMENT. I guess that is what FDIC INSURED stands for. That means the foreign owned and operated FEDERAL GOVERNMENT does not think they have to live under our U.S. CONSTITUTION and our LAWS. Remember,Goldman Sucks is one of the biggest SMOM/VATICAN/JESUIT banking proxies in the world… the Vatican is a sovereign nation. Well, so is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  2. Mrs Doutfire says:

    But you sail we had to stop having PEOPLE using other names. So we now use the machine instead……WE dont use people anymore……
    Give me a break! Do we have to SPELL IT OUT TO YOU BANKSTERS!!!!!!!
    Guess they will try anything!!!!!!! Like talking to 5 year olds!!! But i know some % year olds that would understand and thats the sad thing!!!!!! Buy the way… there is a law on the electronic signatures as well…..

    • rictic says:

      The Banksters don’t care, they are above the law. Laws are just for the “ordinary” folks to keep them in their place. We are going back to medieaval England where the lords do as they please and the serfs simply obey their Masters.

      • see says:

        This crap will go on until there are real consequences that hurt the banks financially. And we all know that the people who have the power and ability to stop this crap don’t have the balls.

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